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a&enjr&g of jfort Jjt George 



OF 1709 


Prick, Sen -n , upi 




2&ecor&S of jfort §st. George 

. i-e^s 



OF 1709 


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This volume contains the Proceedings of the President and Council of Port 
St. George for the year 1709, comprised in the fortieth volume of the series " Diary 
and Consultation Books ". 

The manuscript volume has been mended and is in a fair state of preservation. 


25th April J 929. Curator, Madras Record Office. 


BOOK, 1709 

(VOLUME NO. 40) 

[From January 6 to December 29, 1709.'] 

Fort S t . George, January 17^ 

The Consultation and Diary Booke of Thomas Pitt Esq r ., Governour and 
President, &c a . Council their proceedings and Transactions in the Affairs of 
the R*. Hon^e. United Trade of the English Company Trading to the East 
Indies in the Presidency of the Coast of Chormandell &c». Begun 6* 11 January 

At a Consultation 

Thomas Pitt Esa K ., Governour & President. Thuesday 

William Martin. .Robert Raworth. 6tk - 

Thomas Frederick. Gulston Addison. 

Richard Hunt. 

Agreed Narrain has a Bale Broadcloth he paying for it as the [. . .] 
The Governour produced a Letter he received from Cap 4 . Gale, which savers 
very much of his taking advice from some vile and factious people of this Town, and 
upon discoursing with him about it, he seems to think that the Companys Commis- 
sion is of that nature that noe power here can revoke it, or break him upon any 
misdemenour whatever, the Letter is as Entered after this Consultation. 

The Chief and Council of Vizagapatam advising in their last Letter that a New 
Nabob was coming down that way, and requested that we would send them proper 
Goods for Presents, and money to goe on with their Investment : Agreed that thf> 
'ffollowing Treasure and Goods be sent them on Narrains Vessell bound thither., 

One Box containing Pagod s . ... 3000 

Broadcloth Fine Peices ... 6 

Broadcloth Aurora ... ... 12 

Ditto ordinary ... ... 18 

Perpetuanoes Ordinary ... ... 60 

Petty Merchandize, Armory stores. 
Factors Provissions. 

Records of Fort St. George 


The Governour produces a Letter he had wrott in [answere to that received from 
Doodee Cawn] which was now read and approved of, and is as Entered after this 
Consultation Cap*. Stoaks Comand r . of the Mountegue delivers in his request for 
Forty Tons of Salt Petre more then his Charterparty allowance, agreed the same be 
granted him and [h] is request is as Entered after Consultation & that the Originall 
to be sent the Company in v e Packet. 

Rich 11 . Hunt. Tho. Pitt. 

W. Martin. 
Rob t . Rawobth. 
Tho. Frederick. 
Gulston Addison. 

There being arrived at Egmore a Phirmaund from the King the Govern r . and 
Council with y e Inhabitants went thither to receive the same about nine this morning, 
and returned to the ffort where the great Guns was fired as usuall on such occasion. 


Upon due consideration I humbly beg the favour of your Honour to returne me 
the Commission the Honourable Company has been pleased to give me, I firmly 
beleaving that to be a sufficient order for me to obey and follow all the Command's 
which I shall receive from your Honour or the Honourable Council, your Honour 
has been pleased to declare yo r . intentions of going for England, which would prove 
of great disadvantage to me should I resign my Commission it will then be in the 
power of your Honours Successor to remove me for which reason I hope your Honour 
will be pleased to give me y e liberty of keeping the Commission the Hon ble . Company 
has been pleased to Grant me, and to give me the Post of Lieutenant according to 
their orders, which is the humble request of 

S r ., 
Yo r . Hon", most Obedient 

and most dutif ull humble Servant, 
Samuel Gale 

To the Hon bi ". Thomas Pitt, Esa*. 

and Councill at Fort S t . George. 

Having received on board of the Mountague the quantity of Salt Petre that I am 
to carry by Charterparty I find that it will not be enough for to make her saile 
worthy to begg you will let me have Forty Tuns of Salt Petre more, I am your 
Honours most humble Servant. 

Fort S t . George, James Stoacks. 

January 4 ,h . 170f 

To Zoode Cawn Lord High Steward 
of King Shaw Allums Household, 

from the Governour op Chinapatam, 

January 4 tw . 170|. 

The 13 th of last month was the happy day that we were blessed with the great 
King Shaw Allums Husbulhookum and his Royall Vest, which we received with all 
duty and respect immaginable, and with all publick joy suitable to the occasion. 

His Majestys Commands in his Husbullhookum shall be strictly obey'd as far 
as it lyes in our power but that mentioned of the Pyrats is impossible to be complyed 
with, unless we were able to command the winds, for as they blow in these parts 
halfe the year Northerly, and the other halfe Southerly, it gives those vile people an 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 


opportunity of falling into the tracks of all Ships that saile in these Seas, besides 
those Pyrats have snch intelligence from most of the Ports on the Sea Coast, that 
prevents their falling in with what Ships are looking out to destroy them, for if they 
get to windward never soe little they have a fair opportunity to escape, for no Ship 
can goe after 'em against wind and Currant, your Seas also are so large that a thou- 
sand Ships cannot wholy prevent misfortunes from Pyrats, noe more then the 
strictest and watchfulle^t government in the world can prevent Eobberys ashore, And 
as our Nation have suffered most of any Europeans, so has our King endeavoured 
the most of any to destroy them, who sent out four Ships of Warr who cruiz'd all 
these sea?, and mett not with one Pyratt. so went to the Kingdome of Madagascar 
where they are protected, but they burnt their Ships and Vessells, which they soon 
recruted by seizing the first Ship of any Nation that came to Trade with the Natives 
of that Kingdom, and to this day we have noe Ship come out of England but has a 
Commission from the King to destroy all Pyrats, and as they take any to hang them 
up, and all our settlements have commissions to do the same, and last year on the 
Mallabar Coast the Pyrats tooke a Banians Ship, which one of our Ships came up 
with and retook her, and delivered her to the Owner and hang'd the men, S 1 '. This 
business of the Pyrats has created great troubles at Suratt more especially to the 
Europeans whose Goods to great Amount they seiz'd, and forced to give security for 
the Seas, which occasioned the Dutch to complain to the late King of blessed memory 
whose Actions of Honour Justice and mercy were as innumerable as the sand upon 
the Sea Shore, who out of his Royall wisdome considering the impossibility of any 
Company of Merchants to comply with such orders he directed his Royall Husbul- 
hookum to Aminat Cawn wherein he commanded him to deliver the Dutch their 
Paper and returne their Goods they had seizd on that Account, And then how can it 
be expected that a Comp a of Merchants can be at soe vast a charge who must bring 
their strength for such an undertaking from their own Country who often dye halfe 
before their arrivall, soe that their stock for Trade will be consumed in charges 
without answering the end or a possibility of it, and if your Excellency please to 
look noe farther then y e Coast of Sindy and Mallabar, which for many years and is 
still abounding with Pyrats of those Countrys who have done great mischeif to the 
Trade of all Nations, and these Pyrats are as it were in your Kings own Country, 
whose strength, Glory and Riches are to be compared next to that of Heaven, and 
yet 'tis found difficult to roote them out, then how can it be expected that a Comp a 
of Merchants that live in the remotest part of the world from you, can give security 
for your seas which are so many thousand Leagues, much more can be said to render 
the impracticability, as alsoe the impossibility of such an undertaking by Merchants 
of any Nation in the world, soe humbly refer it to your consideration. 

With the Royall Husbulhookum and Vest I receiv'd the Honour of the great 
Cawn Bauhadar Perwanna and your Excellencys, for which we return you our most 
humbly thanks, but want words to express 'em suitable to our obligations, for that 
you have given instances to our Nation, and me your Servant of your inestimable 
freindship for we are very sencible that none but such a Friend as you, could have 
procured us such Honours from the great and mighty King Shaw Allem whose 
favour and protection we shall endeavour to preserve by all means in our power, and 
make good y e Character you have Honoured us with to his Majesty : I have advised 
to all Sea Ports concerning that affair you commanded me, and when Abdull ffazeel 
comes I shall assist him in his Voyage to Pegue, from whence there is noe Ship nor 
Embassadour from the King of that Country. 

Nabob Dowed Cawn was gone some time before your Perwanna arrived, since 
the receipt of which I have procured many of the Curiositys you mention for a 
Present, for which we want a safe conveyance for that we have daily of great Rob- 
berys on the road, therefore desire your Excellency to favour us with an order to all 
Nabob and Governours to guard the Present from place to place whatever way it 
comes, and with it shall come our most Dutifull and humble Petition to the King 
with our addresses to the great Cawn Caunaun and Cawn Bahaudur, but for want of 

Records of Fort St. George 


Englishinen of long standing and experience in the Country beleive we shall send a 
Brahrnia with it, and direct him to follow your orders, which we humbly request 
you'l favour him with and your protection, for as we have made a happy begining 
in this affair, we hope by the continuance of your Freindship to come to a speedy 
and Honourable conclusion thereof which we shall attribute intirely to your favour, 
for which we hope to seek out means to make our gratitude as conspicuous as your 
Excellency has your i-Joble and Generous freindship, by conferring those inestimable 
Honours and favours on us. For which we shall not only permitt but command & 
enjoyne the Cojee of this place every day (but we in our devotion shall doe the same) 
pray for the long & happy Reigne of the great King Shaw Allem, as aisoe for the 
health and prosperity of the Princes, the Great Cawn Bahaudar, Cawn Caunan, and 
alway's in a particular manner for our Honourable and invaluable freind Zoodee 
Cawn and bis Family, that they may be alway's blessed with their Kings favour, 
health & prosperity. 

Thomas Pitt. 

Ship Resolution Cap*. Hart Comand r . arrived in this road from Bencoolen by 
whom received a Generall Letter from the Governour and Council there dated 
ultimo Septemb r . 1708. 

Danes Sloop saild for Trincombar 

Ship Chindadree saild for Cuddaloor. 

At a Consultation 

Satttjk- Thomas Pitt Esa K ., Govern". & President. 

day William Martin. Eobert Raworth. 

8 * h - Thomas Frederick. Gulston Addison. 

Richard Hunt. 

Thomas Pitt Esq 1 '. Mintmaster reads his Mint Acco*. for the month of Decem- 
ber last, and delivers to the Warehousekeepers 1762 Rupees 4 anS . for Custom on 
Silver Coin'd. 

Ordered the Warehousekeepers sell six peices of Scarlet to M r . Chardin to be 
pay'd for as the other shall sell. 

The Governour now produces his answere to Zoodee Cawns private Letter, as 
alsoe his answere to the Phirman and Zulphaker Cawns Perwanna, which are all now 
read and approved ; and the Translates of the Phirman and Zulphaker Cawn 
Perwanna Read as Translated by the Reverend M r . George Lewis, and are all as 
Entered after this Consultation. 

This day the Armenians, Moors and Gentues Inhabitants of this place, hearing 
that the Governour designed Home upon the Litchfeild delivered in a Petition (as 
Entered after this Consultation) requesting that he would stay till the business of a 
Phirmaund was negotiat'd with the Grand Mogull, and all the Council urged the same, 
which the Governour could nor would not promise to comply therewith, but take some 
days to consider thereof, having disposed all his affairs for going home on the 

We this day summoned M r . Lewis, Auga Pera, Narrain, and Surapau to be with 
us in Council to consider of this weighty affair negotiating with the King, who 
approved of the answers to the Letters, and what had been done in the preparation 
of a Present to be sent him on his arrivall at Gulcondah. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 


Generall Letter from the Governour and Council of Beneoolen dated ultimo 
September now read, advising the misserable condition the Companys affairs are 
in, in those parts. 

Warehousekeepers report that they had deliverd twenty Chests of Silver to the 

oz. dust. 

old Companys President and Council p r . £5938. 10 : 10 at 16£ Doll 8 for 10 Pag. 

fas. ca. 

is agod s . 49033 : 24. 40 for which the old Company are Debted as part of what 
owing from the United Trade. 

Ordered that Hugh Boy'd and Isaack Gwyn Souldiers be discharged from 
future Service in this Garrison having served their Contracted time. 

Gulston Addison. Tho. Pitt. 

Eich d . Hunt. W. Martin. 

Eob t . Eaworth. 
Tho. Iredekick. „ 
To tre Hon blb . Thomas Pitt Esa*. 
President and Govern*, op ffort 
S T . George, &c a . Council for affairs 
of the R T . Hon ble United English 
East India Company. 

Hon ble S r . &e a . 

The humble Petition of all the InhabitanT of y* City of Madrass. 
Humbly Sheweth. 

That your Petitioners being informed that the Hon ble Governour designs for 
England, after having seriously taken it into their consideration, humbly think it 
against the R l Hon ble Companys Interest, and the good of the place, at this time, 
when he has so lately Honoured with the Kings Royall Husbulhookum and Vest, 
through y e means of his old and assured Freind Zoode Cawn, and we heartily wish 
he may daily increase in the Kings esteem, and that his name may be 'spread 
throughout all this Kingdom, but are afraid should he goe before he has ended this 
business, we shall loose entirely the Kings Favour according to the Custom of this 
Country and will certainly be a detriment to this place and the Inhabitants thereof, 
we therefore make it our humble request to your Hon r . &c\ that the Governour 
would please to deferr his going, and afford us his protection, till this great affair is 
settled, for which 

As in Duty bound shall 
ever Pray, &c a . 

To Zoode Cawn Lord High Steward 

op King Shaw Allums Household, 

Jan t . 5 th . 1708. 

By your faithfull chubdar Cossae, by whom your Excellency sent the Royall 
Husbulhookum and Vest &c. Perwannas, I now send this humble address which 
doubtless you expected sooner, and had been sent but for the two following reasons 
your Excellency enjoyning Secrecy, I was obliged to committ the Translating of 'em 
to some particular freinds which tooke up fourteen days, when fully appriz'd of the 
purport thereof, I could not but be surpriz'd at your unparelled expressions 
of Freindship & invaluable Honours you have done us, which so confounded my 
thoughts for some days that I almost despaird of being able to acknowledge 'em by 
my Pen or otherways, but then considering what a Generous freind I had 
mett with who had been so lavish of his favours to one who had as little power 
as meritt to oblige you, I could no longer refraine from blessing my Starrs 
who were soe propitious to me, as to give me the Honour of y r . first acquaintance, 
which I esteem the happyest fate y* has attended me thro' the whole Course of my 
Life, which I shall for ever remember, and that posterity may doe the same I humbly 

Records of Fort St. George 


request that when you come to Gulcondah you'l Honour me with sending me your 
Picture, which I will send to Eugland, and have it eopyed by the most exquisite 
Limner in the world, and order it to be sent me hither beside I will erect your Effigie 
finely cutt in marble with such an inscription on it that the world may know the 
Authour of our happyness in these Parts. I can't but blush when I am "thinking of 
giving you farther trouble which I can't avoy'd since you are pleased to Command 
me in a Letter a part wherein you propose severall things that I think my Duty to give 
my thoughts thereon, your Excellency gives us great hopes of the Kings Phirman, 
when he comes to Gulcondah where God send him safe and Victorious. 

Your Excellency writes that there must be Presents for all the Princes and some 
of the Great men, if you mean such as are sutable to their Birth and quality, ' tis 
impossible for us to purchase ' em with our Comp s Estate, who you know are Merchants 
that run great risgoe to gett a little, and who often meet with loss instead of gain, 
we hope as the Presents we intend are suitable to our circumstances that they will 
meet with a Gracious acceptance from the great King and Princes, w ch . puts me in 
mind of what we read in History, that upon many persons making very rich Presents 
to a King, there happen'd a poor man to come with a drop of water which was as 
acceptable as any of their Presents, being according to his ability. 

And for what your Excellency is pleased to mention concerning Islands on the 
Coast of Pegue, Aracan, Fort of Pollicatt &c\ we can't think them usefull to us, for 
that we desire no more territorys in these parts, y n what are necessary to preserve our 
Trade and Estate, from suddain insults of flying armys such as Morattas &c a yet if his 
Majesty would bestow on us the Island of Diu near Metchlepatam it may incourage 
us to revive our Trade in those parts and cultivate it soe as to make it proper place to 
preserve it, where may be alsoe made a good Port for the KiDgs and all Merchants 
Ships to lye out of Danger in the time of the Monsoone, which is very much wanted, 
there not being one on all this Coast, but y n you say what will we give for the first, 
second & third year, your Excellency well knows that along the Sea Coast 'tis nothing 
but a heap of sand, and that y e improving of it is very chargeable, of which we have 
large experience in Chinapatam for that for sixty years 'twas a vast yearly charge to 
us, and since brings in very little more then what defrays its expences, to rather 
then making the Phirman chargeable to us, we by your Excellencys assistance hope 
his Majesty will Grant it to confirme our Priviledges bestowed on us by his Eoyall 
Predecess.™ thro'out all his Dominions with those small additions I made in my for- 
mer Letters if they can without difficulty be obtain' d, and for what you say "of S' 
Thoma I undertsand 'tis let at this time for six thousand Pago ds . *$■ annum including 
all the Villages belonging thereto at which rate we shall be willing to take it for a 
long terme of years, and for noe other end, but to procure our quiet, and for Trivitore 
'tis one of y e five Towns that Nabob Do wed Cawn gave us his Per wanna for, on his 
departure, and hope we shall have the great Cawn Bawdars to confirme it. hearing 
it is in his Jaggeer. As we desire the Phirman to be Generall, I must lett you know 
how matters stand w th us in Bengali & Surat. In Bengali we have the Kings Phir- 
man, the Princes Nichan, and severall Nabob Perwanna for being Custom free in the 
Kingdoms of Bengali, Bahar, and Orixa upon paying Three thousand Bupees & 
Annum at Hugley into the Kings Treasury, and for our settlement at Callcutta, where 
we desire his Maj ty . would be pleased to give us leave to erect a Mint to coine 
Rupees and Moors with his Eoyall stamp according to the true matt and weight of 
those coined in his Royall Mint of Kajamaul which conveniency would very much 
contribute to our increasing that Trade, I must alsoe acquaint you that notwith- 
standing the Royall Grants before mentioned, we have mett with there of late years 
great abuses and obstructions to our Trade, more particularly as to our goods that 
come from Patna, Dacca, Kajamaul, Malda, Cassumbusar &c a . every little Governour 
having erected all along the Bivers Chookeys who extort Custom, and what they 
please, and will pay noe deference to the Royall Authority, in so much that our 
goods on the Boats are often coming downe six or eight months, so that we either 
loose the Monsoone to send 'em on our Ships or they are damidged and rotten before 
they arrive. 

Diary and Consultation BooL 1709 


Then at Surat the Merchant is unhappy that Trades to that port and this I write 
from experience that the usage in the Custom house to most men perwers is soe 
barbarous becoming slaves rather then Merchants, and noe better as to their goods 
where by the Kings order, we pay 31^ Cent according to the value of the goods 
which they generally rate fifty S$> Cent or double the worth iu the Buzar & accord- 
ingly make up their Custom Account, when in all parts of the world where they Act 
with Honour & justice the Customer that overvalues Goods is obliged to take them at 
that price, and in all Ports that are inriched and flourishing by Trade for incourage- 
ment of which they allways values Goods Ten & Cent less then their intrinsick value, 
whicn increases the Customs by incourageing Merchaats to frequent the Port, then 
besides their dispatchess there in their Custom house are so delitary that our ships 
often loose their Monsoon, and Merchants the sale of their Goods, so hope there may be 
some way found in a Phirman tbat these grievances may be remedied for the future, 
which will tend greatly to y e Hon r . of the King, and to the augmentation of riches in 
his country, we have alsoe a settlement at Vizagapatam where we would much 
increase our Trade if his Majesty would bestow on us the blessing of his incourage- 
ment ; we have for many years rented there four Towns on the following term's. 

Perwanda and Woodapoonda Kup 8 .." 900^ann m . 

Wallteero 500 

Maulcapooram ... ... , ... ... ... ... 90 

for which Villages and Vizagapatam together we pay yearly at Chiccacull into the 
Kings treasury Eupees 4862, the two first Villages for which we pay Rupees 900. 
are at a great distance from Vizagap™. for which reason we are willing to quit 'em, 
soe y* deducted, there will be rupees 39d2, which we are willing to pay yearly if his 
Majesty pleases to give us a purpetuall Grant thereof, which will prevent us a great 
deal of trouble that we generally meet with from New Officers at their first coining 
to the Government, if the great King pleases to give us two or three small Towns 
w ch joine to ours, we shall alwayes bu giatefull for his Royall favours. In the 
King of Guleondahs time for the incouragem*. of our Trade we were Custom free 
fhro'out his Country. 

Your Excellency is well acquainted with our paying here 1200 Pagod 8 . ^ 
annum which if his Majesty would be pleased to forgive in his Phirman it would 
be a great incouragement to us in our business, and the only merit we can plead for 
so great a favour is that we yearly import into his Majestys Dominions a Vast 
amount in Treasure, and carry away nothing for it, but y e product and manifacture 
of his Country. 

We are very sensible that your Excellency must have been at Charges in our 
affairs, which we are ready to pay with all the gratitude mankind can be capable off, 
and wish our ability was equal! to our inclination to make sutable return's to the great 
Zoode Cawn for his unparallel'd friendship and favours, which we shall al way's 
endeavour by all means to acknowledge, more particularly in giving frequent instances 
of our duty to the great King Shaw Allum (whom God preserve) and send him along 
and happy reigne, and that the Noble and generous Cawn Caunaun Cawn Bahawder 
and our invaluable friend Zoodee Cawn may be always blessed with his favour, and 
-enjoy health and prosperity. 

Thomas Pitt. 

Phibman from King Shaw Allum. 

Let the Chosen of his Cast and Nation the Governour of Chinapatam know 
that he may be in hopes of the Kings Favour, seeing that, Cawn Bux doth purpose to 
.fly from the Powerfull Arms of our Victorious army ; ffor that reason the Command 
•of y e Sovereign of the world, worthy of all submission & obedience is due, (is issued 
forth That in case he should come wandering, not knowing where to goe) into those 
parts, and desire to embarque himself on some Ship in order to get away ; That 
chosen of his Nation shall use his utmost endeavours to procure ; that he be either 

Records of Fort St. George 


killed or made a Prisoner and to effect this Let him know that the Command from 
the Eoyall Throne, is strict in the strictest manner. Written the 17 th of the Moone 
Eamezan the Blessed in the second year of the Kings Reigne. 

Governour's answer to the Phikman. 
God Grant that the Great King Shaw Allum may live for ever, and at all time* 
be victorious over his Enemy's, is the Prayers of his obedient Servant the Governour 
of Chinapatam, who yesterday received the blessing of his Majestys Royall Phirman, 
to which ho's resolved to pay all Submission and obedience, and we execute the Eoyall 
Commands therein to the utmost of his Power, that the Great Kings "Will may be- 
fullfllled, and his Servant made happy thereby. 

Translate op a Letter from Zulphaker Cawn 


Rec d . 6 th Jan y 170-1 

Let the Chosen of his Cast and nation the Exemplar of his Tribe and people the 
great among those in favour, and the sincere of Preinds. The Governour of China- 
patam know, That the Royall Phirman Entitled Blessed in the name of that Chosen 
of his Nation for making Prisoner or killing of Cawn Bux, if brought by his fate a 
Wanderer (not knowing where to goe) into those parts, being issued forth, is send 
along with this Letter Upon the arrivall of that Phirman w oh brings Honour with it j 
Let the head made .Noble, and lifted up (your Honour) send hia Petition (Letter) in 
answere to that writing of greatness and Excellence (y e Phirman) to the Throne of 
wealth and might, and in Case of his flying into those parts, Let him act as therein 

To his Highness Cawn Bawder, 
dated 8 th January 170-f 

We received yesterday the Blessing of the Eoyall Phirman, and your Highness 
Perwanna, and for the contents in both, we are as in Duty bound ready to obey and 
will execute the Royall Command to the . utmost of our Power, that soe we may be 
happy in fullfilling the Will of the Great King, aud your Highness Commands. 

Thomas Pitt. 
To Zoode Cawn Lord High 

Steward of the Household 
January 14 th 170-| 

Should be I received the Honour of your Excellenoys Perwanna the 10 th Instant at night 

EnW after ye by our four Peons just as our Mulla had finished our Petition to the great King in 
Zoode 1 Cawn? answere to his Royall Busbulhookum and Vest, which you'l hear from all people 
was rec rt . with the greatest duty and respect immaginable. 

We hasre procured all possible of those things mention'd for Presents in your 
Excellencys list sent us, and now in your Perwanna, but wish before their departure 
hence our China and Manilha Ships would arrive, which if not we shall send it 
afterwards, but what ready we shall hasten away, and if possible overtake Mulla 
Moraad to come with him, and doubt not but the persons that come with the Presents 
will be such as will be acceptable to you, and our Petition to the King shall come 
with'em as alsoe to Cawn Bawder and Cawn Caunaun ; Meer Mahomud Eaza & Aga 
Makim as they are your Excellencys Freind-s 1 shall esteeme them mine, and serve 
them to the utmost of my power that they may acquire what you mention. 

Mulla Co ja Hamud who shall come with y e present, showed me your Excellencys 
PerwaDna to him, and I am very much concerned that in any Letter from us we shall 
be wanting in our Duty and respect to highness Cawn Bawdre, whom we so much 
Honour and esteem but that Letter I understand was wrote by a young ignorant 
Mulla, when Coja Hamud was at Arcott, so we hope his Highnsss out of his wounted 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 


elemency and generosity will not impute it as a crime in us who are wholy uDcapable 
of reading what they write. 

Here are two Shells that were sent to Zulphaker Cawn of which I never before 
heard one word since my arrival! here nor doe I understand how to make a fountain 
of 'em, nor can I find any body to informe me S 1 ' every Perwanna your Excellency is 
pleased to honour me with gives me such fresh instances of your inestimable freindship 
that I resolve to devote the remainder of my Life to find out way's and means to make 
my due acknowledgements and let fortune be never so favourable to me iu it. I must 
fall short of answering your merit, and that which gives me the greatest satisfaction 
is that my obligations are to a generous iriend who will pardon what I am uncapable 
of performing. 

By our Ships lately arrived from Europe I had Letters from my Family which 
very much pressed niy returne to 'em, having been absent from them now above 
Eleven years, we intended to have went on the Ships now dispatching but deferred 
it for noe other reason but to see this grand affair settled, and then to goe to my own 
Country full freighted with the blessings of the great King Shaw Allum procured us 
by the ffreindship of the noble Zoode Cawn whose worth and name our Nation will 
alwavs have in very great veneration, and that me your servant may not be forgot 
here I humbly begg that you'l procure me the Honour of being the Kings Factor to 
procure him the rarietys of Europe, and that your Excellency will lay your Commands 
on me to send w*. may be most acceptable to you, and I will punctually obey it, and 
always pray for the long and happy reigne of the great King Shaw Allum, and that 
mv Hon ble Friend Zoodee Cawn may be always blessed with his favours and enjoye 
health and prosperity. 

Translate of a Letter from Zoodee Cawn 

Lord high Steward of 

King Shaw Allum Household. 

fiEfA 12 th January 170^ 

May your Hon r . always enjoy the Blessing of the Kings favour, when his 
Majesty arrived at Nandeir, I received your Letter to me, and yo r Petition to the 
King which came very oppertunely, and I presented the same at a convenient time ; 
with w ch hjs Majesty was highly pleased, find has sent you a Vest of Honour and his 
Koyall Husbulhookum by Gausij Chubdarr which I hope is come safe to your hands, 
and doubt not but you have pay'd all deference to it as is requisite on such great 
occasions ; and now is your time to send your Presents according to the List I formerly 
sent you, which wo d uot have you deferr, and write me fully of the priviledges you 
would have granted you, and I'll represent the same to his Majesty, and upon offering 
your presents, I will procure a Phirman and send you according to your hearts desire, 
but pray be very expeditious with what you send, that is to say your Petition to his 
Majesty, your Vackeel, and your Presents, and when you send your Vackeel please to 
send your Mulla Coja Hamud with him, alsoe one trustee Braminy and a European 
well acquainted with affairs of this Country ; there may be noe great occasion soe 
long as I am at Court, for a Vackeel, but however would not have you omitt sending 
one, some matters may require it, don't forget to send store of China Orange trees 
&c a I observe what you write and now is the proper monsoon to send these things 
which you must not fade to doe, alsoe flower Trees and what other rarietys you can 
procure, such as Clock work, Junks, and Images, flowers of shell Pearle, rary shows, 
and Chests of Clock work and the like you must send what you can of 'em, y«ur Ships 
arrive or not arrived, Newrys Parrots &C" birds as many as you can get ; I write you 
this Letter from Coheir, about five Geutue Leagues from Gulcondah, & when his 
Majesty arrives at that City and receive your Presents, all your affairs will be 
speedily settled. 

I have wrott to Coja Hamud your Mulla of w ch . matters he'l acquaint you, the 
sooner you send your Vackeel the better. 

10 Records of Fort St. George 


I recommend to your Hon" particular favour Meer Mahoniud Rasau, and Aga 
Makeem as my good freinds that by your countenance and kindness to them, they 
may get themselves a name amongst their countrymen 

10. Danes Sloop saild for Triucombar. 

At a Consultation 


Tuesday Thomas Pitt Esg b ., Govern 11 & President. 

11 th . William Martin. Robert Raworth. 

Thomas Frederick. Gulston Addison. 
Richard Hunt. 

This day the Laskars of the Mountegue delivered in a Petition complaining of 
the Captain of said Ship who was sent for, upon which found their complaint 
groundless so dismissed their Petition. 

This day Mess rs . Francis and John Cooke delivered in a Petition, and with it 
their Indentures with the Company, alledging that thereby they have a right to rise 
in the Companys Service as other Factors, which matter is agreed to be referred to 
the Company for their decision. 

The Nabobs Deputy coming to S*. Thoma whither the Governour sent the 
Brannny to Vissett him, by whom he earnestly requested that he may make a Visset 
here to the Governour, as is their Customary way when they beg a Present, which 
we could not withstand, since the power of this Country is now wholy in his hands, so 
'tis agreed the following Present be made him and those that come with him. 

Deputy Nabob. 
10 y tls . Scarlet. 
2 Swords 1 Looking Glass. 
Govern', of Cbinelaputt. 
5 y s . Scarlet. 1 Sword. 

Mootumbees son. 
5 y ds . Scarlet. 

5 y da . Scarlet. 1 sword. 

Generall Letter from York Fort dated primo October now read advising the 
death of M r . Hoyle and Delapie and that they had a chargeable warr to the North- 
ward as alsoe the Companys affairs there in a misserable condition. 

A Letter from M 1 '. Edmund Mountegue dated 7 th Instant now read requesting 
to lay down the Companys Service, since he has such a hardship put upon him, as to 
have M r . Farmer his Jun r . put over his head, Agreed his request be granted him, 
and his Petition Entered after this Consultation. 

Tobacco and Beetle farmers pay's into Cash 583T2 £a \ on y*. ace'. 

Mess 13 . Martin and Raworth Ware housekeepers pay's into Cash Seven thousand 
Pagod 8 . on Account Silver sold. 

M r .* Thomas Frederick Land Customer reads his Acco*. for the month of 
December and pay's into Cash Two hundred and twenty Pagod 8 . on that Account. 

M r . William Martin Sea Customer pays into Cash one thousand Pag 8 . Account 
Sea Customs. 

M r . Rich d . Hunt Rentall Generall pay's 1008-33 for Quit Rent for the year 
1705, and for the Scavengers Acco'. Pa. 66-30-60 for the year 1707. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 11 


The Govern', produced the Hollowing Letters w ch . were all now read ffrom Zoodee 
Cawn, from Dowed Cawn & the Duan the Gov rs . answere thereto, and the former 
EDt d . before this Consultation. 

Gulston Addison. Tho : Pitt. 

Rioh d . Hunt. W. Martin. 

Eob t . Raworth. 

Tho : Frederick. 

To the Hon blb . Thomas Pitt E»oA 
President for Affairs of 

the E T . Hois BIE . United English 
East India Company. 

Hon ble . S r . &c a . 

In your last Generall to the Worp 11 . Deputy Gqvernour and Council of this place 
you was pleased to enclose severall Paragraphs of the Hon ble . the Managers Letter for 
their future Direction, in which I find to my great surprize they have appointed 
M r . Richard Farmer by reason of deaths and removalls (as they say) second of this 
Place and appointed him Cheif on the death or removall of the Present Deputy 
Governour which I presume was grounded on some misinformation I therefore think 
myself obliged to informe your Hon r . &c. of my being Sen r . to said M r . Farmer some 
years, and since the Hon ble- the Managers have signifyed no reason for the great 
slight and indignity they have shewn in placing him above me, and thereby depriving 
me of my right, it is my humble request your Hon r . &c a . would please to -permitt 
my laying down the service except you think convenient to continue to me my due 
station, your complyance with either of these requests will very much oblige. 

Hon ble . S r . &c\ 
Fort S t . David, Yo r . most hum ble Serv 4 ., 

7th January 170f. Edm d . Mountegde. 

At a Coxsultation 

Thomas Pitt Esq/. Govern". & President. Thuesday 

"William Martin. Robert Raworth. 13th 

Thomas Frederick. Gulston Addison. 

Richard Hunt. 
The Governour having considered of the Petition deliverd in the 8 th Instant 
relating to his staying here till the business of procuring a Phirman is finished, to 
^effect w ch . much is expected on the Friendship of Zoodee Cawn w oh . is generally 
believed he will withdraw upon his departure to prevent which, or any other incon- 
veniency to the Companys affairs, he now promisees in this Consultation that he will 
•continue in the Government till September next and noe longer. 

The 109 th Paragraph of the Hon ble . Managers Letter was this day read, wherein 
to our great surprize was mention'd a Complaint of M r . Frederick against 
M r . Davenport who challenged him, when upon examination 'twas found y*. 
M r . Frederick was the aggressor in giving unmannerly and rude Language to 
M r . Davenport at the Board, w ch . the Governour and others then Present will remember 
that he silanced them, and thought they had been well pacifyed, but that very 

12 Records of Fort St. George 


afternoone the Governour alsoe well remembers that M r . Frederick came to 
him with a challange M'\ Davenport had seat him, when he immediately sent 
for him, and repremanded him, and at the same time reconcil'd them, who in his 
presence shuck hands and promissed to forget, and forgive on both sydes, and 
from that time heard no more of it (haviug outwardly appeared Freinds) till the 
reading of the aforesaid Letter. 

The Governour having deferred for some time the filling up the Council, in 
expectation there would have been some considerable alterations made by the Com- 
pany on the arrivall of the Shipping, which has only added M r . Addison, soe that 
there being still one vacancy, 'tis agreed that it be filled by M r . Davenport, who has 
a right to it by Meritt, as well as seniority, who has promissed the Governour that he 
will continue Secretary to September next and M r . Briggandine to officiate Sub- 
Secretary and take charge of all Bookes and Papers in the office, the Govern 1 , to 
give him the Secretarys oath of Secrecy so that the Council and their Employs are 
as Followeth. 

M r . William Martin Second and Bookekeeper. 

M r . Bobert Baworth Warehousekeeper. 

M r . Thomas ffrederick Sea Customer. 

M r . Gulston Addison Baymaster. 

M r . Bichard Hunt Land Customer. 

M r . Henry Davenport Storekeeper 
which they are to Enter upon the begining next month. 

There being Employs Vacant at the Sea Gate 'tis ordered they are filled as 

M r . Francis Cooke Head Searcher. 

M r . Anthony Etterick Under Searcher. 

M 1 '. Ferdinando Coningsby Begister of the Manifest &c :l . at the Sea Gate, who 
are all forthwith to officiate in said Employs. 

There being 288. Bales of Broadcloth come from England on the Mountegue 
and Litchfeild, good part of w oh will be made use of in Presents, and there being a 
great want thereof now in the Country, 'tis agreed one hundred and twenty Bales 
be sold at Outcry on Monday the 24 th Instant, and Notes to be fixed on the Gates to 
give Notice thereof, as alsoe that if any Person or Persons are willing to buy the 
whole they may come in the meantime to the Governour or Governour and Council, 
and make their proposalls. 

A Letter from the President and Council of Banjarr dated primo October on 
board Ship Anna at Bencoolen now read, and is as Entered after this Consultation 
the purport thereof recommending the Bearer, M r . Legg who came out a Factor in 
the B*. Hon blt ". Companys Service for Banjarr, Agreed he be Entertain'd here a 
Factor till the Companys pleasure be known therein. 

There being a very great complaint of the Poor that the Grain Merchants keep 
up the Grain at an extravagant rate ; the Governour ordered them all this day to 
appear in Council as they did, when after a long discourse with them 'twas agreed 
that they should sell their Paddy Imported by Sea at Fourteen Mercall for a Pagoda 
and Bice at seven and that brought in by Land to be sold at 15 and rice 7| not being 
altogether so good as that brought from the Northward. This matter we are forced 
to handle very tenderly for fear the Merchants should order their Boats expected to 
other Ports. 

Ordered that the Following Persons are Justices of the Choultry. M r . Frederick, 
M r . Addkon, M'. Hunt, M r . Davenport and M r . Francis Cooke. 

Ordered that those that were appointed to view the cloth on the Mountegue doe 
also that on y e Litchfeild. I 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 13 


Cap 1 . James Lee Comand r . of Ship Litchfeild did this day deliver in a Request 
for Twenty Tons of Salt Petre more then his Charterparty allowance, agreed the 
same be Granted him and his request Enter'd after this Consult". 

Cowrapa now Seoond Conicoply at the Choultry to be removed 2 d eonicoply at 
the Sea Gate. 

Auga Pera Armenian Merchant of this Place does now complain to us that there 
are Letters in the hands of M 1 '. Henry Johnson for his Vackeel Coja Surhaad in 
Bengali and some other effects for him on board the Ship now arriv'd to whom 
M r . Johnson refuses to deliver without an order from this board ; soe 'tis hereby 
ordered that the said Lett rs and effects be delivered to the Govern 1, which are 
consigned to Coja Surhaad in Bengali, Auga Pera having formerly proved his being 
his Vackeel and by the Customs of their Nation they can seize the effects or Letters 
of any Vackeels wherever they can find them. 

Gulston Addison. Tho. Pitt. 
Rich d . Hunt. W. Maetin. 

Rob x . Rawoeth. 

To the Hon bie Thomas Pitt Esq.*. 
Goveen\ &c\ Council foe 
the R T . Hon ble United East India Company 
in Poet S t . Geoege. 

The Petition of James Lee Comand k . of Ship Litchfeild 
Humbly Sheweth. 

That your Petitioner having taken on board the Quantity of Salt Petre that was 
ordered by the R*. Hon ble Company for Kentlage, but being likely to take in so 
large Quantity of Tea is apprehensive when he comes to Sea that the Ship will not 
be able to carry sail unless there be a greater weight in her Bottom. Wherefore 
your Petitioner humbly desires your Hon r . &c a will order him Twenty Tons of Salt 
Petre more, and is your Hon." &c a . most humble Servant. 

James Lee. 

Hon ble S. r 

Whereas M r . John Legg the bearer hereof came out a Factor to the Hon bIe Com- 
pany at Banjarr, and now meeting with very little encouragement to tarry here, he 
requests to be recommended to your Hon', which we believe we may boldly do for a 
Dilligent, ffaithfull, and very sober man, and capable of serving our Honourable 
Masters in the foresaid station, or any other with which you'l be pleas'd to intrust 
him. We are with all respect 

To r Hon" most hum ble Servants 

Bencoolen Octobee the p. M0 1708. James Cuninghame. 

on boaed the anna. rlohaed edwaeds. 

William Griffith. 

Ship Queen Anne sail'd for Yizagapatam. 

At a Consultation 

Present Sattuxdat 

1 5™ 
Thomas Piti Esq,*. Goveenoue & Pbestdent. ' 

William Maetin. Robeet Raworth. 

Thomas Frederick. Gulston Addison. 

Richard Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

We having received advices that the King draws near Gulcondah we think it 
absolutely necessary that as we have received from him the first flavours of any 
Europeans, that it will tend much to our advantage if we make him the first Present, 

14 Uecords of B'ort St. George 


for if the Dutch Present hefore us, 'tis great odds but that theirs may be so consider- 
able, as to render ours despicable and if ours be presentd first it may chance to be 
dispursed into so many hands before theirs come as not to be able to make any true 
valuation then by common fame, which is Generally five times the value, soe 'tis 
agreed that all things for the Present be packed up, and made ready to send to 
Metehlepatam on the Eiseing Sun Smack on the first turne of the wind, and that the 
Persons who have the management thereof see it done. And whereas M r . Lewis is a 
very Worthy, sober, Ingeneous man, and understands the Persian Language very 
well, as also the Customs of the Country, Tis agreed that theGovern r . perswades him 
in behalfe of the Company to undertake the management of this affair with the 
King now near Gulcondah, and M r . Berlu who is generally well respected by the 
Natives, and understands Moors & Gentue Languages as alsoe their Customs 'tis agreed 
that he accompanys M r . Lewis, and in concert negotiate this affair and that in order 
thereto he be forthwith sent for from Fort S*. David. 

Ordered that Thomas Isaack and Francis Canady be discharged from farther 
Service in this Garrison. 

Agreed that six peices of Ordinary Broadcloth be deliver'd to Collaway and 
Vinkettee Chittee to sell to Ebraham Cawns servant who is come to pay it, and that 
they are accountable to the Warehousekeepers for the same. 

There being severall things lying on the Choultry the < )wners unknown, Tis 
agreed that they be sold at Outcry and the Amount pay'd into Cash, and the parti- 
culars to be Entered in the Generall Bookes. 

Ordered that the Warehousekeepers adjust the Damage of the Broadcloth receiv- 
ed by the Mouutegue Viz*. That what Cloth will not fetch prime cost be delivered the 
Commander, and the other to be sold for the Coinp s . Account. 

Agreed two thousand Pagod 8 . be pay'd Me3s r8 . Raworth, Frederick and Daven- 
port towards paying for y e present to king Shaw Allum. 

Gulston Addison. Tho. Pitt. 
Rich 1 '. Hunt. W. Maktin. 

Hen. Davenport. Rob 1 . Raworth. 

Tho. Frederick. 

16 Ship Ilahee belonging to Armenians arrived from Beng 11 . 

18 Ship Somers Cap'. Eustaoe Peacock Com r arrived in y s . road from Ballasore 

where he had been, but meeting with a Lett r . from the Council of Bengali ordered 
what Ships sho d . come in there and bound to this Port, should forthwith sail for this 
Place and notgoe up that Hiver. 

Ship President Cap*. Hopkins Com 1 ', arrived in this road from Tonqueen. 

At a Consultation 

Motoay Present 


[ 17th ] Thomas Pitt Esq,*. Governour & President. 

William Martin. Robert Raworth. 

Thomas Frederick. Gulston Addison. 
Richard Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

1 he Commander of Ship Somers Cap*. Eustace Peacock coming [ashore about 4 
a clock this afternoone and brought with him the R* Hon bIe Companys Packet W* was 
now open'd the Generall Letter being the same as that we received by the Litchfeild 

Diary and Consultation Book. 1709 15 


Ordered that the Warehousekeepers forthwith unload all the Treasure and 
Goods on board the Somers & that they deliver to the Mintmaster thirty 5 Chests of 
the Litchfeilds Treasure to be coined into Rupees. 

Hen : Davenport. Rob t . Rawobth. Tho : Pitt. 

Tho: Frederick. W. Martin. 

Gulston Addison. 
Eich/ Hunt. 
This evening the Govern 1 ' received advices from the Kings Waccana Yees 18 
that King Shaw Allum had obtaine'd an Entire Victory over his Brother Cawn Bux, 
who was since dead of his wounds and one of his sons kil'd in the Battle. 

Ship Greyhound Cap'. Jones Com r . arrived in y s road from Bengali. 19 

At a Consultation 

Present 21bt. 

Thomas Pitt Esq*. Governour & President. 
William Martin. Robekt Raworth. . 

Thomas Frederick . Gulston Addison. 
Richard Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

Auga Makeem this day pay'd into Cash Five hundred Pagodas which was Lent 
to Zoode Cawns Lady to defray her Charges to the Camp as "ty Consultation 19 th of 
August last. 

The Somers being arrived and having brought near Two hundred Bales of 
Broadcloth 'tis Agreed that the sale which was ordered to be the 24 th be deferred to 
y e 26 th . 

We sent this day for Cap'. Peacock into Counsel to be informed of the condition 
of his Ship, and to know whether he would be in a readiness to sail for England in 
twenty days, to which he replyed that it was impossible to get his Ship ready con- 
sidering he had sprung his Fore mast, and must unbang his Rudder, and caulk his 
Ship fore and aft, and that he had not men to do it with that expedition we required, 
there being above half his Company sick all which we know to be true, besides we 
not having above half his Loading, and had we all, considering the condition he's in 
to dispatch him for England, would be no better then turning the Companys Estate 
adrift upon the Sea, so 'tis resolved that we returne her to Bengali on the 10 th Febru- 
ary and Load on her seventy Chests of Rupees, desireing them if she be in a condi- 
tion to returne her up again immediately with Three thousand baggs of Salt Petre, & 
fill her up with Rice, and we'l returne her again in June to come up in September to 
goe away hence for England by which means 'tis to be hoped she will defray her 

The Warehousekeep 1 ' 8 &c a report that they found no Sea Damage in the Broadcloth 
received by Ship Litchfeild, but severall peices that the Moth had taken ; ordered they 
survey ail the Cloth, and report what condition they find it in. 

Agreed that Twelve Chests of Treasure be delivered to Collaway and Vinkettee 
Chittees at I6i Dollars for 10 Pag s . provided they put it into the Mint, otherways 
16| if they carry it away, and to be reckon'd as part of their Debt. 

Cap* Stoacks Comand r . of the Mountegue pays into Cash Pag 8 . 423 : 12 fas for 
the ffollowing damaged Broadcloth in said Ship. 

Aurora Peices 12| ... Pagod 8 . 193 : 12 

Popinjahs 18J 190 — 

Perpetuances 9 ... ... ... ... 40 — 

Pag 8 . 423 : 12 ta . 

Rich". Hunt. Tho: Pitt. 

Hen: Davenport. W. Martin. 

Rob t . Raworth. 

Tho : Frederick. 

Gulston Addison. 

16 Records of Fort St. George 


At a Consultation 

Monday Present 


Thomas Pitt Esq". Governour & President. 
Wjlmam Martin. Robert Eaworth. 

Thomas Frederick. Gulston Addtson. 

Eichard Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

This day was read a Generall Letter from M r . Roberts desiring leave to lay 
down the Companys service in order to his returning for England, and that we will 
order to whom he should deliver up his Charge. This Letter brought under our 
consideration, that as the Governour here resolves to goe for England in September 
next, and if we gave M r . Eoberts leave now, who would succeed in the Government 
here, for which reason we gave him a flat denyall, whose Letter and our answere is 
as Entered after this Consultation. 

M r . Lewis was sent for this day into Consultation when we desired him to get 
himself ready for that we designed to dispatch the Present with all expedition, and 
Mess™ Eaworth &c a who have the charge of it, were desired to expedite it with all 
immaginable dillegence. 

It being very necessary that those Gentlemen who goe with the Present to the 
King appear handsomely in cloths, and that the Company should be at y 6 Charge 
thereof, Tis therefore agreed they be allowed one hundred Pagod s . each to defray 
that expence. 

There being Horses wanting for this Expedition to the Xing, 'tis agreed that 
M r . Eaworth &c a who have the management thereof buy up w* necessary. 

Generall Letter from the Deputy Governour and Council of Port S 4 David dated 
19 th Instant now read, advising of their having drawn three Bills of Exchange on 
us [at] Ten days sight for the Ballance of their Merchants Accounts amounting to 
Pag s . 3192.5. 15. 3 Agreed that the same be pay'd when due, and to enable us 
thereto, Tis agreed that y e "Warehousekeepers sells Twenty Chests of Treasure at 
16| Doll 8 for JO Pagod s . 

Ordered that the Following Stores &c a be sent to Fort S*. David: 2 p 5 Scarlet 2 
Bales of Aurora, 1 chest of stuffs for Coats. 20 bags wheat. Swords guilt & Plain. 
20. of each. 2 Chests of Wine Factors Provissions. 

Tho : Pitt. 
W. Martin. 
Eob t . Eaworth. 
Tho : Frederick. 
Gulston Addison. 
Eich 1 '. Hunt. 
Hen : Davenport. 

To the HoN ble Thomas Pitt Esq'. 

President on the Coast op Chormandell 
por Appairs op the United Trade op 
the English Company trading to 
the East Indies, and Governour op 
Fort S 1 George and S 1 David 
&c A Council. 

Bon ble S r &c a 

In your Generall Letter of the primo Instant you was pleased to enclose 
severall Paragraphs of the Hon ble the Managers Letter to your Hon r &c a ty Ship 
Litchfeild, by which I find they have chose M r Farmer Second of this Place, and 
appointed him Chief in case of my absence or Mortallity, which permitts me with 
greater Freedome to persue my inclinatiors and desires of going for England by this 
years Shiping, which if you are pleased to approve and admitt, I desire your speedy 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 17 


orders to whom I must surrender my Charge, that may not miss the oppertunity of 
so good a conveyance, I Respectfully Subscribe. 

Hon ble S r &o a 
Fort 8 t . David. Your most humble Servant. 

19 th January 170$ G. Roberts. 

To Gabriel Roberts Esq E . 

Deputy Governour of Fort S t . David. 

S r . 

"We have received yours of the 19 th Ins*, and are sorry we i'an*t comply with 
your request, for that Governour Pitt resolves to leave this Place in September next, 
and had gone now upon these Ships, but for reasons you are well acquainted with, 
and as it is the Companys order that you succeed him, we can't consent to your 
going for England till their pleasure be farther known therein, We are 

S r 
Your humble Servants. 

Port S t . George. Thomas Pitt. 

24 th January 170f William Martin. 

Thomas Frederick. 

Gulston Addtson. 

Henry Davenport. 

At a Consultation 

Thomas Pitt Esq\ Govern *. & President. 

William Martin. Robert Raworth. Wednes- 

Thomas Frederick. Gulston Addison. 

Richard Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

This day the Principall Merchants of the Town appeared in Consultation to 
make proposalls for Three hundred Bales of Broad Cloth being all we have to dispose 
of, reserving what necessary for the Present, the Merchants desired to know what 
more was coming and that we would allow all Damage that should be found both as 
to the Ship and moth, and what time we would give for Payment, to which they 
were answered that if any more Cloth came out upon this years Shiping, and was 
Landed here they should be obliged to take it as they should now buy this, and for 
Damage we would allow none, but what sh d . appear to be sea Damage, and not any- 
thing for Moth eaten, and that as we had present occasion we expected ready money, 
so after we had satisfyed them in all what before mentioned the Merchants that 
bought the Cloth last year offered thirty ^ Cent upon its prime cost, so they bid upon 
one another till it came to Forty three & Cent, and there it stood, when ordered 
them all to withdraw, and considering he that offered the 43 *$> Cent we 
thought not able to comply with soe considerable a bargain, we unanimously agreed 
to call in Collaway & Vinkettee Chittees and told them if they would give forty 
five & Cent, and pay ready money they should have it, to which they agreed, and 
promised to pay y e money as soon as the Cloth is delivered them. 

M r . Martin upon filling up and removealls in Counsell it happens to be his 
turne to be second of this Place, unto which place there has Generally belonged 
considerable allowances such as Pallankeen boys, Peons &c. Agreed that he has what 
has been usuall and Customary, and to be allowed Dyet money. 


18 Records of Fort St. George 


Governour received a Letter from Mons r . Hebert Gov r . of Pullicherry inclosing 
therein a Paper of news he had rec d . from Suratt, advising that S r Nicholas Waite 
was confined by the Council of Bombay, ordered the Paper be sent the Company in 
the Packet. 

Thomas Pitt Esq''. Mintmaster pays into Cash Three thousand one hundred 
sixty two Pag s . 5, being the Amount of Gold received ^ Ship Litchfeild. 

Tho. Pitt. 

"W. Martin. 
Rich d . Hunt. Rob t . Raworth. 

Hen. Davenport. Tho. Frederick. 


27. Ship Ann Cap*. Walton Com r . arrived in this road from Bengali. 

28. Sloop Dutchess arrived in this Road from y e Southward. 

— Ship Tanjeram arrived in this Road from Ganjam. 

— Ship Greyhound Cap'. Jones Com r . saild for Bengali. 

At a Consultation 


Sattdkday Thomas Pitt Esq/. Govern" 1 , and Presid'. 

29 th . William Martin. Rob*. Raworth. 

Thomas Frederick:. Gulston Addison. 

Richard Hunt. Henkv Davenport. 

Agreed Fifteen hundred Pagod s . be advanced M r . Rob'. Raworth Paymaster to 
defray Charges Garrison. 

Docf. Bulkly this day delivered in a Petition for leave to lay down the Com- 
panys Service, alledgmg the reason thereof, that he is very much indisposed by the 
Stone, w ch he fears 'twill be very suddainly fatall to him, and recommends M r . Rober- 
son Doct r . of the Mountegue a fitt Person to succeed him in that Employ, his 
Petition is as Kntered after this Consultation. 

There offering Bills of Exchange for Fort S'. David for 4000 Pagod s . agreed 
the same be accepted of, and so much pay'd out of Cash for the same. 

Tho : Frederick. Tho : Pitt. 

Gulston Addison. W. Martin. 

Rich d . Ho nt. Rob 11 . Raworth. 
Hen : Davenport. 

To the Hon Ele . Thomas Pitt Esq*. President 

with the Worp e the Council. 
Hon bl9 . S rs . 

The fatigue of much business being now grown more uneasy and disagreable 
to me then formerly, I beg leave to be discharged from my office there being a fitt 
Person to accept y e same. 

S r . 
Yo 1 ' Hon ble &c\ most hum ble 
Edward Bclkley. 
January 29™ 170| 


Sloop Goodhope arrived in this Road from Bengali. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 19 


At a Consultation 


Thomas Pitt Esq,*. Govern" and Pkesid t . February 

William Martin. Robert Raworth. Tuesday 

Thomas Frederick. Gulston Addison. 21 "« 
Richard Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

Addition to the Generall Letter to the Hon 1 ' 18 Managers now read and approved. 

Agreed that one Thousand Pagod 3 be advanced M r . Gulston Addison Paymaster 
to defray Charges Garrison. 

M r . Robert Raworth &c a . pay's into' r the R*. Hon bla Unit'd Companys Cash Twelve 
hundred Pagodas Account of the Estate 'of M 1 ' Matthew Empson Deceased. 

Agreed Two thousand Pagod' be pay'd M r Rob\ Raworth &c a . Account of the 
Present to King Shaw Allum. 

Thomas Pitt Esq r President reads his Acco\ of the UK Hon ble , United Companys 
Cash for the month of January last Ballance being Pagod 8 , 3681.31.5. 

Tho : Pitt. 

W. Martin. 
Rich d . Hunt. Rob t . Raworth. 

Hen : Davenport. Tho. Frederick. 
Gulston Addison. 
Ship Santustine belonging to the Moors fro Bengal). 5 th, 

At a Consultation 


Thomas Pitt Esq r . Govern*, and President. m 

William Martin. Robert Hawortu. 7ih AI 

Thomas Frederick. Gulston Addiso.v. 

Richard Hunt. Henky Davenpjrt. 

Generall Letter to the Hon ble Managers dat d 17 & 30 th January and 7 th February 
now read, and upon signing the same M r . Frederick made the exception as Entered 
after this Consultation. 

Here being three Pyratu brought from y e Mallabar Coast, but no body prosecut- 
ing them nor any proof appearing to prove the fact, so to prevent their being any 
farther Charge to the Company, 'tis agreed that one be sent on the Mountegue and 
two upon y e Litchfeild. 

Warehousekeeper and Storekeeper doe now deliver iu a List of Goods and 
Stores wanted from England which is approved of, and ordered to be sent in y e 

This day appeared in Counsell Cap 4 . Stoacks, Docf. Bulkly and M r . Robinson, 
when Cap* Stoacks declar'd his consent to M r . Roberson staying here, and Docf. 
Bulkly recommending him as a fit Person was this day Entertain'd as Surgeon of 
this Garrison. 

M r . Frederick reviveing the business of M r . Roach by his exception to the 
Generall Letter, Ensign Dixon was sent for whom M r . Frederick Quoted to be the 
Author of what he charged against him, when M r . Dixon po3sitively deayed it, and 
averred that he had say'd nothing of him more then that he knew him in Allsash in 

20 Records of Fort St. George 


the year 1700. from which time he never had heard from, or saw him, till he met him 
at Metchlepatam in the year [Lacuna] he was also asked by the Governour whether 
people had not been tampering with him to resent Roaches being put over his head, 
w ch he readily confest, but unwilling to mention their names. 

Rich". Hunt. Tho : Frederick. Tho : Pitt. 

Hen". Davenpoet. Gulston Addison. W. Martin. 

Rob t . Raworth. 

M r . Thomas ffrederick's Exception to y" Gen 11 . Letter. 

I cannot be consenting to M r . Henry Davenport being taken in Council till the 
Hon ble Managers advise whether they think their orders concerning him complyed 
with, nor M r . Roach being Lieutenant of this Garrison till they approve thereof. 

Thomas Frederick. 
Ship Anne Cap* Walton Com r sail'd for Callicutt. 

At a Consultation 


Tuesday Thomas Pitt Esq*. Govern" & President. 

8ih ' "William Martin. Robert Raworth. 

Thomas Frederick. Gulston Addison. 

Richard Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

The Governour last night received a Generall Letter frem S r Nicholas Waite &c a . 
Council at Bombay dated 18 th November advising of M r . Goodshaw & Cap 4 . Edward 
Deaths, which place had been very sickly this last season, and that y e Aurengzeb lay 
f Loaden for England. 

This morning was read in a full Counsell a Lett 1 " to the Hon' ,le Managers upon 
the subject of M r . Fredericks exception to our Generall Letter, which he refused to 
signe, saying that he himself wo d . -write his Masters. 

Gulston Addison. Tho : Pitt. 

Rich". Hunt. W. Martin. 

Hen : -Davenport. Rob t . Raworth. 

Tho : Frederick. 

9. Last night y e Com 1 ' 8 Litchfeild & Mountegue went off & this morning they sail'd. 

At a Consultation 

Thursday Thomas Pitt Esq*., Governour & President. 

10 th . "William Martin. Robert Raworth. 

Thomas Frederick. Gulston Addison- 

Richard Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

The Goverriour this morning calling to mind that he had not seen the report from 
the Sorters relating to what the Company wrott in their Generall Letter about the 
weight and Punj urns of their Cloth, so inquiring after it he found they had wrott 
a Letter to the Company and sent it to the Secretary to put in the Packet without 
acquainting him thereof, which Letter is as Entered after this Consultation. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 2l 


The Storekeeper acquainting us that all the refind Salt Petre is made up into 
Gunpowder, ordered y* the Warehousekeeper delivers to the Storekeeper Fifty Candy 
more to refine for that use. 

Nabob Bowed Cawn having wrott a Letter to y e Governour from the Kings 
Court, desireing one thousand Bottles of Liquor, agreed that we now send him 250. 
and the Governour sends him two large Mastys that he got out of the Europe Ships. 

We having now very little Silver for Sale, M r . Wright requested this day seven 
Chests, which we sold at lb' Dollars for 10 Pagod s . to pay in two months, with Interest 
at 9 & Cent $> annum. 

Ordered the Warehousekeeper lays before this board the Account of the Cargoe 
of the three Ships come fr6 England, and how disposed, as also M r . Hunt the old 
Company s Account with the United. 

The Deputy Governour and Council of Fort 8*. David having severall times wrott 
us for writers, agreed that the ffollowing Persons be sent thither. John Era[ . . . ] 
Abel Langelier, Joseph Houghton, Nathaniel Tu[rner], 

Ordered that the Warehousekeeper and Storekeeper send to Fort S*. David what 
Goods, and Stores they write for, and has not yet been sent. 

Eesolved that the Present be sent awav as soon as it is possible to procure 
conveniency of carriag[e] and in order thereto that the Tents be forthwith carryedout 
and pitch'd at Egmore. 

Agreed that the Mulla and Braminy be allowed forty Pagod s . each for their 
Cloths, that soe they may appear desently before the King. 

Tis farther agreed that M r . Eaworth &c a who has the charge of buying and sending 
the Present, that they allow the Cooleys for their incourageraent 2 Pag s and a half 
a month each, and f measure of Rice and o[ne~] Dooda a day. 

Tho : Pitt. 
W. Martin. 
Eob t . Raworth. 
Tho : Frbderick. 

[Gulston Addison]. 
Eich d . Hunt. 
Hen : Davkjsport. 
Hon b1e . S R8 . 

In the Generall Letter to this Place bearing date 7 th of April 1708 observe that 
there are Severall Paragraphs relating to the Sorting of Callicoes, which we having 
duely considered, and with all ready to obey y*. orders to the greatest nicety we can, 
find ourselves under a necessity humbly to offer the following to you. 

It has been our Constant care to the best of our Judgements in our Sorting, to 
place every peice to their respective Numbers, and conformable to your orders have 
examined some peices of Cloth, as to their Punj[umJ measure and weight, aud find 
that the very worst cloth overweighs the Best, as will evidently appear to you by 
examining the three peices of cloth now sent, which have the Number of Punjums & 
weight noted on them, and we humbly offer to your considerations that the Eule and 
method we now follow Viz* of counting the Punjums of many peices of Longcloth 
&c a and strictly observing the Texture of them with the Musters will be more for your 
advantage then guiding ourselves by weight, which we are at a Loss how to reconcile. 
We respectfully subscribe and are 

Hon ble S 18 . 
Yo v most faithfull & obedt. 
humble servants 

Wiluam Martin. 
February 7 th 1701- Eobert Raworth. 

Thomas Fredebick. 
Gulston Addison. 
Eichaed Hunt. 


22 Records of Fort St. George 


At a Consultation 
Fbiday Thomas Put, Esq*. Govern" & President. 

1 ] ™»- William Martin. Robert Raworth. 


Richard Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

We having mett with great trouble to procure carriage for our Present to the 
King at Gulcondah, and finding next to impossible to effect it from this place, 'tis 
there[fore j agreed by and with the advice of those that knows these C[oun]trys 
perfectly well that the Present be immediatly shipt on board the Somers and ordered 
to Land it at Metchlepatam [on] her way to Bengali being not half soe farr from 
thence to Gulcondah as it is from this place, and that the Companys Ship President 
attends her thither to countenance our [people]] till they set out on their Journey, and 
y* the Mulla & Braminy with what servants can't goe by sea, as also the Horses, & 
two hundred and fifty cooieys goes overland. 

Ordered that M r . Addison assist in buying up, and sending away the Present. 

There being in the Companys Stable no horses fitt (except y' the Governour 
rides) for the Gentlemen to appear within Kings Camp, and there being two Persian 
Horses to be sold, 'tis agreed we give 250 Pag 8 for one and 350 for the other. 

The Warehousekeeper produces the Acco' of 3 Ships Cargoes &c a disposed of, as 
also M r . Hunt y e Acco' between y e old & United Company. 

Ordered all the Iron be Landed from the Somers. 

Tho : Pitt. 
W. Martin. 
Tho : Frederick. 
Gulston Addison. 
Rich d . Hunt. 
[Hen : Da]venport. 

At a Consultation 
Thomas Put Esq*. Govern" & President. 
Sattur- William Martin. Robbkt Raworth. 

°2^ Thomas Frederick. Gulston Addison. 

Richard Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

This day Ship Stretham Cap'. Gough Com r . arrived in this road from Ballasore, 
where he meeting with the Council of Bengali their order for all Ships bound hither 
to immediately sail thence for this Port without any farther order from them, which 
accordingly he did, and now brought a Shore the Companys Packet, which was 
open'd and found to contain only Triplicates of w fc . already received except her 

We taking into consideration how to dispose of this Ship, and having Bales in 
the Warehouse with what we expect from Fort S*. David which will be sufficient 
for her Loading ; Tis resolved that we dispatch her with all expedition forthwith for 
England, when the Captain was sent for and acquainted with this our resolution. 

Tho. Pitt. 
Rich*. Hunt. W. Martin. 

Hen. Davenport. Rob t . Raworth. 


Gulston Addison. 

12. Ketch Hope arrived in this Road from Vizagapatam. 

13. Ship S*. Maria arrived here from Macow. 

4. Ship Morning Starr Cap*. Weld Com r . arrived from Fort S l . David. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 


At a Consultation 


Thomas Pitt Esq*. 
William Martin. 
Thomas Frederick. 
Richard Hunt. 


iRN*. and President. 


Gijlston Addison. 
Henrv Davenport. 

Captain Gough acquainting the Governour that [he] had a Paper to deliver in 
Consultation, which occasioned his summoning the Council this morning, w ch Paper 
we read and is as Entered after this Consultation purport thereof representing the 
impossability of hi3 speedy Lading for England without runing very emminant 
danger of the Compauys Estate and the lives of his men, an i the reasons for the 
same being so oo[gent] and plain that we can't but agree to the reversing our order 
of Satturday last, and therefore 'tis now resolved that the Treasure that came on 
her be immediatly put into the Mint, and that so soon as it is coined into Rupees, 
that she returnes to Bengali with the same aud the Lead that is on her, so sent for 
Cap'. Gough and acquainted him with tiiis our resolution. 

The Warehousekeeper reports that M> Wright had proposed severall people 
security for seven Chests of silver sold him the 10 th instant, to which 't wasanswer'd 
that since he had not present occasion for it, the silver itself would be the best 
security, which may lye in the Godown till occasion for the same, or that he pay'd 
the money with the Interest agreed. 

Tho. Pitt. 

W. Martin. 

Rob t . Raworth. 


Gulston Addison. 

Rich d . Hunt. 

Hen. Devenport. 
To the Hon blb Thomas Pitt Esq*. 


Hon ble . 

It having pleased you on Satturday to Notifie unto me to prepare for the 
Taking in my Loading in order to depart hence for Europe in all y e . month, I 
think it my Duty humbly to represent unto you my present condition after so long 
a passage from England, that you may the more claarly judge of the capacity I am 
in to comply with your intentions and orders which I shall always cheerfully and 
with utmost dilligence execute according to my utmost abillity. 

I saild from England the 26 th May and from [y e . Cape] the 8 th September and 
in persuance of the Hon ble : Comp s orders I made the best of my way for Bengali 
where I arrived not till the 15 th January, and on the 17 t!l Ditto on the returne of 
my 15oat from Ballasore I received an order from the Hon ble the Couucil of Port 
William at Callicutta dated 2 d November requiring me to proceed directly hither. 
Now I had buryed fourteen of my men of the Survey before I arrived there and 
brought in forty more laid up in their hammock aud 4 Dyed after I got there, 
bnryed some of them notwithstanding the refreshment I had got, soe that until the 
26 th January I durst not sail thence without manifest hazard of burying so many 
more as would have altogether reudred the Ship disabled & defenceless] which 
I had the more regard to because of the notice w[hich I] had of the French Ship S l 
Louis, and having been 1(3 days on my passage hither, my men are in so weak a 
condition] that there remains an absolute necessity of putting th[em] ashore to 
recover them, so that if it were possible for me to Load and unload in the time you 
require ; yet I pray your Hon r to consider in how weak a condition I shall be to beat 
for the Cape and in case I should not be able to get about, in how defenceless a 
condition I must bear up for Maurotius which Island the Dutch have lately quitted, 

14 th 

24 Records of Fort St. Gtorge 


and where I have so great apprehensions of meeting the French, it being confidently 
reported that the King of France has given the India Trade to the Merchants of 
Lyons and 8* Malloes, where we may expect Privateers peeping into all these 

I hope you will pardon my representing this matter to you being prest with 
apprehensions of the danger the bhip and Cargoe will be exposed to from y e weak 
condition of my men, whieli I have been reduced to by unavoidable necessity not 
being able to get any refreshments in all that long and tedious passage from the 
Cape to Bengali to which Port I was the second Ship that arrived. 

Now as I very well know that your Hon doe always the Interest and safety 
of the Hon ble Companys Estate, so it remains that I ought cbearfully and dilligeutly 
to observe and execute your orders, and remain perfectly easy and satisfyed there- 
with which I assure you I will as becomes. 

FohT S T . Geokge 
14 IH February 170! 

Yo r very humble servant 
Harry Gough. 
14 Sloop 8*. Guliura sail'd for Bengali Sen 1 ' S' : Laurance Masf. 

At a Consultation 



Thomas Pitt Esq b . Govern", and President. 
William Martin. Robert Raworth. 

Thomas Frederick. Gulston Addison. 

Richard Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

This day was summoned to appear in Counsell M 1 '. Lewis and M r . Berlu, 
Augapera, 8arapau, Narrain, the Mulla and Braminy, when the Governour pro- 
duced the ffollowing Petition and Letters which were all now read and approved 
and are as Entered after this Consultation. 

Petition to King Shaw Allum. 

Letter to Cawn Bahawder. 

Letter to Cawn Caunaun. 

Agreed this day the wages and Batty of the servants that attend M r . Lewis 
and M r . Berlu with the Present to the King, which is as Entered after this Consult- 
ation and that the Mulla be allowed Batty six Pupees ^ day and the Braminy 
four, which we were obliged to do in consideration of the prodigeous scarcity of 
Provissions on the Road, and in the Camp. 

Tho. Pitt. 
Rich d . Hunt. W. Maetin. 

Hen. Davenport. Roe t . Raworth. 

Gtjiston Addison. 

The Humble Petition of the Governour 
of Chinapatam to the Great King Sha 

Whereas Your Majesty has Blessed us with your Royall Phirmand and 
Husbulhookums, and inestimable Honour of your Royall Vest, which we think our 
Duty to acknowledge by all ways and means we are capaUe of, and therefore have 
presumed to send M r . Lewis ;ind M r . Berlue. not only to returne our humble Duty 

Diary and Consultation Book-, 1709 52 


and thanks but alsoe to congratulate the great & good success of "Your Majestys 
victorious Arms, which God for ever continue ; and to lay at your Eoyall Feet, the 
Humble offering of our gratefull hearts, imploring the continuance of your Majestys 
blessings, by extending to us your gracious protection and incouragement in the 
management of our Affairs, which we humbly beg may be confirmed to us by your 
Eoyall Phinnan with such additions as your Majesty in your great wisdom and 
bounty shall think meet, and we shall alwayes pray for your Majestys Long and 
happy Beigne. 

17 IH February 170#. Thomas Pitt. 

To His Highness Cawn Caunaun 
Grand Visier. 

We noe sooner received the Honour of the Great King Sha Alums Commands 
but we strictly execut'd the same, with that readyness and fidelity as becomes his 
faithful servants, our Duty as well as inclination prompting us to it, and so likewise 
to rejoyce at the glorious success of the powerfull Arms of the Great King Sha Alum, 
who can never fail of being victorious whilst the Army of Heaven joyns with his 
upon earth ; which we alwayes wish. We had sooner made our acknowledgements 
for the inestimable honours we have received (by your Highnesses means) of bis 
Majestys Eoyall Husbulhookums and Vest of Honour but that we have been 
prevented by the troubles on the Eoads, and the impossibility of procureing a con- 
veyance to the Eoyal City of Gulcondah, for which reason our people as soon as the 
Monsoone served went to Metchlepatam beleiving that to be the safest & shortest way, 
from whence J hope M 1 '. Lewis and M r , Berlue will arrive safe to your presence, and 
lay this at your Feet, to whom we implore your highnesses countenance protection 
and assistance, or we are sure all our endeavours will be fruitless, but the assurance 
we have of yo r . Highnesses great worth, wisdom, mercy, Justice, and [as] Protector 
of strangers gives us hopes of success in obtaining the Eoyall Phirmaund to confirme 
our ancient Priviledges with such additions as his Majesty in his great Wisdome and 
bounty shall think meet, and yo r . Highnesses innate goodness bestow upon us, for 
which end we have sent the two Gentlemen before mentioned with our Petition to the 
great King, and our humble offering, and to act therein as your Highness shall 
command 'em hoping by your Highnesses favour they may speedily returne to us 
againe with the acknowledgements of yo r , blessings which we shall Eecord in our 
hearts, and for ever our Nation have a grateful remembrance of the same. 
17 th February I70f. Thomas Pitt. 

To His Highness Cawn Bahaudbr. 

We being throughly sensible of our unexpressible obligation to the great King 
Sha Alum for the many Honours he has done our Nation by Directing his Phirmaunds 
and Husbulhookums to us, and with it the inestimable favour of a Eoyall Vest, which 
we weli know we had never obtain'd but by your Highnesses Friendship, of which 
we have had large experience and humbly beg that you,would continue it to us ; and 
in hopes thereof we have sent M r . Lewis and M r . Berlu with our humble offering, and 
a Petition to his Majesty, not only to congratuate y e . good success of his Victorious 
Arms, which God continue, but to implore his future Protection of us, and to bless us 
with his Eoyall Phirmaund to confirme our Ancient Priviledges with such additions 
as his Majesty in his great wisdome and bounty shall think meet, and your highness 
out of your wonted goodness shall advise the King to bestow upon us; The two' 
before mentioned Gentlemen we recommend to your Highnesses favour and Protec- 
tion, hoping thereby they may meet with a speedy dispatch of our affairs, and returne 
with the Kings blessing, and full of acknowledgements of your Highnesses Beneficence 
to U6, and we shall alwayes pray that you may be ever blessed with the great King 
Sha Allums favour health and prosperity. 

17 th February 170f. Thomas Pitt. 



Records of Fort St. George 



600 Cooleys out of w ch . 200 here at 3|pa. each 
50 Peons out of w c \ 30 here at i£ 
2 Smiths 

2 Carpenters 
10 Horsekeepers 
10 Grass cutters 

3 Conicoplys 

1 Mnchee 

2 Coblers .. 
10 Servants for M r . Lewis & M r . Berlu 

6 Ditto for the Mulla and Paupia 

1 Ditto for M r . Way 

2 Ditto for the Doctor 

10 Frosses 

J Servant Clock maker 

4 Cookes 
1 Compradore 
1 Butler 
4 Parriars 

1 P lag man 

1 Barber 

2 Armorers 
10 Dutys. 

3 Washermen 

4 Oxen men or Puckalls 
A Danes Sloop sailed for Bengali. 

Ship S* a . Maria Coja Awannees Noquedah arrived in this Road from Porto 





... 6| 


::: ::: >? 




::: ::: f 


::. ::: « 2 * 









7 1 

::: ::: A 2 


At a Consultation 





Thomas Pitt Esa". 
William Martin. 
Robert Rawobth. 
Gulston Addison. 

Govebnoub & President. 

Thomas Frederick. 
Richabd Hunt. 
Henby Davenpobt. 

The severall Persons summoned last Consultation day, were again this day 
before us, when the Govern 1 " produced the following Letters which were all now read 
and approved, and are as Entered after this Consultation Viz*. 

To Zulphaker Cawn-i , , , ,. , ,, 

n , n n > ■"> he delivered or otherwise. 

To Cawn Caunaun J 

To Prince Mausadeein 

To Nabob Do wed Cawn 

To the Duan 

To Zoodee Cawn 

To Nabob Abdull Labby 

To Mulla Moraad 

To Cawn Quohee 

The two first Letters to Zulpahker Cawn and Cawn Caunaun to be delivered to 
either of them as they should see occasion or detain 'd, and the same as to y* two 
Letters read last Consultation day to those two Omrahs. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 27 


The Governour acquainted us this day that there was various reports in Town 
about the Kings being at Guleondah some saying he was gone, others that he would 
stay but few days after their last advices, and some saying that he would continue 
four or five months to settle the affairs of that Kingdoine and Vizapore, but what 
likelyest to be true is that he is gone thence to secure his great Kiugdome of ludostan 
from the advices we have that the Eashpoots are all up in Amies in those parts, 'tis 
therefore resolved that we forbear dispatching the Persons with the Present till we 
have an answere to our last Letters from Zoode Cawn, for should we send them to 
Metchlepatam, where if they should hear the King was gone from Guleondah, or 
upon the Eoadthey would oblige them to proceed alter him, and not permitt them to 
returne which would be an incredible fatigue as well as a prodigeous expence, to 
prevent which has induced us to make the foregoing resolve. 

Ordered that 84 Chests of Rupees be immediately ship't on the Somers, and to be 
forthwith dispatch'd to Bengali, when if there be occasion shall ship the Present 
on the Stretham to put it ashore at Metchlepatam in her way to Bengali. 

Rich". Hunt. Tho: Put. 

Hen : Davenport. W. Martin. 

Rob t . H,av?orth. 

Gulston Addison. 

To the Most Illustrious Great ani> 
Mighty Prince Muzzoodeen. 

Your Royall Virtues resembling those of Heaven, spread over the face of the 
whole earth by which means we have been blessed thereby, which induces us to send 
this our Dutifull Address and humble thanks, and implore the continuance of it, by 
extending your Royall Blessings and protection to M r [Lewis and] M r . rierlue, who 
we send to congratulate the great success of his Majestys Victorious arms, and to 
supplicate his blessings to us in the management of our affairs which in conjunction 
with that of your Royall Highness (which we wish we may be so fortunate to obtain) 
and as we have never been hitherto wanting in duty and fidelity to the great King, 
so for the future we shall embrace all occasions to give instances of our gratitude for 
his blessings, to your Royall Highness for procureing the same. 

A Letter to each of the other Three Princes of the same contents. 


May your Highness always be blest with the favour of your great King, when 
from your great Character of Wisdoine and Justice we hope to share therein, in bes- 
towing your favour and countenance on the bearers hereof M r Lewis and M r Berlue 
who are come to congratulate the success of his Majestys Victorious Arms, and to 
implore his blessing, for the future well management of our affairs which we hope to 
obtain by your Highnesses good will towards us, and we shall ever pray for your 
health and prosperity. 

17 th February 1704. Thomas Pitt. 


As we retain gratefull hearts for your Highness past favours to us, so we hope 
y" will not forget the faithfull services of your old serv tB being on all occasions ready 
to reitterate the same ; we have sent M r Lewis and M r . Berlue to congratulate the 
great success of his Majestys Victorious arms, whom we recommend to your High- 
nesses favour and Protection, hoping thereby to obtain the Kings blessing to us, in 
[your! incouraging us in our Trade, which we shall ever e«teem as a mark of your 
Highnesses favour and shall alwayes pray for your health and prosperity. 

17™ February 170^. Thomas Pitt. 

28 Records of Fort St. George 


To His Exceli/ Doud Cawn. 

As we have had large experience of yo r Excellencys favour and protection to us, 
so hope we cannot doubt of the continuance of it, and in particular Mf r.] Lewis and 
M r Berlue whom we recommend to you, wh[om] we have sent to the Royall Camp to 
congratulate the success of his Majestys Victorious Arms, in which you have had soe 
great a share to your Eternall Honour and renowne, and to implore" his Blessing and 
Protection [for] our affairs, which we hope by your assistance to obtain and that 
you'l returne again to this your old Government to see us flourish in our Trade, who 
have been so much cherish'd and refreshed by your favour and countenance and our 
prayers shall alwayes be that you may enjoy the great Kings favour, health and 

17 IK February 170f 


Lord High Steward of 

King Shaw Allums Household. 

We wrott your Excellency few days past, when acquainted you with the un- 
expressible trouble we had mett with about getting conveniency of carriage for our 
Present, and at last forced to goe to Metchlepatam, where we hope we shall meet 
with the Hon r . of your Commands with a Gusbardar and Dustick that soe our people 
may come to you without Molestation. This letter will be delivered your Excellency 
by M r . Lewis and M r . Berlue, whom we earnestly recommend to your favour and pro- 
tection, & have strictly enjoyn'd 'em to depend wholy od your advice and commands, 
being well assured from the experience we have had of your great friendship, that 
you will give it 'em sincerely and cordially, and we hope we shall share in the Kings 
blessing, suitable to our duty and fidelity, and the great services we doe his Countrey 
by inriching the same. We know noe body can illustrate the advantage we bring to 
y e King's Country like your Excellency, therefore intirely relye on your Friendship 
therein ; our former Letters to you import our request which is a confirmation of our 
Ancient Priviledges throughout his Majesties Dominions with such addition of his 
blessings as in his great wisdome he shall think meet, and the redress of some griev- 
ances which have very much prejudiced and almost ruin'd our Trade, of w oh . the two 
aforesaid Gentemen are fully Instructed to acquaint yo\iv Excellency therewith. 

We are very sensible of the different Interests in soe great and glorious a Court 
as King Shaw Allum is, and the necessary caution to be used for fear of disoblige- 
ing any one therein, and therefore have strictly enjoy[n]'d 'em, not to make any one 
application without your advice and direct orders, and then can't [dream] of success 
suitable to your great wisdome & Freindship and our expectation, and nothing can 
more augment the blessing of this undertaking, then an expeditious dispatch of our 
business, and a speedy returne of these Gentlemen to us. 

The obligations in Generall our Nation have [to] your Excellency can never be 
fully acknowledged but yet you may be assured it will be so farr, and they will not be 
lyable to the reproach of being ungratefull, and for my obligations in particular for 
your inestimable Freindship, I can ne[ver sufficiently, value, th6 have often 
rack'd my [brains] how to make my due acknowledgements [of the pre]sent, can pro- 
cure nothing but what [fraction] thereof, therefore as a tribute for wh[ich I send] 
you by these Gentlemen two Pictures which J ] should have parted with to none but 
\our Excellencys two Guns, and two peices of Fine Scarlet Cloth ; of which I humbly 
beg your acceptance, and as I find anything better worth, shall not fail to lay it at 
your' feet. We againe do most earnestly recomend M r . Lewis aDd M 1 '. Berlue to your 
Excellencys protection and guidance in this affair, who will show you the Copy of 
our Petition to the Great King and to the Viziers &c a who we have directed to deliver 
or detain 'em, as you shall advise, soe God grant you may alwayes enjoy the Kings 
favour, bj w ch . means we hope to be successfull in this our undertaking, and will 
alwayes pray for your health and prosperity. 

17 th February 170f Thomas Pitt. . 

Diary and Uonmltation Book, 1709 29 


To his Excell y Nabob Abdull L[a]bbv Cawn. 

We not knowing but this may find your Excellency at the Royall Camp, 
whither we are now send M r . Lewis and M 1 . Berlue to congratulate the great success 
of his Majestys Victorious Arms, to w ch we hear your Excellency has not a little 
contribut'd which we rejoyce at, as having alwayes an invaluable esteem and Honour 
for you, which has induced us to recommend the two aforesaid Gentlemen to your 
favour and protection, not doubting but you'l grant it as readily as we desire it of 
you, which we shall ranck amongst your innumerable kindnesses to us, and always 
pray for your health and prosperity. 

To The Duan. 

We hope the News in these parts is true, that your Honour is much in the 
Kings favour, w ch God continue ; and that you are returning to your old Government 
in this Country, which we heartily congratulate, and as we are your old acquaintance 
[and] servants we recommend to your Hon 1 '* favour, [andj protection M 1 . Lewis and 
M r . Berlue who we se[nd] to congratulate the glorious success of the Kifngs] 
Victorious arms, and to implore his blessing in our affairs, which we hope we shall 
have your countenance and assistance to obtaine, who will oblige us alwayes to pray 
for your health and prosperity. 


February 18 th 170f. 

Tho' we have the misfortune to be unacquainted with your Person, we have the 
Honour to be informed of your great Character and worth, and that you are famous 
throughout the Nations of these parts of the world for your great Justice and kind- 
ness to strangers, so can't doubt but we shall be soe happy as to share therein by 
your bestowing your fa[vourJ and protection to M r . Lewis and M 1 '. Berlue, wh[o] 
we have sent to admire the Wisdome power [and] Glory of the great King Shaw 
Allum and to implore bis blessings to us, whicli we hope to obtain by your counte- 
nance and assistance, and we shall retaliate the same by heartily praying for your 
health and prosperity. 

To Mahmtjd Moraod. 

February IS 1 " 170f. 

I hope this will find you safe arrived at Guleondah, and all with you. 

We have had unexpressible trouble to procure conveniency of carriage for our 
Present, to compleat w ch we are forced to goe to Metchlepatam, from whence by the 
assistance of our Noble friend Zoodee Cawn, we hope our people will arrive safe at 
the Royall Camp. 

M r . Lewis and M l . Berlue comes with our Present whom I recommend to your 
favour and protection as you are our old Freind, and beg that you would use your 
Interest to procure a quick dispatch of our business, which is the Life of such 

Pray remember me to my good freind Hodjee Mahom d and you may be assured 
I wish you both all health and prosperity. 

At a Consultation 
Thomas Pitt Esq". Governour & President. Tuesday 

William Martin. Robert R a worth. 22 d . 

Thomas Fredekick. Gulston Addison. 

Richard Hunt. Henry Davenpokt. 

Ordered the Warehousekeeper M r . Martin and M r . ffrederick in the presence of 
the Comand r and Purser of Ship Stretham do view the Broadcloth come on her to see 
what Damages and report the same to y e Board. 

30 Records of Fort St. George 


Ordered the Warehousekeeper put ffour hundred peices of Fine Moorees to 
Painting, persuant to the Comp 8 orders in their Last Generall Letter. 

Ordered that three Bales of Boardcloth be sent to ffort S* David on the Yatch 
with 3 Chests of Clarret, one Chest of Renish and to fill up with Packing stuff. 

Thomas Pitt Esq r . Mintmaster reads his Mint Acco* for the month of January 
last, and pay's into Cash the sum of one hundred sixty eight Pagod s 6 : 40 for 


Custom on Gold coined, and farther pay's to the Warehousekeeper 4450. 2. for 
Custom on Silver coind, and is the Ballance of that months Account. 

The Warehousekeepers Aceo u for the months of Decemb r and January now 
read. And pay into the R* Hon ble United Companys Cash Twenty four thousand 
Pag 8 , on Account Silver sold. 

Robert Haworth Paymaster reads his Paymasters Account for the month of 
January last Ballance due to him being Pagod s . which is now agreed to be pay'd. 

Lieutenant Minos who came here on the Mountegue and bound for Bengali 
requesting the Loan of Twenty Pagod 8 . to defray some Charges he has been at, 
ordered the Paymaster advances him the said sum and take his Receipt to repay it 
to the Council in Bengali, who we shall advise thereof in the Letter now read. 

Generall Letter to the Gentlemen of Council in Bengali dated yesterday now 
read & approved. 

Ordered that Mateus Mateum Topaz be Entertained Souldiev and Jacob Hugor 
of the Gun rs Crew in this Garrison. 

Tho: Pitx. 
W. Marti it. 
Rob t . Rawokth. 
Tho : Frederick. 
. Gulston Addison. 
Rich". Hunt. 
Hen : Davenport. 

26 Ship S* Louis Coja Awannees Noquedah arrived in this Road from Tenassaree. 

— Ship Bomrepau Abdull Cauder Noquedah arrived from Beng 11 . 

— Ship Illahee Salamud, Auga Jaffar arrived from Bengali. 

— Ship IN os Seniara de Rosara arrived in this Road from Da [ . . . ]. 

27 Ship Ganjam Galley arrived in this road from Vizagapatam. 

Maech Ship Somers Cap' Eustace Peacock Comand r sail'd out of this road for Bengali. 


4 Ship Raujahee Mahomud Jaffar arrived from Tenasse[ree]. 

At a Consultation 

F » IDAY Thomas Pitt Esq". Govbrno" & President. 

Th ' William Martin. Robert R a worth. 

Thomas Frederick. Gulston Addison. 

Richard Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

Thomas Pitt Esq r President reads his account of the R l Hon ble United Companys 
Cash for the month of February Ballance being Pagod 8 . [Lacuna]. 

Agreed that The Paymaster M r Gulston Addison be advanced Two thousand 
Pagod 8 . to defray the Charges Garrison. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 



Kisna &c a Measurers pay's into Cash Two hundred Pag 8 for one years Rent of 
the measuring Duty ending [Lacuna], 

M r Richard Hunt Late Storekeeper reads his Storekeepers Account for the 
month of January last, and pays into Cash Twelve hundred Pogad". Account Stores 

Ordered that the Warehousekeep' delivers to the Mintmasf 36 Chests of 
Treasure to be coined into Rupees for Bengali. 

Two Generall Letters from the Cheif and Council of Vizagapatam now read. 
Agreed to take a Bill of Exchange for one thousand P[agod s J Payable to the 
Deputy Governour aud Council of Port S\ David, and that the said sum be pay'd out 
of Cash here. 

Agreed that Mess" Davenport and Harrison are sorters of the Companys 

Cotten being very dear occasioned by the dry season which makes the Merchants 
of this place very unwdling to undertake the Companys Contracts, which we must by 
some means or other effect in order to secure sufficient Cargoes for the Kent and 
Somers to be Dispatch'd in September next ; Tis therefore agreed we write to the 
Deputy Governour and Council of Port S*. David to persuade their Merchants to 
double the last Contract of Forty thousand Pagodas, aud returne their speedy 

The Lease of the Arrac Parme expiring the 15 th of y e month Peter de Pomar 
that Rents it was ordered to attend, which accordingly he did, but refused to renew 
his Lease, unless we would abate him four hundred Pagodas & Annum, to which he 
was answered that the Mallabarrs offered more, and he that would give most should 
have it, of which he was desired to consider and give his possitive answere next 
Consultation day. 

Tho : Pitt. 
W. Martin. 
Pob t . Raworth. 
Tho : Frederick. 
Rich". Hunt. 
Gulston Addison. 
Hen : Davenport. 
Ship Manganatta Rajahee Mahomud Noquedah from Tenasseree. 

At a Consultation 
Thomas Pitt Ksq*. Govern" & President, 
William Martin. Robert Raworth. 

Thomas Frederick. Gulston Addison. 

Kichard Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

This day was read a Letter from the Governour and Council of 
complaining of Injustice done their Factory at Port S f . David in stopping so[me] 
Rice and Paddy which Letter and our answere a[re] Entered in the Copy Book N"° 
[Lacuna] and our Letter [to] ffbrt S' David about that matter N°. [Lacuna] order- 
ing them to Act according to Custom. 

Rich d . Hunt. Tho: Pitt. 

Hen. Davenport. W. Martin. 

Rob t . Pawokth. 
Tho: Pre ue rick. 
Gulston Aodison. 

Ship Madrass Merchant arrived in this Road fro Bengali. 
Ship Rammaun Bux arrived from Maumgapat[am]. 



32 Records of Fort St. George 


At a Consultation 


Thursday Thomas Pitt Esq". Govern" and President. 

10 T * William Martin. Robekt Raworth. 

Thomas Frkderick. Gulston Addison. 

Richard Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

Thomas Pitt Esq 1 Mintmaeter reads his Mint Account for the month of February 
last, arid pays into Cash y e sum of One hundred forty two Pagod s 31 fa for Custom on 
Gold coiued, and farther pays to the Warehousekeep r 520 : 14 ans . for Custom on 
Silver coined. 

The Following Generall Letters now read Viz*. 

ffrom the Deputy Gov r . and Council of Fort S fc . David dat d . [Lacuna]. 
Letter from the Primere Minister in Syam. 

From M r Noden at Metchlepatam dated 28"' past mo"' advising of his having 
drawn a Bill of Exchange on ns for 116. 14 which is agreed now to be payd. 

Agreed that we accept of a Bill of Exchange for 350 Pagod 9 . payable to the 
Deputy Govern r & Council of Fort S l . David. 

This day was read a Letter from the Deputy Gov r and Council of Fort S*. 
David dated [Lacuna] relating to their dispute with the Dutch at Negapat™. who 
sent [w th it] the Governour of Negapatam Letter to them, Translate of which is 
Entered iny e . Letter Booke N° [Lacuna] and their Letter to us N° [Lacuna] which 
dispute appear to be for Custom on 39 baggs of Rice and 19 [of] Paddy, which could 
not amount to above Eighteen fanams, in our ansvvere to which matter is as Entered 
in the Letter booke N° [Lacuna]. 

The Deputy Governour and Council of Fort S* David complaining in ail their 
Letters of this place wanting Grain, 'tis agreed by reason the [wind] is Northerly 
that we forthwith send the Ship President thither with what Paddy she can take in 
and on her Five thousand Pagod*. to carry on the Investment, and that eight Europe 
Centinalls [be] sent upon her to remain there. 

We hearing that the Council of Bengali desig[ned] some of the Europe Ships 
with stores for this place and beleiving the Southerly winds will oblige them to fall 
into the Southward ; 'tis agreed that we write an order to be Lodged with the Deputy 
Governour and Council of Fort S*. David, directly to the Comanders to deliver what- 
ever stores and provisions they shall have occasion for. 

Rice being cheap at Vizagapatam, & consequently Cotton, 'tis agreed that we 
send [Lacuna] Candy coppar which lyes in the Godown part of y e Kents Cargoe, 
and will not sell here, and with it Three thousand Pagod 3 . with Directions to Invest 
it in Longcloth, Sallampores, and Strip'd Bettee[laes] such as the Company directs, 
and ordered that the Warehousekeeper ships the aforesaid Treasure and Goods with 
15 dozen of Florance and [ . . . ] hogg s of arrack on the Ganjam Gaily. 

This morning Peter de Pomar the Arrac Farmer was again before us who was 
firm to his former resolution that he would not continue the Arrack ffann without 
we abated Four hundred Pagodas %$■ Annum so called in some Mallabarrs who's 
names are as Foliowes Viz*. 

Chawohroo Gruapa. 


Veraqoe Mudala. Corrunna Moortena. 

Eamana Grumoortee. Parea Verapa. 

Narhapoonde Gruapa. Surapau. 

Musseilee Tonnapa. YeRRI'.PA. 

Inegarrapa. Nina Pilla. 

and were the Originall Distillers of Arrack, who agreed to advance Two hundred 
Pagod 8 . and to take it at Three thousand eight hundred Pagod 6 5^ annum for ten 


Consultation Book. 1709 



yeare, and to pay the Rent monthly which if they don't comply with in Ten days 
after the expiration of the month, that then they are to forfite their Lease and one 
thousand Pag 8 to y e Comp a . 

Ordered that Francisco de Sosa Topaz Entertain'd a sould r . 

Rich". Hunt. Tho : Pitt. 

Hen : Davenport. W. Maktin. 

E0B t . EaWORIH. 

Tho : Frederick. 

Gulston Addison. 
Ship Eugene Cap*. Barrow Com r . arrived from Bengali. 
Ship Mary M r . Fleetwood Supra Cargoe arriv'd from Ditto. 
Ship President Cap*. Hopkins Com r . saild for Port S*. David. 
Ship Francis arrived in this road from Pegue. 
Ship Sweapsteaks Cap*. Hefiing arrived from BeDgall. 

At a Consultation 
Thomas Pur Esq*. Governor and President. 
"William Martin. Eobert Eawokth. 

Thomas Frederick. Gulston Addison. 

Kichard Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

"We being informed by M r . Cranwell who lately came hither for his health, that 
there are a sett Merch* 8 Consam Lingana &c a at Vizagapatarn who offer to undertake 
the Company's business, and bring in such Goods as they shall Direct before they 
receive any money. Tis therefore agreed that we write to the Cheif and Council of 
Vizagapatarn by the Ship now going that if the aforesaid Merchants will agree for a 
Contract of Twenty thousand Pagod s . to be finish'd by August next in Ordinary 
Longcloth, Sallampores and strip'd 13etteelaes that then they agree the same, and 
goe on with the money and the Amount of the Coppar now sent, and upon their 
advices we'l send them the remainder in Pagodas that soe they may not fail of 
paying for the Cloth as it comes in. 

Generall Letter from the Deputy Governour & Council of Fort S*. David dated 
10 Instant now read. 

Generall Letter from M r . Eobert Stoacks at Pegue dated 26 th January now 

M r . Richard Hunt Land Customer reads his Land Custom Account for the 
month of February last Viz*. 

Choultry Custom ... ... ... Pag 8 . 188 26 45 

Town Broakers ... ... ... 5 27 54 

Ruby Broakers ,.. ... ... 6 24 78 

Eegistring Slaves ... ... ... ... Jo' 

Pa 201 23 17 

Henry Davenport Storekeeper reads his storekeep rs Account for the month of 

narv Inst. 

February last 

Tho. Pitt. 
W. Martin. 
Bob 1 . Eaworth. 
Tho. Frederick. 
Gulston Addison. 
Eich". Hunt. 
Hen. Davenport. 



34 Records of Fort St. George 


11 th . Ship Eugene Cap'. Barrow Comand r . arrived in this Road from Bengali. 

15. Ship Ganjam Galley belonging to M r . Hastings arrived from Vizagapata 

16. Sloop Rebecca arrived in this Koad from Bengali. 

17. Ship Maddapollam arrived here from Pegue. 

18. Ship Hassare Salamut arrived from Tenassere. 

At a Consultation 

Sattueday Thomas Pitt Esa R . Govern*, and President. 

19 th . William Martin. Robert Ra worth. 

Thomas Frederick. Gulston Addison. 

Richard Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

The Southerly winds being j'sett in and the Currant runing strong to the 
Northward, and no probability of a slatch to carry the President to Fort S'. David, 
Agreed that an order be sent to the Comander to returne again into this Road he 
having got but a little farther then Covelong : Ordered that so soon as she arrives 
she be got ready for to go to Bencoolen, and on her to Load what stores they writt 
for, and has not been sent them from Bengali on the Northumberland. 

The Gentlemen of Council in Bengali advises us that they shall dispatch one 
of their Europe Ships hither with stores &c a we sent for, Agreed that we dispatch 
Ship Stretham thither the middle of next week with what Rupees can be got ready 
by that time, and the remainder of the Rupees to be sent down upon such Ship of 
the Companys that shall come hither. 

Provissions being much cheaper in Bengali then here, and that there can be as 
much bought for a Rupee as here for a Pagoda, and finding it absolutely necessary 
for the security of this place, that we yearly salt up Provissions for the Garrison, 
Tis agreed that we write to the Council of Bengali to order their Steward, or such 
other Person they think proper to putt up a fatting thirty young Oxen and three 
hundred Barrow Hoggs the begining of September, to be kild the begining of Decem- 
ber, that great care be taken in packing and salting of it, and to be sent up with all 
expedition on y e Companys Shiping, and this to be a standing Rule for every year. 

Peter de Pomar Arrack Farmer pays into the R* Hon ble United Companys Cash 
Thirteen hundred Pagod 3 . and acquaint us he had seven hundred Pag 8 , more in 
Doodas, for which they Generally sell the Arrack, Tis agreed that the same be 
received into Cash, and lodged with the Warehousekeeper for to be disposed of 10 
to the Paymasf. as he shall have occasion. 

Ponagetta Narso &c a Tobacco and Beetle farmer pays into Cash Pag 8 . 583 : 12 : 
on that Account. 

M r . Robert Raworth Warehousekeeper pays into Cash the sum of seven 
thousand Pagod 8 . on Account Silver sold. 

Order'd that the Steward buys up some salt Provissions lately come from 

Agreed that One thousand Pagod 8 . be advanced M r . Gulston Addison Pay- 
master to defray Charges Garrison. 

Rich". Hunt. Tho. Pitt. 

W. Martin. 
Rob t . Raworth. 
Tho. Frederick. 
Gulston Addison. 
21. Ship Queen arrived here from Vizagapatam. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 


At a Consultation 


Thomas Pitt Esq,'. Govern 8 . & President. Thtthadat 

"William Martin. .Robert Raworth. 24 t *. 

Thomas Fredebick. Gulston Addison. 

Eiohard Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

M r . William Martin Late Sea Customer pay's into Cash One Thousand Pagod 8 . 
on Acco 4 . Sea Customs. 

Agreed that in persuant to the Companys orders we send to Bengali on Ship 
Stretham Three hundred Bales of Callieoes, 200. of Longeloth and 100. Sallampores, 
and ordered the Ware housekeeper Ships off the same. 

Ordered that the Following Goods and Stores be sent on Ship President to the 
West Coast, with 500 bags of Salt Petre or what more she can take in, observing 
the Companys orders in bagging of it ; and whereas they have wrott us for some 
Laskars, agreed that we ship 10. or 15 Supernumery to remain there. 

Bales 70 

Long cloth ordina 

Salt Petre 









Cordage 8 eoile. 

2 Hausers. 
12 pair Moors Slippers. 

M r . Thomas Frederick Sea Customer reads his sea Custom Account for the 
month of February last. 

Custom on Goods Imported and Exported this month. 4292- 22- 14 
Custom on Grain ... ... ... ... 2629- 34- 16 

Anchorage ... ... ... ... ... 75" 18 - 

2- 30 

M r . Richard Hunt reads the Journall Parcell of Aceo* 8 for the months of 
Decern*. & January. 

Cassia Lingapa, a Vizagapatam Merchant, discoursed this day with us about an 
Investment there, who promissed to returne answere thereto next Consultation day. 

Ordered the Warehousekeeper unloads all the Salt Petre now come on severall 
Vessells from Bengali. 

Ordered that Francisco Monteno Topaz be Entertain'd Souldier in this Garrison. 

Gulston Addison. 
Rich d . Hunt. 

Tho : Pitt. 
W. Martin. 
Rob t . Raworth. 
Tho: Frederick. 

Sloop S' John Baptist arrived here from Bengali. 
Ship Hopewell arrived from Bengali. 
Ship Tllahee saild for Bengali. 

36 Records of Fort St. George 


At a Consultation 
Wednes- Present 


SO 1 ". Thomas Pitt Esq*. Govern* & Peesident. 

William Maetin. Eobert Rawoeth. 
Thomas Frederick. Gulston Addison. 
Richaed Hunt. Heney Davenport. 

M r . Suply Surgeon at Fort S*. David having requested to lay down the Service, 
as not having [his health] 'tis agreed that M r . Mourton be Entertained in his Eoome, 
who is Surgeons mate of this Garrison. 

Agreed that Ten thousand Pagod. s be sent to Fort S*. David by Peons overland, 
and to accompany M r . Mourton thither. 

There having been great complaints formerly for the want of Bricks, by reason 
it was y e practice of this place that the paymaster has had the sole making of them, 
but some people desireing they may have the liberty making their own bricks which 
being a request soe reasonable and common that the Governour gave leave for it some 
years past, which leave they having notoriously abused by lessening the brick a 
quarter part, and not making them half so good, besides obliging the buyer to pay 
the carriage, which before they did not, which is so great a prejudice to the Publick 
that it is agreed this day in Consultation that none shall presume to make any bricks 
within our presincks, but the Paymaster who is obliged to furnish all the Inhabitants 
as formerly, keeping up to the Ancient size, and to deliver them without charge of 
carriage to the English only. 

M r . Robert Raworth Warehousekeeper pay's into Cash the sum of Twenty one 
thousand Pag. 8 Account Silver sold. 

Agreed that Simon Kilpatrick and Lewis Malick have the Wine Licence for five 
years at Two hundred PagocL 3 & annum to comence from the 25 th Instant. 

Ordered that the Gunner, Chief Carpenter and Bricklayer do put a value on the 
Arrack house. 

The following Letters received were now read. 

ffrom the Deputy Gov. r and Council of Fort 8*. David 23 d In'. 
From the Chief and Council of Vizagapat. m 25 th Feb. ry 
ffrom Bengali the 22 d February 170-j; 

Cassia Lingana was this day again before us, about making an Investment at 
Vizagapatam but came to noe conclusion. 

Agreed that Fifteen hundred Pagod 8 . be advanced M r . Gulston Addison Pay- 
master to defray Charges Garrison. 

W. Maetin. 
Eob t : Rawoeth. 
Tho : Fbederiok. 
Gulston Addison. 
Eich d . Hunt. 
Hen: Davenport. 
Apsil 2 Sbip Stretham Cap* Gough saild for Bengali. 

_ Ship Morning Star saild for Ditto. 

8 Ship Kesolution saild for Pegue. 

_ Ship ffrancis saild for Ditto. 

Ship Eugene saild for Bengali. 

Ship Chindadree arrived from Pegue. 

Ship Moosahee arrived from Pegue. 

Ship Pegu Ras8an arrived from Tenasserre- 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 



Sloop Pata Mooraad arrived from Teuasserre. 

Sloop fiuerdamane arrived from Negapatam. 

Ship Shering Marry arrived from Pegue. 

Ship 8*. Pedro arrived from Pegue. 

Ship lelatmy arrived from Dit'o. 

Ship Good Fortune arrived from Pegue. 

Ship Donna Latchmy from Ditto. 

Sloop Rebecca saild for Hengall. 

Ship Kamaswarme arrived from Pegue. 

Sloop Yerdamoue saild for Negapatam. 

Danes Sloop arrived from Trincombar. 

Ship S ta Maria arrived from Ganjam. 

Ship Hopewell saild for Bengali. 



At a Consultation 

Thomas Pitt Esq*. Govern*, and Presid t 
William Martin. Eobert Baworth. 

Thomas Frederick. Gulston Addison. 
Eichard Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

Thomas Pitt Esq r President reads his Account of the R* Hon ble United Com- 
panys Cash for the month of March last JJallance being Pagod 8 . [Lacuna'] 

Thomas Pitt Esq r Mintmaster reads his Mint Acco*. for the month of March 
last, and pays into Cash the sum of nineteen Pagod 8 . 13 fas for Custom on Gold coin'd, 
and farther pay's to the Warehousekeeper 765 Eup 3 12 ans for Custom on Silver 

The Companys Ship President being bound to the West Coast, and here having 
been some overtures made by Letters from Atcheen to Invite us to resettle the Trade, 
the Loss of which is a great prejudice to the Custom of this Port, and in time will 
tend to the lessening the coine of this Place, Tis therefore agreed that she calls in 
her way thither and puts M r . Dilton a shore, if he likes his reception otherwayes 'tis 
agreed that he proceeds upon her to the West Coast, and not to stay in Atcheen road 
above three days ; Tis also left to the discretion of the Comand r . as he finds the winds 
hang to goe directly thence to Bencoolen, or goe by way of Malacca, and Jehore and 
Battavia, and to call at Jehore to give his assistance to a Ship of this Port that is 
there embarsed with the Government if it done without loss of time. 

Ordered that Twelve Topaz Souldiers be sent to the West Coast on Ship Presi- 
dent, and that the Paymaster advance them two months Pay. 

Letter to the Govern r and Council of York Fort read. 

Ordered that the Warehousekeeper, M r . Frederick and Addison state the Sea 
Damage of y e Broadcloth the Merchants complain of, and report y 6 same to this 

M r . Eich d Hunt Land Customer reads his Land Custom 
March last Viz t . 

Choultry Custom ... 
Kubie Brokers 
Town Brokers 
Kegistring Slaves 

12 th . 


i Acco 

* for the month of 














and pays into Cash Two hundred Pagod'. on that Account. 

38 Records of Fori St. George 


Ordered that the Warehousekeep 1 ' forthwith adjust all Accounts with the Com- 
panys Mercb* 8 , that soe they may be brought into the present Generall Bookes that 
end the last of this month, and for the future they be adjusted monthly and lay'd 
before this Board that soe they may be Entered upon the Generall Bookes. 

Tho : Pitt. 
W. Martin. 
Rob*. Baworth. 
Tho : Frederick. 
Gulsion Addison. 
Bich d . Hunt. 

13 Ship China Chindadre arrived in this Road from Beng u . 

17 Rising Suu arrived here from Fort S*. David. 

— Ship President Cap* Hopkins com r sailed for Bencoolen. 
Ship Patasalamut arrived in this Road from Surat. 

18 Ship Dolben Cap* Butcher arrived from Suratt. 

At a Consultation 
TH 2P° AY Thomas Pitt Esq/- Govern'. & President. 

William Martin. Robert Raworth. 

Thomas Frederick. Gulston Addison. 

Richard Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

M r . Gulsion Addison pays into the R*. Hon ble United Companys Cash the sum 
of Three thousand four hundred thirty nine Pagod 9 for freight & Demorage Ship 
President to Tonqueen. 

The Warehousekeep 1 ". &e a . delivers in the report of the Damage Broadcloth the 
Merchants complain of amounting to Pagod 8 59-18 w ch Damage did not appear till 
the cloth came to be opened. 

M r . Thomas ffrederick Sea Customer pays into Cash the sum of one thousand 
Pagod 3 . on Acco* Sea Customs. 

M r . Gulston Addison Paymaster reads his Paymasters Account for the month of 
March last Viz*. 

Charges Garrison 
Dyet and Allowances ... 
Stores ... 
Charges Generall 
fEortifications & repairs 
Charges Cattle 
Charges Extraordinary 
Ship President 

Agreed that One thousand five hundred Pagod s . be advanced him to defray 
Charges Garrison. 

M r . Richard Hunt late Storekeeper pays into Cash Pagod 8 . 58. 25. 65 being the 
Ballance of his Storekeepers Account. 

Henry Davenport Storekeeper reads his Storekeepers Account for the month of 
March last. 

Ordered that the Storekeeper buys what Timber and Plank the Company have 
occasion for. 

... 1,201 




- 557 




... 221 






... 399 

ag s . 3,145 


Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 


The following Generall Letters received aud sent were all now read. 

ffrom the Deputy Gov r and Council of Fort S*. David dated the 11 th and 16* h 

ffrom the Cheif and Council of Vizagapat™. dat d . 27 th March, 
ffrom M r . Noden at Metchlepatam dat d . 7 th April. 
To the Deputy Governour and Council of Fort S\ David y s . day. 
They wanting a Writer at Vizagapatam ordered that M r Joseph Hiller Jun r . 
goes thither. 

There being no Place within the Walls fitt to keep store of Firewood by, and as 
it now lyes in M 1 '. Greenhills ground its hourly in danger of taking fire ; Ordered y\ 
the Paymaster builds a convenient house for the same on the Island, he following the 
Governours directions therein. 

Ordered that Pagod s . [Lacuna] be pay'd to M 1 '. George Lewis being the Princi- 
pal! and Interest of a bond given him. 

Tho: Pitt. 
W. Martin. 
Eob t . Kaworth. 
Tho : Frederick. 
Gulston Addison. 
Eich d . Hunt. 

Ship Elizabeth arrived from Surat. 

Ship Unity Cap*. Allison arrived from Pegue. 

Ship Ganjam Gaily Cap*. Veal arrived from Vizagap™. 

Ship Idarce arrived from Pegue. 

Ship Hanover Cap*. Craddock arrived from Surat. 

Briggantine Elizabeth Cap*. Sanders from Callieut. 

At a Consultation 

Thomas Pitt EsoA Governour & President. Sattttbday 

William Martin. Korebt E a worth. 30 th . 

Thomas Frederick. Gulston Addison. 

Eichard Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

Cap*. Plumb delivers in a Petition against M r . Griffith complaining of great 
Injustices done him in Acoo tB . which has been a matter in dispute some years, to w oh 
answered we could give him no releif till he had tryed it in the Mayors Court and 
that he brought it before this board by way of appeal. 

M r . Griffith delivered in also a Petition wherein desired that he might be 
declared a Bankrupt according to the late Statute, upon which 'tis agreed that the 
Secretary returns him the following ans were : — 

That when his accounts appear soe fair aud honest as M r . Juxons that then 
he may expect the same favour as he mett with of being declared a Bankrupt. 

This day was read a Letter from the Governour & Council of Negapatam dated 
26 th Instant complaining of a Ship of this Port that had been to Load Pepper at 
Callicutt which Letter and our answere are as Entered after this Consultation 

Ordered the Warehousekeep 1 ' unload the Heme and Donegall as soon as they 
rive in this road, being hourly expected from Fort S*. David aud that he buys u P 
Three hundred Candy of redwood to send to Bengali on the afores d . Ships 


40 Records of Fort St. Georye 


This day the Gunner &c a . delivered in the valuation of the rack house and what 
belong'd thereto Amounting to Pagod". 387-19-40 w ch . is now agreed to be taken in 
as part of the Debt of Peter de Pornar, and to be charged to the Account of the New 

M r . Frederick Sea Customer reads his Account for the month of March last 
Viz 4 . 

Custom on Goods Imported and Exported this month. 7925 29 48 

Custom on Grain ... 260 32 44 

Anchorage ... ... ... ... ... 70 

Pag". 8256 26 12 

and pays into Cash One thousand Pag 8 on y* Acco'. 

Gruapau &c a Arrack Farmer pay's in the sum of Three hundred & Sixteen Pag s . 
on that Account. 

Ponagetto Narso &c a Tobacco and Beetle ffarmers pays into Cash Pag 8 . 583 : 

M r . "William Martin Late Sea Custom[erJ pay's into Cash Five hundred Pagod 8 . 
on y t Account. 

The following Generall Letters received we[re j all now read. 

Two Generall Letter3 from y R Council in Ben[ gal] dated 2 d and 3 March, 
ffrom Bombay dated 25 th February last, 
ffrom the Council of Suratt dat d 16 th Feb y . 
Agreed Fifteen hundred Pagod 3 . be advanced M r . Gulston Addison Paymasf. to 
defr[ayl Charges Garrison. 

The Accomptant producing the Acco* of last half years salary due to the Hon ble 
Company 8 ffactors of this place Amounting to P. 1292. 13 which is agreed to be 

Gulston Addison. Tho : Pitt. 

Bich d . Hunt. W. Martin. 

Bob 1 . Baworth. 
Tho : Frederick. 


The Hon bls Thomas Pitt Esa\ President 

and governour of fort s t . [george] 

and the Coast of Choromandell 

FOR [THE] K t . HoN BLE 

English East India. Company 
[and] Council there. 

Hon blb S E and Worthy Friknds, 

By Letters brought yesterday from Ceilone and Mallabarr, we are informed of 
the arrivall of an English Bottom at Callicut, named the Anna belonging in particular 
to the Hon ble Thomas Pitt, commanded by Captain Thomas Walton, which Ship did 
sail express from Madrass with order to take in round Pepper bought up there by our 
common enemy the French, and to deliver it to them at Pondichery, so that by Ship- 
ping off of those Goods of which they have lately made a publick reeeivall, we must 
acknowledge Hon ble S r that these tydings considering the firm allyance and good 
correspondence between the Crown of England and our Lords the High and mighty 
States Generall of the United Netherlands surprised us Extreamly and make us 
amazed for it cannot be unknown to your Hon r . of the trouble and great charges 
which has thus long been done and borne by the Netherland Company to shutt up 
the Harbours of y e !Suma[tra] and Mallabarr Coast, and so hinder our Enemys the 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 41 


Transportation of Pepper, and as the design of it has thus far succeeded that not only 
the enemys design of sailing on the said coast with some Ships that are idle ashore is 
hinderd but the navigation along the whole Mallabarr Coast is secured to the purpose 
for ours and your Hon 1 " 3 Bottoms, Now the French thro such an assistance of yo r 
Honours Will be allways in a condition to fetch away securely and Transport to them 
their Goods, and other wares from any place soever without any Lett or hindrance, by 
consequence thro' that way to make Illusive all our pains and devoirs to endammage 
and bring y m hindrance in the said Trade as open enemys. 

Be pleased then Hon ble S 1 ' to consider what such weighty and dangerous actions 
and indirect Trading may produce for us, we mean to be unanswerable for it, and to 
proceed against these doings, so much against all right and good meaning and tending 
to the prejudice of both our Nations, since we rannot do otherwise ; by this we show 
your Hon 1 ', under express witness that if the aforesaid case be thus, as we are advised 
of and they send us sufficient proof and Witness, we shall be obliged upon it to 
Protest against your Hon r . and all those that shall have any hand, or be Interested in 
this pernicious business, for them to answere all Damages and proceedings that may 
be the result of it, so that We shall enquire into it, in the meantime expect your 
Hon 1 ' 3 Dispatches, We are 

Hon ble S r . &c a . 
Negapatam Tour most faithfull Freinds and 

2 d May 1709. Obedient hum ble Serv ts . 

J : V. Steelant. 

P. V. BURG. 

Eobb t . Weik. 


H. Dela Have. 
Dr. Cloone. 
M. Bergerv. 
To the Hon bib Johannes Van Steelant, 


R T Hon ble Netherlands East India Company 

on the Coast of Choromandell 

and Govern 11 of Negapatam &c Council. 

Hon ble S B . &c a . 

We received the Hon 1 ' of yours of the 2" May S. N. wherein you have 
adventured to charge Thomas Pitt Governour of this place &c a owners of Ship Anne 
with Trading to your prejudice, and to the encouragement of our declared enemys 
y e ffrench which is not only inconsistent with their principles, but contrary to their 
intensions and inclinations. The Trade we drive in these parts is under the protection 
of the Crown of England, and by leave of our Company uncontroulable of all other 
Powers but to show our readiness to preserve an entire freindship with you suitable 
to the strict allyance between the two Nations, we give you here a true Accompt of 
the matter in dispute. 

The Ship Anne arrived here the latter end of January from Bengali when 
immediatly the owners of her put her up at the Sea Gate for a Voyage to the 
Mallabar Coast to Trade at Anjengo Callicut and Goa, & accordingly put such com- 
moditys as they thought proper for those markets, when in the meantime Collaway 
Chittee and his Brother Marra Chittee, who are concern'd with the Mallabar 
Merchants at Pondicherry offered a ffreight to the Owners of the aforesaid Ship 400 
Candy of Pepper, which was half the Loading of the Ship, which they readily 
accepted of, believing that the time would be short that she could stay on that Coast, 
she would not be able to get her full Loading for their own Accounts , now supposing 
this to be Pepper that the Prench had bought at Callicut, were they not a liberty to 
sell it again to the Natives, or to any Merchant that came there, and how was it 
possible to be prevent'd, and as we understand these black people that have freighted 

42 Records of Fort St. George 


it, receive it as part of a Debt to them, and that it comes on their risgoe, and till we 
now received your Letter, and the Command™, of our Ships continue the same, we 
never heard that you had any Ships that lay to guard that Coast, th6 last year we 
were informed that you were at Warrs with the Country People in order to engross 
the Pepper Trade, which if effected will be as an apparent damage to our Nation as 
that of Bantam &c a . 

The Spaniards are equally our enemys as y e French and yet their Vessells come 
frequently from Manilha to Battavia and. to Mallacca, which we thought never was 
our busyness to take notice of, beleiving that nor this to Callicutt is a prejudice to 
the Allyes one Pepper Corn, nor half as much to your Company. 

The ffrench have settlements in Bengali and Surat and can any of us with our 
utmost endeavours impede their Trade on the Shore, any more then you can at the 
place before in dispute. 

If your Hon r &c a thinks you have sufficient Grounds for a Protest you may 
send it when you please unto which can give you no other answere then what in 
this Paper, and for Governour Pitt he intends for England on the first Shipping, 
where he doubt not but he shall be able to justifye what relates to him, and the rest 
of the Owners of the Ship concerned in that Voyage, so wishing your Hon r &c a all 
health & properity we remain 

Hon b!e S r &c% 
Yo r most faithfull freinds 
and humble Servants 
Tort S t . Gkorge. Thomas Pur. 

Apkil 28 th . 1709. William Martin. 

robert raworth. 
Thomas Frederick. 
Gtjlston Addison. 
Eicharh Hunt. 
Henry Davenport. 

At a Consultation 

[May] Thomas Pitt Esa E . Govern r . and Prksident. 

Monday William Martin. Kob t . Raworth. 

2"- Thomas Frederick. Golston Addison. 

Richard Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

The Nabobs Letter to the Governour now read as also one to Ramapa, the purport 
being to thank the Governour for some Doggs he had sent him, & to acquaint him 
of a horse and Tashereef by the bearer which are as Entered in the Country Letter 
Book N°. [Laeuna.~] 

This day we had again under our consideration the affair of Vizagapatam and 
came to the following Resolution, that the Investments there should be equally 
divided between Buddain Narrain &c a Partners the old Merchants and Curra 
Lingana and his Partners and that they should both bring in their Goods according 
to the Companys order without having any money advanced to them, & if either of 
them fail in point of time or goodness of the Goods, the other to have the whole, or 
y e Amo*. of what Goods they can bring in ; And this to be signifyed to the Cheif and 
Council there, and strictly enjoyned to Act accordingly. 

It being generally reported that the Rajahs Pygroe and Aunteraaz near Vizaga- 
patam who are considerably Indebted to the late M 1 '. Holcombe that they are willing 
to come to a fair adjustment of A ccounts, and pay the Ballance ; Tis therefore Agreed 

Diary and Consultation Booh, 1709 43 


that the Governour here writes them a Lett 1 ', to incite them thereto, and that we 
order tbe Cheif and Council there to send their Mulla, Braminy Juggapa, Curva 
Lingana, or some of his Partners to assist in finishing the same, that soe we may get 
in where withall to pay the Company s Debt and that to Nabob ffuckerlee Cawn, 
which if not pay'd may one time or other be of ill consequence to the Companys 

M 1 '. Robert Eaworth Warehousekeep r . reads his Warehouse Account for the 
month of March last and pays into Cash Ten thousand Pagod 8 . on Aoco f . Silver and 
Goods sold. 

M r . Hnnt reads the Journall parcells of Acco' 8 . for the month of February last. 

Peter de Pomar &c\ Arrack Farmers pay's into Cash Nine hundred and twelve 
Pag s „ 18 on that Account. 

Peter de Pomarr &e a pays into Cash Four hundred Pagod 8 . for two years Wine 

Agreed that 1 Bale Scarlet 3 Bales Aurora be delivered to Collaway and 
Vinkettee Chittee and that M*. Addison has sixty peices Ord ry . Broadcloth to send to 
Pegue, and to pay for the same as the Merchants who boug*. the whole quantity. 

Tho. Pitt. 

W. Martin. 

Eob t . Kaworth. 

Tho. Frederick. 

Gulston Addison. 

Rich" . Hunt. 
Ship Mahomud Bux saild for Pegue. 4. 

Ship Heme Cap*. Lawe arrived from Bengali. 5. 

Ship Donegall Cap*. Cliff from Ditto. 

Ship Anne Cap*. Walton from Callieut. 6. 

Ship United saild for Pegue. n m 

Ship S ta . Maria saild for Mococo. 12. 

At a Consultation 
Thomas Pitt Esa E . Govern*, and President Friday 

William Martin. Robert Raworth. 1 * ih * 

Thomas Frederick. Gulsion Addison. 

Richard Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

Thomas Pitt Esq r . President reads his Account of the Rt. Honble United Com- 
panys Cash for the month of April last Ballance being Pag 8 . \_Lacuna.~] 

Thomas Pitt Esq 1 ", as Mintmaster reads his Mint Account for the month of April 
last, and pay's into Cash Two hundred thirty five Pagod 8 . J 1 fas for Custom on Gold 
coined, and farther pay's to the Warehousekeep 1 '. 669 Rupees for Custom on Silver 

M r . Frederick Sea Customer pay's into Cash One Thousand Pagod 8 . on that 

Agreed that Ten thousand Pagod 8 . be sent by Peons overland to Fort S 4 . David. 

The New Arrack Farmers Petition read complaining against Peter de Pomar, 
which is referred to the Justices of the Choultry to Examine into y e premises of the 
Petition and report the same. 

M r . Richard Hunt reads the Journall Parcells of Accounts for the month of 
March last. 

M r Richard Hunt Land Customer reads his Land Custom Account for the month 
of April last, and pays into Cash Five hundred Pagod 8 . on that Account. 

44 Records of Fort St. George 


Henry Davenport Storekeepeer reads his Storekeepers Account for the month of 
April last. 

Peter Young Blood Gunners Mate delivers in a Petition requesting a consider- 
ation for serving on board the Companys Vessells to and from their severall 
settlements, Agreed that the said Petition be referred to M r . Addisou Paymast r . to do- 
that which is just and reasonable therein. 

Agreed with Collaway and Vinkettee Chittees for Two thousand peices of 
Betteelaes of 24 Coveds long by the Muster of the Oringall Betteelaes of Pa 60 & 
Corge which they are to be sorted by and each Number as folio wes Viz 4 . 
N : 1 at Pagod 8 . 45 °$ Corge. 

2 at Pagod 8 . 41-9 ^ Corge. 

3 at Pagod 8 . 37.18 %> Corge. 

Tho. Pitt. 
W. Martin. 
Rob t . Raworth. 
Tho. Frederick. 
Gulston Addison. 
Rich d . Hunt. 

13. Ship Tonqueen Merchant Cap*. Greenhaugh Comand r . saild for Tonqueen. 

14. Ship Queen Anne saild for Bengali. 

15 Ship Kent Cap 4 . Edward Harrison Com 1 ', arrived from China. 
Ship Legebar saild for Bengali. 

— Ship Mary Cap 4 Oaldham Corn 1 " saild for Bengali. 

16. Ship Maremaid Cap'. Brock Com r arrived from Batt[avia]. 

— Ship Pangallee arrived in this road from Surat. 

— Ship Salamot Savauhee arrived from Porto Novo. 

19. Sloop Peet Galleen arrived in the Road from Callicut. 

20. Ship Harriote Cap 4 Moss arrived from Surat. 

Sloop Darling Cap 4 Hart from Cuddalore. 

20. Ship Industry from Cuddalore. 

— Ship S 4 David Cap* Meverell Comand 1 ' arrived in this Road from Pegue. 


At a Consultation 
Thomas Pitt Esq . Govern 8 & Presidekt. 
Battueday William Martin. Robert Roworth. 

Thomas Frederick. Gulston .Addison. 

Richakd Hum'. Henry Davenport. 

This day the Governour produced a Letter he had rec d . from Zoodee Cawn Lord 
High Steward of King Shaw A Hums Household which was now read with his answere 
thereto, and are as Entered after this Consultation. 

M r Thomas ffrederick Sea Customer reads his Sea Custom Account for the 
month of April last Viz*. 

Choultry Custom 
Rubie Brokers 
Town Brokers 


13 . 





8 . 




Grass Cutters 
Registring Slaves 

Pag 8 . 878. 2. 3. 
and pays into the R* Hon ble United Companys Cash One Thousand Pagod 8 . on that 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 45 


Agreed that Ten thousand Fagod 8 . be sent to Vizagapatam and that the Donnegall 

calls there to put it ashore. 

M r Bobert Raworth Warehousekeepe r reads his Warehouse Account for the 

month of April last. 

M r Gulstou Addison Paymaster reads his Paymast r8 . Account for the month of 

April last Viz'. 

Charges Garrison Pag s . 1185. 9. 

Dyet and allowances ... ... ... 312. 84, 

Stores . - 72. *4. 

West Coast 104. — 

Charges Generall 328. 34 

Fortifications and repairs ... ... ... 240. 26 

Charges Cattle 179. 8 

Charges Extraor dinary ... ... ... 21. 33 

Forts' David 9. 17 

Pag 8 . 2454. 31 

Agreed that Fifteen hundred Fagod'. be advanced him to defray Charges 

Generall Letter to the Deputy Governour & Council of Fort S* David dated y s 
day read and approved. 

Tho : Pitt. 

W. Maktin. 

Kob t . KawORTH. 


Gulstost Addison. 



Loed High Steward 

of King Shaw Allums Household 

T received your severall Letters about y e Present and some other business, which 
I observe. 

I am still endeavouring to settle your affairs, which I hope by the Grace of God ^Vtw 
to doe according to your desire for I assure you that you increase daily in the Kings 
favour, as also in Cawn Canauns and Cawn Bahaudirs ; In two or three days will 
dispatch your peons, and send Gusbaudars with the Kings order to all the Governours 
to Metchlepatam and your Place and the King has ordered Cawn Canaun to write 
strictly to all the Subadars &e a to be assistant in gaining your people a safe passage 
to the Camp. 

The Princes Duan Mautummida Cawn has acquainted me that he was sending 
Meer Mahomud Caujim to Chinapatam to procure severall things to whom I desire 
you would please to give your countenance and assistance, which wiLl oblige him to 
recommend your Honour on his returne to the Friuces, which will be a means to 
preserve their favour, pray advise me always of your health & prosperity. 

to his exceli/ zoodke cawn 

Lord High Steward of King Shaw Allums Household 
May 19 th . 1709. 

I received the Hon r of your Perwanua two day's agoe, and cannot but rejoyce 
at the contents, as being blest with the Kings Eoyall favours, as also that of the two 
Grand Viziers, and the Honour you doe me of the continuance of your friendship, 
and as it is our Duty, so it shall be our great care and diligence not to do any thing 
y'. may forfeit the least title of it. 

46' Records of Fort St. George 


Twas a great misfortune to us that the King returned so Buddainly from Gul- 
condah where with greater probability we could have waited on him, then at the 
great distance we hear his Majesty now is, at Oringabad, for that the dearness of 
Provissions & sickness of the Camp so intimidated all cooleys, Pallaukeen boys &c a 
Servants that they run all away just as we were ready to sett out, and if the Gus- 
baudars come as you mention in your Letter, we shall be forced to deliver the 
Present to them to bring it to your Excellency, and leave it entirely to your disposall, 
for that the great distance and what before mentioned has scar'd all our people from 
coming with it. 

We extreamly stand in need of the blessing of his Majestys lioyall Phirmaund 
throughout his Dominions, that our business may goe on according to Sallabad more 
particularly in Bengali, where all stands still for want of it, and our Ships that are 
just now returned from Surat, bring such complaints of injustices of that Port that 
'tis intolierable, soe earnestly beg that your Kxcelleucy will hasten the blessing to us, 
without which there's no remedy, and we can't be ungratef ull for it. 

My two Peons are returned who tell me that yo r Excellency will Honour us 
with an answere by the four peons that remains with you, and you say the same in 
your Letter. 

Mulla Abdull Fussill is arrived here who brought me the Honour of the Rovall 
Vest procured by your favour for which I humbly thank you, I received it with all 
duty and respect, and shall assist Abdull Fussill in whatever he desires of me. 

I have also seen Meer Mahomud Caujim whom I shall also serve to the utmost 
of my power. 

Mulla Abdulla Fussill deliver'd me your Excellencys noble Present according 
to List, for which I not only return my hearty thanks but humbly beg that you'l 
give me an opportunity to acknowledge them, by honouring me with your comands 
that soe I may know w* would be most Acceptable. 

We heartily pray for the long and happy reign of the great King Shaw Alluin, 
long life and prosperity to the great Cawn Canaun and Cawn Bahadar, the same to 
our Hon ble freind Zoodee Cawn, and that he may be always blest with the favour of 
his great King and the friendship of all others. 

22. Ship Ganjam Gaily saild out of this road for Gan jam. 

23. Sloop Pondicherry arrived in this road from Trincombar. 

At a Consultation 

Thomas Pitt Esq. Govern" and Presid 1 . 
Thursday William Martin. Robert Ea worth. 

26 th . Thomas Frederick. Gulston Aodison. 

Kichard Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

M r Abendana the Diamond Merchant being lately dead, the Governour produced 
the Copy of his Will this day in Consultation, and whereas he is mentioned a 
Trustee, and in his absence the Governour and Council for the time being, and he 
resolving to take his passage on Ship Kent for England, Renounces having anything 
to do in it in his particular capacity, th6 willing to Act as Governour with the 
Council during his stay, in order to see that his Creditors in England have justice 
done them. beJeiviug that he has great dealings and Accounts that remain unadjust- 
ed. Tis therefore resolved that the Secretary acquaints M rs Abendana that as the 
Governour had advised her to produce her husbands Will and prove the same in the 
May rs . Court, which she had done, that now the Governour and Council thought it 
reasonable and just that four Persons should be nominated, two by the Governour 
and Council and two by herself (as not being able to write nor read) to peruse all 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 47 


his Bookes and Papers, and out of them to make a calculate of his Debts and Credits, 
and then afterwards she to give an Inventory of the Estate upon Oath to be Re- 
gistred in the Court, when also to give security to pay his Debts and perform the 
Will, upon failure of which the Governour and Council will Issue out their orders 
that noe money be pay'd her. 

This day the Governour produced in Consultation a Protest from the Governour 
and Council of Negapatam persuant to a Letter they wrott us as Ent d . after our Con- 
sultation of the 30 th of April, w ch . Protest is as Entered after this. 

This day was read a Letter from the Governour of Cochin relating to an affair 
between Cap 1 Hamilton and M r . Maxwell, Translate of which Letter is Kntered in 
the Copy Booke of Letters Received N°. [Lacuna] the purport of which is a complaint 
against the Governour and Council decideing a matter between the abovesaid Persons, 
which we know nothing of for that it was decided by Arbitrators of their own choos- 
ing, who we now hear were all unanimous in their award, but one thing is very 
remarkable in the Letter the Commodore saying that Mallapa is their Cheif Merchant 
(who to all people is known to be the Villain that supported the Pyrats on that Coast) 
■who will make reprisall on our Ships if we doe not answere his demands. 

Ponagetto Narso &c a Tobacco and Beetle ffarmers pays into Cash Five hundred 
eighty three Pagodas twelve fanams on that Account. 

Tho : Pitt. 
W. Martin. 
Rob t . Ra worth. 
Gulston Addison. 
RiCH d . Hunt. 
To th e HoN BtB Thomas Pitt Esq®. 
President for Affairs of the 
R' Hon bi,b English East India Company on the 
Coast of Choromandell and Governour of 
Fort S' George &c a Council. 

Hon ble . S r &c a . 

Your Honours Letter dated April the 28 th 0. S. was brought us in due time 
written in answer to what we wrote your Hon r in ours of the second of May N. S. 
concerning the Employ of the English Ship named the Anna belonging to the parti- 
cular the Hon ble Thomas Pitt that was not long agoe at Callicutt, and who was 
designd to fetch from the said Callicutt the round Pepper which the FreDch our com- 
mon Enemy had made provission of there. 

Touching which have received since information of from the Mallabarr Coast by 
way of Ceilone, so that we are at present fully assured by clear, and evident signs 
and convincing proofs that this Ship saild expressly from Madrass for the aforesaid 

The Servants of our Enemys have publickly put their Pepper aboard her, as we 
were informed by our first advices from thence. 

And after inquiry made about this business on this Coast, we have also received 
for certain that the self same Vessell Loaden with Pepper is arrived at Pondicherrv 
Dear and between our residence of Conimeer and Tegnepatam scarse three leagues 
from each other ; and there have openly taken out that Loading, to witt, the Enemys 
aforesaid Pepper whose Navigation that bass been thus long hindred by the Nether- 
lands Company with so much trouble and prodigious charges, they have agaiu securely 
got by means of your Honours assistance, so that our Euemys have the use of more 
Bottoms ; however under the name of being freighted by Inland Merch' 3 as may be 
not wholy unknown to your Hon r . 

But your Hon r seems to justifye your measures by sundry reasons the princi- 
pallest of which are no ways applicable to the present case being well looked into ; 
For thev should confute and make appear to the contrary, But the thing is quite 

48 Records of Fort St. George 



otherwise then what your Hon r demonstrates, wherefore we think it not needfull to 
mention any farther of it, for it is no ways our intentions to Enter into any dispute 
with your Hon r . about it, but only to stand upon the wrong and prejudice done to 
our Masters by the aforesaid means, especially in respect of their good desigu and 
well meant consideration in shutting up the Harbours of the Sammoryn, to give the 
French as Com;r.on Eneinys all manner of hindrance in their Trade, but which now 
by the assistance lent them by your Hou r is not only rendred ineffectuall but also 
occasion given to the haughty enemy publickly to deride our devoir and studyes to 
their prejudice now rendred fruitless. .Now as your Hon rs desired allegations are 
nothing to the purpose in the proceeding of this deceitfull and indirect dealing, We 
declare these proceedings to be contrary to all right and justice and not at all agree- 
ing with the near alliance & coufederaship between the Crown of England & our 
Sovereign Lords the high and mighty States Generall of the United Netherlands, as 
will in it self as in regard of the dangerous consequences may attend it, obliges us, as 
by our aforementioned Letter of the Z d . of May in which is made a provissionary 
preparation ; soe now also in behalf of the Generall and permitted of Netherlands 
East India Comp a our Masters to Protest in the most povverfullest manner against 
your Hon r in Company, and in particular against the Hon b,e Thomas Pitt (iovernour 
as y e Cheif owner of the aforementioned Ship Anne, as well as all others that have 
any hand in this pernicious busyness, or have any Interest in it, and we do expressly 
Protest by these presents in damages & injuryes, so and in such manner as our afore- 
said Masters in due time may find good and approve of, for y e maintaining their True 
and undoubted right, leaving all further breaches and misfortunes that may be the 
result of it, with the Cost Damages & Interest already and yet to make for the 
Account, & answering of your Hon r . and all whom it may concerne. 

In the Town of Negapatnam on the 

Coast of Choromandell May the 30 ih 1709. 

Ship Ganjamvarree arrived here from Surat. 
Briggantine Elizabeth Cap' Sanders saild for Bengali. 
Ship Industry saild for Bengali. 
Sloop SampadreuSampanew arrived from Maldevas. 

At a Consultation 


Thomas Pitt Esq*. Govern*. & Pbesident. 
William Martin. Robert Raworth. 

Thomas Frederick. Gulston Addison. 
Richard Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

Agreed that the Kent goes to Bengali with all expedition, and that the Ware- 
housekeeper loads on her Three hundred Bales of Ordinary Longcloth & Sallampores, 
with her Charterparty of Redwood, and one hundred Candy for Bengali. 

Cap' Harrison this day delivered in a Paper requesting as we had ordered him 
for Bengali, that we would permitt him to Land what Goods he had brought with 
him from China and designed for England, and relade the same on his returne hither 
Custom free : Agreed the same be granted him he giving an exact Account to the 
Sea Customer, who is to see the same reshipt, or to pay Custom for what he shall 
dispose of here. 

Ordered that the Warehousekeep r Loads Fourty two Chests of Rupees on the 
Heme being what remaining in the Godown, and that he also Loads Ten thousand 
Pagoda 8 , on the Donegall for Yizagapatam. 

Generall Letter to the Council for the United affairs in the Bay of Bengali dated 
this day now read & approv'd. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 



Agreed Fifteen hundred Pagod 8 . be advanced M r Gulst". Addison Paymaster 
to defray Charges Garrison. 

M r . Thomas Frederick Sea Customer pay's into Cash one thousand Pagod s . on 
Account Sea Custom. 

Ponagetto Narso &c a Tobacco and beetle ffarmers pajs into Cash Pagod 8 . 5S3. 
12 fa . on that Account. 

* Gruapa &c a Arrack ffarmers pay's into Cash Pa. 316. 24 on that Account. 

Tho : Pitt. 
W : Martin. 


Gulston Addison. 
Rich b . Hunt. 

To the Honour bie Thomas Pitt Esq, 8 . 
Governour fee* Council. 

Having provided severall Goods in China for England which are now on board 
the Ship Kent under my Command, I am unwilling to run a needless risque of them 
to Bengali, and therefore pray the favour of leaving them here without paying the 
Customs, obliging myself to take them aboard at my returne to fill up for England 
I am 

Hon ble &c a 
Mat the 30 th 1709. To r most hum ble Serv'. 

E. Harrison. 

The Maddapollam Yatch arrived from Fort S'. David. 

2 D . 

At a Consultation 


Thomas Pitt Esq,*. Govern", and Pbesident. 
William Martin. Eobert Ea worth. 

Thomas Frederick. Gulston Addison. 
Eichard Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

By a Ship lately arrived at S'. Thoma from Atcheen the Governour received 
a Letter from the King, Translate of which was now read, and is as Entered after 
this Consultation. 

The Nabob Dowed Cawn having wrott the Gov r . a Letter, wherein he requests 
thirty Candy of Powder and one hundred maund of Lead, and to send him an 
European for a Gunner, and what advanced him for his charges, all which to be 
deducted out of the Annuall Rent. Agreed that there be advanced 30 Pa°-od s . to 
Eichard Gowman who goes Gunner. 

Ordered that the ~Warehousekeep r delivers y e Storekeep r . ffifty Candv Salt Petre 
to refine for powder. 

The ffollowing Letters read. 

To the Cheif and Council of Vizagapatam 

To the United Council in Bengali 

Dispatches to the Comand r . of Ships Heme & Donegall all dated this day now 

read and approved. 
Letter from Fort S\ David dated 31 st May 
M r Hunt reads y e Journall Parcells of Acco t3 for April. 

3 d . 

50 Records of Fort St. George 


Ordered that David Christian be Entertain'd of y c Gun™ Crew. 

Tho : Pitt. 
Gulston Addison. W. Martin. 

Rich d . Hunt. Rob t . Raworth. 

From Purecau Shaw Aullum 
King of Atcheen 

Rec d . 2 d June 1709 

I take this opportunity of writing you on Wallidar Cawns Ship to advice that 
by y e Grace of God I am in possession of all the Atcheen Country excepting one City 
which I donH doubt if you'l give me your assistance to subdue and make them pay 
due obedience to my orders, which I shall always esteem as an instance of your 
Freindship, and w' charge you will be at shall thankfully repay, and likewise make 
acknowledgements for y r . trouble, and confirm the priviledges of your Factory here as 
formerly in Granting you free from Custom, three Ships one from your Place, one 
from Bengali and one from Surat, pray observe this well & follow my desires therein, 
when you shall never want my favour. 
5. Sloop Aumoross arrived in this road from Trincomb r . 

7. Ship Heme Cap'. Lane Cotnand r . saild for Bengali. 

Ship Donegall Cap'. Cliff e Comand r . saild for Vizagap m . and Bengali. 

Ship S'. Joan saild out of this road for Bengali. 

Sloop S* Peter S' Paul saild out of this Road for Ditto. 

At a Consultation 
Saturday Thomas Pitt Esq,*. Govern*. & PresidexVT. 

11 **' Willtam Martin. Egbert Raworth. 

Thomas Frederick. Gulston Addison. 
Richakd Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

Thomas Pitt Escf. President reads his Acco' of the R' Hon ble United Companys 
Cash for the month of May. 

Thomas Pitt Esq r Mintrnaster reads his Mint Acco' for the month of May last, 
and pays icto the Comp s Cash Three hundred and three Pagod s . 22. 40. for Custom 
on Gold coin'd, and farther pays to the Warehousekeep 1 '. 806 Rupees for Custom on 
Silver coin'd. 

M r Gulston Addison Paymaster reads his Paymasters Account for the month of 
May last Viz'. 

Charges Garrison 

Dyett and Allowances 


Charges Generall 

West Coast 

Fortifications and repairs 

Ship President 

Charges Cattle 

Charges Extraordinary 

Pa. 2637. - 
Agreed that M r Berlue returnes forthwith to Fort S'. David as also the Dubash 

that came with him, and that Sixteen European Centinalls be sent on y e Vessell for 

that place. 

The Council in Bengali having strangely surprized us in a clause of their Letter 

bis day read concerning our not send 6 , down the Mountegues Broadcloth, and that 

the Company would suffer thereby at least Fifteen hundred Pound Sterling, besides 



















Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 51 


Loosing the opportunity of putting off a quantity of Lead, so to clear ourselves of 
the charge we referr the Comp a to the following Clauses in our Generall Letters to 
y m . Viz'. 

Letter Dated 25 th February 170f 

" We should have been very glad if you had detaind all the Broadcloth, for 
" at the price you sell it, is considerable more then what we can here. 

Letter Dated 5 th October 1708. 

" We having now no hopes of any ships from England, yet don't know what designed 
" for this Port coming late upon the Coast may goe directly to yours, if soe pray 
" returne up to us what stores they bring for us, unless you can put off any to 
" considerable advantage, but be sure to send five or Six Tons of Iron and part of 
" the steel, for the Broadcloth it will sell well here, tho' if you meet with an extra- 
" ordinary Proffer you had best dispose of it too one hundred Bales, and that must 
" consist in Scarlet, Auroras, ordinary Beds & Green .which we shall want for 
" Presents, and if you c;m spare us any thing else that will serve for such occasions 
" we shall thank you for it." 

To which we never had a word of answere, or anything mentioned in their Letter 
of Broadcloth till this days Letter, but as it happens our Merchants who bought the 
Broadcloth being willing to part with One hundred and twenty Bales at the price 
they gave for it ; Tis agreed that we accept thereof, and take fforty or fifty Bales of 
those we kept for Presents, and send them upon the Kent, and that the Warehouse- 
keeper Mess". Frederick and Addison view the Cloth from the Merchants to see 
whether they have not cul'd out the best and left y e worst. 

The Governour this day produced a Letter he had received from 8* Thoma from 
a Dominican Fryer there, with copy of a Letter from the Capuchins of this Church 
to the said Padre the purport being about an order he had lately received from the 
Patriock in China, who formerly gave the Capuchins trouble here, which he had now 
revived by renewing his Excommunication, and forbids absolution without the severe 
Penance of carrying a Cross from this Church to S* Thomas' Mount &c a and this is 
inflicted ou them for following y e orders of tbe Government, upon which the 
Governour issued out orders to search all Padres that should come within our Limits, 
and to refuse them admittance & prohibited the Padres of this Church to Publish any 
Paper in their Church from the Patriock, upon penalty of being expelled this City. 

M r Francis Mollineux gave the Governour formerly a Petition desireing leave 
to lay down the Companys Service, which he deferred delivering, adviseing him to 
consider well of the same, but this day renewing his request by a Paper, the same 
was granted him, and both are as Entered after this Consultation. 

M r Richard Hunt Land Customer reads his Land Custom Account for May 

Choultry Custom 
Ruby Brokers ... 
Town Broakers ... 
Grass Cutters ... 
Registring Slaves 

The ffollowing Letters received were all now read. 
From the Council in Bengali dat d . 3 d April 1709. 
ffrom Vizagapatam 22 d May 1709, with a Bill for Pagod 3 . 2024. 21 which 

is agreed to be payd. 
From M r Noden dated 30 th May 1709. 
ffrom the Agent & Council of Ispahaun dat d 23 Sep r 1 7 v > 6 . 

>ag s 219 













Pa. 386 



52 Records of Fort. St. George 


M r . Eaworth Warehousekeep r pay's in 2000 Pag 3 . 

Agreed the Washers be advaneed Pag s 100 in money and Pag s 200 in Paddy at 
17 Mercall for a Pagoda. 

Ordered that John Desoosa, Manuel de Rodregues Manuel Consalvice Topaz 
Souldiers be discharged. 

Hen : Davenport. Tho : Pitt. 

W. Martin. 
Eob t : Eaworth. 
Tho : Frederick, 
gulston addi80n. 
Rich d : Hunt. 
To the Hon eie Thomas Pitt Esq*. 
President and Govern" &c a Council 
of Port S t . George. 

May it please tour Hon" &c\ 

Having since my aboard in Madrass enjoyed but a small share of health and 
finding by my longer stay in it 'twill be impaird, I humbly presume to request your 
Hon r &c a discharge from the Companys Service in order to prepare myself for a 
Voyage to England by the first Ship bound thither. I hope your Hon r &c a will not 
inferr from what I have before ask'd that I disesteem the Companys service of which 
I always had and shall continue to have the highest esteem, but since want of 
health is the occasion of my troubling your Hon r &c a with this Petition I hope yon'i 
be as favourable to me as to others formerly and Grant it, for which I shall alwayes 
acknowledge myself. 

Port S t George. Yo r . obed'. Hum ble serv'. 

May 14 th 1709. Francis Molyneux. 

To the Hon ble Thomas Pitt Esq". 

President and Govern* op Fort S\ George. 
Hon ble S B . 

It is now double the time your Hon r was pleased to order me to stay to consider 
before I took a Resolution on the purport of a Petition formerly delivered your Hon r , 
which having seriously done, do humbly request your Hon r to Grant, and it will 
infinitely oblige. 

Hon bIe S r 
Fort S t George. Yo r most Hum ble Serv*. 

June 6 th . 1709. Fran" Molyneux. 

21 Ship Maddapollam Auga Jaffeer saild for Ateheen. 

At a Consultation 
Tuesday Thomas Pitt Esq\ Govern 11 , and President. 


William Martin. Robert Rawokth. 

Thomas Frkderick. Gulston Addison. 

Richard Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

According to our Consultation of the 11 th Instant Mess rs Raworth, Frederick and 
Addison have viewe'd y e Cloth of the Merchants and received of them seventy five 
Bales, which is agreed to be ship'd now on the Abington for Bengali Freight, and 
some more to be sent on y e Kent. 

This day a Petition of Cap*. Manuel de Silva read about 260 Pagod 8 . owing to 
him from Thompson a Mate of the Syam Merchant, who's effects were sold by 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 53 


M 1 . Sheldon in Bengali and the produce remaining in his hands which the Governour 
agrees to pay and to charge M 1 '. Sheldon with the same. 

M r John Herlu this day delivered in a Petition as Entered after this Consultation 
the purport relating to the Scavengers Employ of Tevenapatam, consideration of 
which referred to our next meeting. 

M r . "William Martin Late Sea Customer pays into Cash Five hundred Pagod . on 
Acco' Sea Customs. 

M r . Thomas Frederick Sea Customer pay's into Cash One Thousand Pagod 8 . on 
Account Sea Custom. 

M r . Robert Raworth Warehousekeeper reads his Warehouse Account for the 
month of May last. 

Ordered that M r . Legg assist in the Warehouse. 

Ordered that Peter de blick and Andrew Surdieness Hausen are Entertaind of 
the Gunners Crew in this Garrison. 

Tho: Pitt. 
W. Martin. 
Bob t . Rawobth. 
Tho : Frederick. 
Gulston Addison. 
Rich". Hunt. 
Hen : Davenport. 
To the Hon ble Thomas Pitt Esq,*. 

President of ffort S t . George and 
Governor of Fort S t . David &c a . Council- 

The Petition of John Berlu 
Humbly Sheweth. 
That your Petitioner has (by your Hon r . &c a order) for some years past collected 
the Scavengers duty of Tevenapatam the Account of w ch . has been remitted up to 
Fort S\ George, wherefore yo r . Petition r . humbly begs that your Hon r . &c a would 
be pleased to settle the said Scavengers Duty ere' he returns to Fort S'. David and 
your Petitioner depending on yo r . Hon rs . &e a accustomed benevolence makes bold to 
acquaint you that he has been at the charge of setting Trees in all the streets of 
Tevenapatam and down to the Seasyde (allso filled up severall holes and raised the 
ground where formerly the River run) which is universally known to be a Generall 
benefit to the Inhabitants and being many hundreds in number and now well growen 
will in case of any trouble serve for Firewood for the Garrison and at present are 
very beneficiall to the weavers who wind off their Threads under the shade which 
has cost your Petitioner considerable to bring to perfection and also to maintain 
severall coolys to water 'em daily ; therefore your Petitioner humbly requests yo 1 '. 
Hon r . &c a will please to favour him with some consideration to reimburse the Charge 
he has been at and as in Duty bound. 

Shall ever pray. 

At a Consultation 
Thomas Pitt Esq". Govern*, and President. Friday 

William Martin. Robert Raworth. 24 tti . 

Thomas Frederick. Gulston Addison. 

Richard Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

This day the Governour produced a Letter he received y e 22 d Instant from 
Zoodee Cawn Lord High Steward and is as Entered after this Consultation, the 
170a— 14 

54 Records of Fort St. George 


purport thereof being to hasten the Present to the King, which as y s time we are 
thinkim* to send to Metchlepatarn on the Kent, but our resolution? therein deferred 
to our next meeting. 

M r . Kobert Eaworth Warehousekeep r pay's into the Rt. Hon ble United Company s 
Cash Twelve thousand Pagod 8 . Acco*. on Silver and Goods sold. 

Tho : Pitt. 
W. Maktin. 
Bob\ Raworth 
Tho : Frederick. 
Gulston Addison. 
Rich 11 . Hunt. 
Hem : Davenport. 
Prom Hjs Excellency Zoodke Cawn 

Lord High Steward of King Shaw Allums Household. 
Kec d . 22 b June 1709. , 

All health, I received your Preindly Letter in good time, wherein you acquaint 
me that you would send your present by Sea to Metchlepatarn and desire safe 
conduct from thence, for which purpose y 8 King has ordered his Husbulhookum by 
your Peons for Iusph Cawn Suba of Gulcondah to forward the same, and assist you in 
sending up the Presents, so advise you to have all in readiness and I will hasten 
the Dusticks to all Phousdars &c ft relating thereto, and His Majesty has ordered a 
Gusbardar to attend your Present who will bring the Dusticks with him, and when 
it arrives at Court will take care that your busyness shall be done, and you may 
depend upon me in all matters, what can I say more. 

My good Preind soon after this I shall give answere to your severall proposalls, 
and by "the bearer hereof I have sent a Perwanna to the Suba of Gulcondah, and will 
send a Dustick by Gusberdarrs to Metchlepatarn. 

If his Majesty does not make a stay at Auringabad he will most certainly at 
Perdapoor, and you may direct your people accordingly, relating to which I have 
wrott your Mulla to hasten these matters, that they may be speedily with us, I will 
advise you by Cossid of all that has happen'd materiall, and the reason of my detain- 
ing your Peons so long, in the meantime I desire you to use your utmost dilligence 
& endeavours in forwarding Abdull Phaseil to Pegue, and that y° would give your 
countenance and assistance to Meer Mahomud Razza and Auga Makeem as to your 
particular freinds ; you have done well in not going to your own Country this year, 
for by the help of God you are to have a great share in the settling the Maritine 
affairs, and the business of the Sea Ports, that you may returne to your Country 
w th satisfaction Loaden with the greatest Honour that ever any person had before 
you, for fate has framed you for this business, and this business for you : I am a well 
wisher to everybody, but more particularly your Honour and hope that you may 
have satisfaction to see y s business finished and reap the Hon r thereof, for its a great 

To his Excellency Zoodee Cawn 

Loed High Steward of King Shaw Allums Household. 
Dated Jcne 24 ih 1709. 

Ey my four Peons who arrived here about six days agoe 1 received the Hon r of 
your Excellencys Perwanna which brought me the most welcome news of your health, 
th6 here was and is still a report to the contrary raised I suppose by your Enem} r s, 
who are few in number to those who heartily wish yo r Excel! 3 ', health and prosperity. 

As soon as I dispatch those Letters to your Exeell oy . advising that we would send 
our Present to Metchlepatarn here was new's that the King was marching with all 
speed to Dilly, Boe that 'twas the advice of all sorts of people not to stur the Presents 

Diary and Consultation Bonk, 1709 55 


from this place 'till we heard again from you, besides there was and is still troubles 
OB the road from Metchlepatam to Gulcoudab. 

The Present has lain ready Pack'd this six months consisting of the curiositys 
of Europe, Persia & China and such as I am confident will please his Majesty I wish 
they were now lying at his Koyall Feet. 

We have received the Husbullhookum & Perwannas tor the Suba of Gulcondah 
who has the Character in all these parts of a very wise and just man who doubtless 
will restore that ancient City to its former greatness and luster, by these Peons I have 
presumed to address myself to him, desireing y*. he wo d . rank me amongst his 
Servants, & honour me with his Commands. 

We are hourly expecting to hear of the arrivall of the Gusbardar at Metchle- 
patam with the Dusticks tho all people say that we can't stirr thence till after the 
rains without runing great hazards of spoiling all. 

If our people sett out of Metchlepatam I shall direct 'em as your Excellency 
commands to Perdapoor, I am waiting for the arrivall ot the Cossitts, which I hope 
will speedily be here, I shall not be wanting in my utmost endeavours to forward 
Abdull Phazeel on the first Ship to Pegue and serve him to his satisfaction, and the 
same to Meer Mahomud Kuzza and Aga Maukeem, who as your Freinds I esteem my 

Nothing but the great value and dependance I have upon your Excellencys 
freindship made me deferr going to my own Country this last Monsoon, for which 
I shall reckon myself recompenced far above my wishes and expectation, if at last 
I goe Loaded w th . the Honours you are pleased to give me hopes of, w ch . and what 
already received shall be for ever attributed to the goodness and greatness of our 
Hon ble - Freind Zoodee Cawn. 

The Chief end of sending these Peons is that if y 8 . King should march further 
then expected in your last Lett 1 ', that then it may bee you may think it better to send 
the Present to some other Port this Monsoon, that may be much nearer the Kings 
Camp, so that 'twill arrive with more security in all respects, to which I humbly 
request your Excellencys speedy orders. 

God Grant your Excellency long life, health, and prosperity and me ability 
suitable to my will to make acknowledgements for the invaluable obligations you have 
laid on our Nation & more particularly myself. , 

Sloop Blackboy William Dickson Master saild out of this Road for Metchlepatam. 25 

At a Consultation 

Present Monday 

Thomas Pitt Esq,., Govern'. & President. t * - 

William Martin. Eobert Eaworth. 

Thomas Frederick. Gulston Addison. 

Richard Hunt. Henry- Davknport. 

This day we considered on M r . Berlues Petition delivered in the 21 st Instant, 
and whereas he has been Scavenger for six years past at Tevenapatam the Amount 
of w ch . Duty Amounting to Pagod s . 425 - 9§ as ^ Account delivered, 'tis unanimously 
agreed that he bee allowed for his trouble 50 Pagod 8 . & Annum, and what remains 
being Pa°od 8 . 125-9| be allowed him for the Charge he has been at in Planting 
Trees &c a which is very commodious and in severall respects advantageous to the 

56 Records of Fori St. George 



The Governour having received some Musters of Cloth from M r . Cowse at 
Anjengo, which he now deliver? to the Warehousekeeper, and when we receive 
M r . Cowse advice of the Price, Length and Breadth, as he has promised we shall then 
consider of the same and send an answere thereto. 

This day was summoned Senh r . Auga Pera, Surapau, Narrain, Mulla and 
Braminy to consider of sending the Present to Metchlepatam, which after some 
discourse 'twas resolved to let it lye here till we heard whether the Gusbardar was 
arrived there, beleiving y*. if we sent it, we could not sturr thence till after the 
raines, and the meantime the Governour to answere Zoodee Cawns Letter and write 
another to his Highness Cawn Bahawdar, and one to the .Nabob of Gulcondah. 

Ponagetto Narso &c a Tobacco and Beetle ffarmers pays into Cash Pi ve hundred 
eighty three Pagod s . 12 fa . on that A ceo*. 

Gruapa &c a Arrack Farmers pay's into Cash Three hundred and Sixteen Pago d 3 . 
24 fan 8 , on that Account. 

M r . Thomas Frederick Sea-Customer reads his Sea-Custom Account for the 
month of May last Viz*. 

Custom on Goods Imported & Exported 

... P. 3848 

18: 36 

Custom on Grain 






3981 : 1: 36 

M r . Hunt produces the Generall Bookes posted to y e . Ultimo April last. 
Ordered that "William Watly be Entertained one of the Gunners Crew in this 


Tho: Pitt. 
W: Martin. 
Eob 1 . Eaworth. 
Tho: Frederick. 
Gulston Addison. 
Eich d . Hunt. 
Hen : Davenport. 

27 Ship Mairmaid Cap*. Brock Com T . saild for Bengali. 
Cap*. Weoley in the Titty Gaily saild for Bengali. 

28 Ship Abington Cap*. Lesly Com r . saild for Bengali. 

At a Consultation 
J"* T ' Thomas Pitt, EsqA Govern 8 . & Presid 1 . 

William Martin. Eobert Eaworth. 

\Lacuna\. Gdlston Addison. 

Eichard Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

Mr. Frederick at St. Thoma's Mount. 

This day Auga Pera &c a was summoned when the Governour produced the 
Following Letters which he had wrott as Agreed on last Consultation, which were 
all now read and approved and are as Entered after this Consultation. 

M r . Eobert Eaworth Warehousekeep' delivers his Account with the Merchants, 
being what received of them last month, which is now given the Accomptant. 

Diary and Consultation Book. 1709 57 


Agreed that Ten thousand Pagod s . be sent overland to Fort S\ David by Peons 
in company w Hl . M r . Berlu. 

Tho: Pitt. 

W : Martin. 

Kob t . Raworth. 


Gulston Addison. 

[Lacuna .] 

Hen : Davenport. 

The Letter to Zoodee Cawn Entered before the Consultation of the 27 Ul . June. 

To Isuph Cawn Suba of Gulcondah, 
Dated 30 th June 1709. 
The greatness of your Character which has made your Excellency famous in all 
parts of the world for your wisdom, Justice and Mercy and being a Protector of all 
strangers Merchants in your great Kings Country has prompted me to presume to 
send you this humble Address to congratulate your Excellency accession to the 
Subaship of that ancient and ffamous City of Gulcondah, which I doubt not but by 
your Excell ys . admirable Virtues and qualifications will be soon restored to its former 
lustre and greatness and bee again the wonder of the world. 

I heartily wish your Excellency may be alwayes blest with the favour of the 
great King Shah Allum, health and prosperity, and humbly desire that you'l rank me 
amongst your servants & hon r . me always with your Commands. 

To his Highness Cawn Bahaudeb, 

Gband Vizier. 
June 30 th 1709. 

Our duty and great obligations to yo r . Highness, commands us to embrace all 
opportunitys to acknowledge them and enquire after your health which God 

Pursuant to your Commands we have long since made the best collection we 
could of the rarletys of Europe, Persia, and China, to lay at the Feet of the great 
King which blessing we are yet deprived of by his Majestys speedy returne, the 
great distance and the difficulty of procuring carriage occasion'd by the scarcity of 
provissions on the roads, we are still to seek what Port to send it from that it may 
arrive secure. 

Your Highness Father Assid Cawn (whom God long preserve) as also yourself 
have always blest us in favouring us with your protection & countenance in our affairs, 
which we humbly implore y e continuance of. or we can expect noe more sunshining 
davs in these parts, for that our dependance is on your Highness whom we heartily 
pray may be blessed with long health and prosperity. 

Ship Piubarry John Mahomud Noquedah sail'd for Bengali, 

At a Consultation 
Thomas Pitt EsoA Govebn*. and President. Mond[ay] 

William Martin. Kobert Rawobth. 4 ™ - 

Thomas Frederick. Gulston Addison. 
Eichard Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

This day the Freighters of Ship Kent were befors us, when demanded a double 
ffreight for her, by reason they did not returne in Season so as to be dispatched for 

58 Records of Fort St. George 


England, to w ch . they answered they were prevented by sundry misfortunes that 
threatened the ruin of Ship and Cargoe which we desired they would put in writing 
when would consider y e validity thereof. 

M r . Robert Raworth Warehousekeep 1 " pays into Cash y e sum of Four thousand 
Pagod. s Acco* Silver & Goods sold. 

Ordered that William Belshaw be Entertained Gun rs Crew. 

Gulston Addison. Tho : Pitt. 
Richd. Hunt. W : Maftin. 

Rob t . Raworth. 

Tho. Frederick. 

At a Consultation 


Thursday Thomas Pitt Esa". Govern*, and President. 

7ih - "William Martin. Eobert Eaworth. 

Thomas Frederick. Gulston Addison. 
Richard Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

"We having soon after the disturbance of the Casts Entertaind Rammapa Cheif 
Dubash, who having been guilty lately of severall misdemeanors of an extraordinary 
nature such as procuring Horse and cloths from the Nabob, and extorting money from 
Cooleys &c a poor people that we were procuring to carry our Present up to y e King, 
besides he having given himself so up to drinking w ch . made him guilty of severall 
vices dishonourable to the Companys service for which we this day discharged him 
of the same and unanimously agreed to Entertain Paupa Braminy in his roome, whos' 
salarys to commence from the primo this month. 

Simon Killpatrick and Lewis Melick pay's into Cash, ffity Pagod 3 . for a quarter 
of a years rent of y e wine Licence. 

Thomas Pitt Esq 1 '. President reads his Acco 1 of the R* Hon bIe United Companys 
Cash for the month of June last Ballance being Pagod as . 14649-7-2. 

Thomas Pitt Esq r Mintmaster reads his Mint Account for the month of June last, 
and pays into Cash the Sum of Eleven hundred and two Pagod. 8 I8 fas for Custom on 
Gold coined and farther pay's to the Warehousekeep 1, 60 Rupees for Custom on Silver 

M r . Thomas Frederick Sea Customer pay's into Cash Three thousand Pagod'. on 
Account Sea Customs. 

Generall Letter from the Cheif and Council of Vizagapatam dated 18 th June now 
read, advising of their having drawn a Bill of Exchange on us for Pag s 202 : 10. 
which is agreed to be pay'd. 

Agreed that David Murry one of the Gunners Mates be discharged. 

Tho: Pitt. 
W : M artin. 
Kob t . Raworth. 
Gulston Addison. 
Rich". Hunt. 
14. Ship Hussain Abdulla Noquedah saild out of this Road for Bengali. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 


At a Consult ation 

Thomas Pitt Esq*. 
William Martin. 
Thomas Frederick. 
Kichard Hunt. 


Govern 8 , and President, 
robert raworth. 
Gulston Addison. 
Henry Davenport. 


Mr. Frederick at the Mount. 
We hearing of French Ships b&ing abroad this syde the Cape, and not knowing 
but what has been may bee again, as last year in the month of December Two fUrench 
Ships cruiz'd to windward of this Port, by w oh severall of the Hon ble Companys Ships 
were in great danger, so to prevent any misfortune that may happen to them by the 
like means hereafter, 'tis agreed that the Governour gives such advices and orders to 
their Bengali Ships as he shall think necessary for their security. 

M r Robert Raworth Warehousekeep r reads his Acco' with the Merchants for the 
month of June. 

M r Gulston Addison Paymast/ reads his Paymast rs Account for the month of 
June last Viz*. 

Charges Garrison 
Charges Generall 
Dyet and allowances ... 
Fortification and repairs 
Charges Cattle 
Riseing Sun Smack 
Charges Extraordinary 
FortS'. David 

\ 1308- 


















. 2786- 


Agreed that Three hundred Pagod". be advanced M r Gulston Addison Paymaster 
to defray Charges of the Black Town Wall and works. 

Henry Davenport Storekeeper reads his Storekeep™ Account for the month of 
June last. 

M r . Richard Hunt Land Customer reads his Land Custom Account for the month 
of June last Viz.* 

Choultry Custom ... ... ... Pagod. s 224- 15- 4- 

Rubie Brokers 
Town Brokers 
Registring Slav's 
Grass Cutters 


362- 32- 

The following Generall Letters received and sent were this day read. 

From the Council in Surat dated 18 th May 1709. 

To the Cheif and Council of Vizagapat 1 * dated yesterday. 

To the Council in the Bay of Bengali Ditto date. 
M r Thomas Frederick Sea Customer pay's into Cash One thousand Pagod 8 

Acco*. Sea Customs. 

Rich d . Hunt. 

Tho : Pitt. 
W : Martin. 
Rob t . Raworth. 
Gulston Addison. 

60 Records of Fori St. George 


At a Consultation 


irtk* Thomas Pitt Esq/. Govern", and President. 

William Martin. Eobert Eaworth. 

[Lacuna], Gulston Addison. 

.Richard Hdnt. Hienby Davenport. 

This day the Freighters of the Kent put in their Ans were to our demand as 
Agreed in Consultation the 4 th Instant, which after some debate and all the premisses 
maturely consider'd, 'twas unanimously Agreed that they should pay a months 
Demorage, and accordingly were sent for in and acquainted therewith ; And their 
Paper is as Entered after this Consultation. 

Tho : Pitt. 

W : Martin. 

Eob t . Raworth. 


Gulston Addison. 

Rich". Hunt. 

To the Hon ble the Govern", and Council 
of ffort S t . George. 

We the subscribers freighters of Ship Kent humbly take the liberty by your 
permission to present the following particulars to your consideration in Answer to 
the demand your honour and the Council were pleasd to make upon us for the said 
Ship being detain'd beyond the Time limited in China. 

The Sup a . Cargoes make it appear that they were not wanting in their 
Endeavours to dispatch the Ship from Canton the 20 th of December according to 
Agreement,' and in order thereto the Ship was [careend] and flitted, and all the 
Gruff Cargo Laden on board, and all the Gold ready in' the ffactory, though not sent 
on board the Ship, because at that time there were good reasons to fear some unlucky 
dispute might happen with the ffrench Ship, whose Officers were in a prodigious rage 
to find our Ship so near being dispatch'd and themselves injuriously detained for 
want of their Goods th6 their time by contract had been elapsd full ffifty days, so 
that they stuck not to say (to such as were our ffriends and gave the Alarm) that 
they had no way to make themselves reparation but upon our Ship pretending that 
they were infirmd, our Sup 1 '. Cargoes had underhand hinderd their dispatch, upon 
hearing these things our SupraCargoes Sumond their Merchants and demanded their 
dispatch as customary upon their time being near Elapsd the said Merchants earnestly 
represented that they had heard the threats of the ffrench, and were apprehensive 
that they would attempt something upon our Ship at departure, which at best would 
involve them into infinite trouble and charges if not wholly ruin the Voyage, and the 
Trade itself for the future, these matters putt our Sup 1 '. Cargoes upon a necessity of 
seeking methods of securing themselves which by the help of the Merchants was so 
farr effected That the Mandereens undertook to guard the river in such a manner 
that the ffrench should not be able to retire from their ffactory to their Ship, and bv 
means of the Bishop who came hither upon the Ship, and Padre Bernard the Cardinall 
was prevaild with to gett a Security from the ffrench Captain and his Officers that no 
hostility should be attempted, thus by Messages and the tedious delays of the 
Mandereens the time was lost till the 19 th day of January when the Ship left Canton, 
and thus your Hon r . and Council will see that the true occasion of the Ship's stay was 
the apprehension that everybody justly had of the Enemy. 

And now as we have never heard of any of the Hon ble Company's Ships in our 
Circumstances upon this China Voyage, that ever payd more than the Demorage for 
so many days as they^remaiu'd in China after the time prefix'd in Contract, we never 
had any thoughts of harder usage than our Predecessors. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 61 


The Armenian Merchant Lett for 240 Tons ffreighted by the Hon ble Company at 
36 £ & Ton was Lett at 4100 Pagodas for China Anno 1694 Oblig'd to leave Amoy 
Decern 1- , the 20 th saild the 27 th and arriv'd here the 1 st of March, adjudg'd in 
Consultation too late to he sent home payd Seven days demorage ; The Kent is at 
a lower ffreight in England and Lett here to us 1360 Pagodas dearer in proportion, 
which we humbly hope will help to prevail with your Hon r . & Council that we have 
not harder measure than they, especially since our cases are so farr different, that the 
freighters of the Armenian Merchant wanted a Ship for China, and that the Kent 
lying upon the Hon r . Company's hands we may modestly say, we had an opportunity 
of doing them a piece of Service in Employing her. 

We humbly offer that the Hampshire upwards of 400 Tons Lett at 8000 Pagodas 
in good times, had time given to the 20 th of January, and if longer detain'd to pay 
demorage for so many days as detain'd beyond her time if we have a harder bargain 
in the sum and in the time of Contract, we hope it may incline your Honour and the 
Council to use us at least as well in the Demorage. 

The Loyall Merchant Burthen 500 Tons Anno 1705 Lett at 8000 pagodas for 
China and Persia comes just to the same in the end as our present circumstances, we 
therefore hope that by the Employing this Ship at the best ffreight that ever was 
given, we may be favour'd upon this unlucky Accident to Encourage us for the future 
to ffreight such of the Hon ble Company's Ships as by disappointments may lye upon 
their hands. 

We come now at last to acquaint your honour and the Council that we were 
before the Streights of Malacca the 2 d of ffebruary, and that if we had not met with 
the cruel disaster of loosing our Anchors and Cables &c* we might have reachd 
Malacca the following night, at which place haveing no occasion to stay, tis very 
probable we might have arriv'd here by the 20 of ffebruary We submitt this to your 
Hon", and the Couneill's Consideration, desireing to be believ'd with all respect. 

Hon ble . S r . &c\ 
Your most humble Servants, 

Edward ffleetwood. 
J. Cooke. 
George Lewis. 
j. scattergood. 
William Warre. 
Eobert Atkinson. 

At a Consultation 
Thomas Pitt Esa E . Govern". & President. Monday 

William Maktin. Eobert Eaworth. 25 th . 

Thomas ffrederick. Gotston Addison 
Eichard Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

This day was read a Generall Letter from the Dep ty . Grov r . and Council of ffort 
S*. David dated 19 th Instant wherein was a Clause signifying that Mess rs . Bridges 
and ffaunce did utterly refuse to comply with our repeated orders of paying M r . Uerlu 
the Perquisits of the Employs in which they had officiated dureing his absence 
which was occasional by our calling him away to serve the Company in going up 
with the Present to the King, wherein he would have not only been at no small 
Expence himself, but also run great hazards of his health, so thought it not reasonable 
that he should be any other ways prejudio'd in his fortune, so can't but think our 
Orders therein carry 'd more with them than an ordinary weight of reason and 
justice, and their disobedience to them may prove the worst of consequences to the 



Records of Fort St. George 


Company's Affairs, to prevent which Ti8 unanimously agreed that we now write 
them that if they don't comply with our orders therein relating to that matter that 
they would be forthwith suspended the Company's service Officio et Buneficio, and no 
salary to be payd them till the Company's pleasure be known therein. 

The dispute between Peter Pomere and the other Arrack ffarmers was this day 
ended by the former giveing his Oath. 

M r Thomas ffrederick Sea-Customer reads his Sea-Custom Ace 4 for the month of 
June last Viz 4 . [Lacuna] and pays into the R' Hon bIe Company's Cash Three Thousand 
Pagodas on that Account. 

M 1 ' Robert Raworth Warehouskeeper reads his Warehouse Account for the 
Month of June last and pays into the R* Hon ble Company's Cash Six Thousand 
Pagodas Account Silver and Goods sold. 

Agreed that ffifteen Thousand Pagodas be sent to ffort S* David by Peons 
Overland, and that orders be sent them to pack up what Brown Cloth they have and 
sent hither. 

Gruapa &c a Arrack ffarmers pays into Cash the Sum of three Hundred Sixteen 
Pagodos Twenty four fan 9 on that Ace*. 

Ponnagettee Narso &e n Tobacco & Beetle ffarmers pays into Cash Five Hundred 
Eighty Three Pagodas 12 fanams on that Account. 

The freighters of the Kent deliver in the Acco*. of ffreight of the said Ship, and 
pays in the Ballance being Pagodas seven Thousand Seven Hundred ffifty One 20'* 9 ' 
45 Ca - and the Account is as Enter'd after this Consultation. 

Tho : Pitt. 
W : Martin. 
Rob t . Raworth. 
Tho : Frederick, 
gulsto.n addison. 
Kich d . Hunt. 

The R' Hon." 16 United Company D r . 

Per Contra. 

C r . 

To y e ffreight rs of 

By the freighters of 

y e Kent for 32 

the Kent for y e . 

Pecul Sugar 

ffreight of y e s d . 

damag'd & Loss'd 

Ship as P r . Agree- 

on board s d . Ship 

ment ... 


is 8 Candy at p a . 

By Ditto for 30 days 

14§ ty Candv ... 

Pa 116. 

Demorage s d . Ship 

Deduct 6 ty C\ 

being detain'd in 

Custom and 

China so many 



days longer than 

109- 1-R*5 

the time limited in 
the Agreement at 

To ditto for 13 P s 

J \J U X. ou 


£ IS 8s. 4d. a day 

wanting & T . C 

is £402 s 10 at 9 

16 at 45 #► C*. 


shillings <$*■ Pagoda 

Deduct 6 # 0*. 



Custom and 


Pag 8 



To Casb pay'd y e 

Ball*, of this 



Pag. s 7894-16. — 

ffort S*. George, July 1709 

Edward ffleetwood. 

Diary and Consultation Book. 1709 63 


At a Consult a 'i ion 



Thomas Pitt Ksq,. 1 ', Govern 1 " & Presidrnt. Wednes- 

William Martin. Eobert Raworth. d AY 3 d . 

Thomas ffredrriok. Gulston Addison. 
Richard Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

The Governour this day acquainted the Council that he haveing lately heard of 
some Villainous and Scandalous reflections that had been made upon him by the Late 
Lieutenant Seaton who he yesterday sent for from the Mount and examin'd thereon, 
who with his usuall impudence averrd to him the notorious falsitys that ever could be 
thought or imagin'd, upon which, he say'd he had confined him to the Ensign's 
Room, and he desired that he might be sent for up and examin'd thereto which accord- 
ingly was done, and when he came into the Consultation room before us, without 
first hearing what the Governour had to charge him with, and the reasons of his 
confinement, he irhediately addressed himself to the Council, saying Gentlemen of 
Council I am come here to accuse the Governour for buying a great Diamond to the 
Company's prejudice, when the Governour answered and told him we would dis- 
course of that by and by, and demanded of him whether he had say'd that he had 
receiv'd of Paupea to make him Chief Dubash Five Hundred Pagodas, and that 
Ramapa offered seven Hundred to be continued which was refused, this he acknow- 
ledged to have said, but being cofhanded to prove the same, he answered he had it 
from a Black fellow, but could not remember who he was after which the Two 
Dubashes beforemention'd declared they never gave the Governour a Pagoda, or 
that ever he ask'd or hinted to them of any such thing, and to this they took the 
most sokmnest Oath in the Pagoda. Then the Govern r . demanded of him what he 
knew* of his buying a Diamond, he Answered in generall terms that he knew every 
particular of it, when he was comma uded to acquaint the Council with it which he 
said he would then do, knowing there would be a change of Government this month, 
and therefore for what this Govern 1, said to him did not signifie a farthing, with many 
such insolent and Villainous expressions, he farther sayd that to his knowledge the 
Governour was betrayd by all the Black Servants about him in so much that he 
knew every thing that was done and sayd, nay as much as iu his Counting house, 
and to give an Instance thereof say'd that the Great Diamond he had bought was 
enter' d in his Books Pol. 64, he farther told us that One Rogers that went hence in 
October last for Bombay had carry 'd papers along with him sign'd by Black People 
that would do the Govern 1 ' 8 business, which S r Nicholas Wait had gott translated, 
and carryd home with him. 

The Governour also Acquainted the Council that he had very good reason to 
Suspect that this Seaton was turnd Informer to the Government, and held a Corre- 
spondence with them, and promis'd in few days to prove the same, in expectation of 
which, and what the Governour charg'd him with, and he confess'd before us, we 
now unanimously confirm his Confinement till other means can be considered of, and 
for what discourse passed between the Governour and him yesterday in the Consulta- 
tion room after his comeing from the Mount is as Enterd after this Consultation the 
truth of which he shall be allwaies ready to justifie by Oath or otherwise. 

Thomas Pitt Esq r . President reads his Ace 4 . Cash for tbe Month of July last 
Ballance being Pag s [Lacuna]. 

Thomas Pitt Esq 1 ', as Mintmaster reads his Mint Ace*, for the Month of July 
last and pays into Cash 7 l Pa 18 fa for Custom on Gold coin'd and farther pays unto 
the Warehouskeeper Two Thousand Two Hundred ffourty Nine rupees ll an " for 
Custom on Silver coin'd. 

M r . William Martin pays into Cash the Sum of One Thousand Ninety Two 
Pagodas 18 ta . 2 V* as the Ball " 8 of his Sea Customer's Account. 

64 Records of Port St. George 


M r . Kick d Hunt Aecoinptant reads the Journal! parcells of Accounts for the 
month of .lune last. 

Ordered that John ffenney, James Borge, James ffarry and John De Silva are 
Entertain'd Souldiers in this Garrison. 

Tho: Pitt. 
W. Martin. 
Rob 4 . Rawoeth. 
Tho : Frederick. 
Gulston Addison. 
Rich 3 . Hunt. 

This evening being the 2 d of August about 5 a clock I discoured Captain Seaton 
in the Consultation roome, when charged him with his having sayd that I had 500 
Pagod 8 given me to make Poppa Cheif Dubash which he owned, and told me y* I 
was betrayed in whatever I did, or spoak by all my servants about me, and that I 
had not a Freind upon the place whatever I thought. 

Then 1 asked how he durst presume to talk up and down of what 1" bought or 
gold, and how was it possible for him to know anything of it, to which he answered 
that he had so good intelligence that there was not the least thing done or said by 
me but that he knew, and to convince me desired leave to ask me some questions 
which I permitted him to do and were as followes. Whether M r . Roberts did not write 
me to request that he might be concerned in a great Diamond I had bought answered 
false. Whether a Person did not come and wish me joy of its being sold for 500,000 
Dollars false. Whether Two Persons did not come from the Duan to demand a great 
Diamond and that I gave one of them at coming 11 Rupees, and the other at going 
away 150, all false only that one man came upon which I told him I found him a 
Villain and as I found he had been endeavouring to betray me doubtless he would 
doe the same to the Garrison, soe ordered the Captain of the Guard to confine him to 
the Ensigns Roome, none to come to him but the Council. 

At a Consultation 
Thursday Present 

Thomas Put Esq*. Gov*. & President. 
William Martin. Robert Raworth. 
Thomas ^Frederick. Gulston Addison. 
Richard Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

This day Lieutenant Seaton was brought up again before us, when the Gover- 
nour told him, that since there was yet no change of Government 'twas high time to 
make him know there was some, and read to him what he had sayd to him on the 
2 d . Instant in the Consultation room and what he sayd the next day there, before 
the Govern r and Council, and demanded of him to prove the same, instead thereof he 
impudently denyd all he had sayd in private to the Governour as also in publick to 
the Governour and Council with strange imprecations and asseverations of God's 
Yengeance upon him if ever he had sayd it, this from any other man in the World 
would have amaz'd us all, but by the many years experience of him, we are intirely 
satisfied that he is a Person capable of perpetrateing any Villainy that can be named. 
The Governour now also produc'd Two Letters, One from M r Raworth and the other 
from M 1 ' Coppin both proveing what the Governour in private, and before the 
Council Seaton was charged with and a great deal more which Letters were now 
read and the persons present that wrott them, who was ready to tender their Oaths 
to the truth, yet nevertheless he denyd all as beforemention'd, both which Letters 
likewise prove his haveing been tampering and Corresponding with the Government 
and many other vile Actions, w ch . Letters remain in the Governour's hands to prove 
the same when ever there is an occasion, so we demanded of him whether he had 

Diary and Conciliation Book, 1709 65 


any thing more to say for himself, to which he answered he had not, and as he with- 
drew denyd again all that he was chargd with, but we being all well acquainted 
with his vile Principles, and that there is no ill action can be named, but what we 
beleive he has been guilty of as well as what now ohargd with, and that he has been 
for many years the Plague, Pest, and Disturber of the peace of the place, and now 
to oompleat his villainy aims at nothing than the betraying of the Governour and 
Trade of the place, which has been so long enjoyd without the least question or 
interruption therefore to prevent future ill consequences from any such Persons 
Inhabiting here, 'tis unanimously agreed that he be confin'd till the first Ship goes 
for England, and on her to be sent home a Prisoner to the Company. 

The following General! Letters were now read : 

ffrom the Dep^ Gov r . & Council of ffort S* David dat d 3 d Aug st . 1709. 
ffrom M r . Nodes at Metchlepatam the 28 th July 1709 adviseing of his haveing 
drawn 2 Bills of Exchange, One for Twenty One Pagodas the other of Seventeen 
which are agreed to be payd. 

Agreed that four Horses be sold Yiz f . 2 Manilha Horses at One Hundred and 
Twenty Pagodas each and Two Java at One Hundred and Ten. 

Tho : Pitt. 
W: Martin. 
Eob t . Eawobth. 
Tho : Frederick. 
Gulston Addison. 
Eioh d . Hunt. 

Ship Moraad Bus arriv'd in this Eoad from S* Thoma. 13 " 

Ship Pedreson saild out of this Eoad, for Junk Celone. 

At a Consultation 


Thomas Pitt Esa*. Govern* & Preside 1 . 5^T dat 

William Martin. Eobert Eaworth. 

Thomas ferederiok. Gulston Addison. 
Kichaed Hunt. Henry Davenpokt. 

M r . Gulston Addison Paymaster reads his Paymasters Account for the Month 
of July last Viz*. 

Charges Garrison ... ... ... ... ... Pag": 1181. 9 

Dyet and allowances ... .., ... ... 342. 32 

Charges Grenerall ... ... ... ... ... 354. 8 

Fortifications and repairs ... ... .. ... 488. 24 

Charges Cattle ... ... ... ... ... 93. 2 

Charges Extraordinary ... ... ,.. ... 9. 14 

Fort S*. David ... ... ... ... ... 21.17 

Kiseing Sun i^mack ... ... ... ... 10. 14 

Pa ... 2051. 12 

as also his Ace 4 , of the Black Town Wall and Works for ditto time, Agreed that 
fifteen Hundred Pagodas be advanced the Paymaster to defray Charges Garrison. 

Henry Davenport Storekeeper reads his Storekeeper's Ace*, for the Month of 
July last. 

The following Generall Letters receiv'd were now read : 

from the Govern 1, & Council of Negapatam dat d> 20 th August. 
from M r - Noden at Metchlepatam dat d - 4 th - August 1709. 
From ffort S*' David dat d 12 th Ins 4 . 

Records of lort St. George 


M r# Thomas Frederick Sea Customer reads his Sea Custom"' Aec t- for the 
Month of July last, and pays into the R 4 Hon ble Company's Cash the Sum of One 
Thousand Pagodas Ace 4 ' Sea Customs. 

Agreed that we write to the Dep 1y Govern 1 and Council of ffort S 4 ' David that 
they Load hither the Riseing Sun Smack with Bales and give them the necessary 
cautions of comeing near Pondieherry. 

M 1 ' Richard Hunt Land Customer reads his Land Custom Acc 4s for the month of 
July last Yiz 4 ' 

Choultry Custom ... ... ••• Pa. 316:26:37 

Town broakers ... ... ••• 28: 2: 57 

Ruby broakers ... ... ••• 141:12:25 

Registring Slaves ... ... ... 3 : 12 : 

Pag 9 - 489 : 47 : 39 

and pay 8 into Cash Five Hundred Pagodas on that Ace 4- . 

Tho: Pitt. 
W : Martin 
Rob 1- Raworth. 
Tho : Frederick. 
Gulston Addison. 
Rich d . Hunt. 

15t " Sloop Darling Cup* Wilfred Hart Comand r - arriv'd from ffort S r - David. 

— Dutch Ship S 4 - Peter and S 4- Paul arriv'd in this road from Negapatam. 

— Ship Kasahee saild out of the Road for Tenessaree. 

— Ship Nanganot Kasahee saild for Ditto. 
l6T * Danes Ship arriv'd from Trincombarr. 

At a Consultation 
Thuebdat Thomas Pitt Esa B Govern*' & President. 

18 T »* William Martin. Robert Raworth. 

Thomas efredekick. Gulston Addison. 
Richard Hunt: Henry Davenport. 

This day the Governour Acquainted the Council that Surapau offered his Service 
to go up with the Present to the King whose abilitys and knowledg of the Company's 
Affairs and the Customs of the Government (after discoursing him thereon) indue'd 
us unanimous in accepting the same, when promis'd him that on his return, if his 
integrity and diligence answerd our expectation, that he should be allowed as a 
recompence for his good Services One Hundred Pagodas ^ Mensem to be pay'd him 
out of the Company's Cash during his naturall Life. 

Upon the advice of some of these Country people after we had taken the resolu- 
tion to send the King's Present to Metchlepatam, 'twas thought some English neces- 
sary to see it Landed at that place, and we thinking none properer than M r Berlu, 
'tis therefore Agreed that he be sent for to come upon the Smack. 

M r - Robert Raworth Warehousekeeper read his Warehouse Accounts for the 
month of July last. 

M r Thomas ffrederiek Sea Customer pays into the R' Hon bIe Company's Cash 
Two Thousand Pagodas Aec 4, Sea Customs. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 67 


Here being [Lacuna] a German by Nation who perfectly well understands 
casting of Mortars and Guns of any Size as also how to play 'em, who will be very 
serviceable in this Garrison 'tis agreed that he be Entertain'd in the Gunner's Crew 
at Eight Pagodas ^ Mens m . 

Tho : Pitt. 

W: Martin. 

Kob t - Raworth. 

Tho : Frederick. 

Guiston Addison. 

Eich d Hunt. 

Ship S' Johanna belonging to the Danes arriv'd in this road from Trincombarr. 18™' 
Ship Saboyhee saild out of thiB road for Pegu. 19™- 

Ship Sweepstakes Cap' Tho 8 Gay wood Comand r saild for Bengali. 21 « • 

At a Consultation 
Thomas Pitt Esa*. Govern" & Preside 1 . Tuesday 

William Martin. Eobert Raworth. 23d - 

Thomas ffredebick. Gulston Addison. 
Richard Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

This day was read in Council a Letter from M r Noden at Metohlepatam adviseing 
that the Gusbardarr to conduct our Present to the King was arriv'd there, upon 
which was suniond to advise with us thereon, Augu Peera, Surapa, Narrain Chief 
Dubash, Mulla, Collaway and Vincattee Chittee, when 'twas unanimously agreed by 
us and them to send that part of the Present that was easiest of Carriage forthwith 
on the Hiseing Sun Smack to Metchlepatam, and the remainder which is Lumbersom 
to be sent to Bengali, and from thence to Pattna, or Suratt as hereafter shall be 
thought most adviseable. The aforesaid Person likewise proposd the buying of 
Six Elephants to add to the Present, which if gott well up to the Camp would be 
valued at four times their cost, besides there would be a necessity to give something 
to the Princess to whom nothing more valuable than a good Elephant, and at this 
lime there being severall upon the place, and to be bought much cheaper than what 
formerly 'tis therefore Agreed that Auga Peera &c a afores d . Persons meet this after- 
noon with the Elephant Brokers and view what are fitting for this occasion, and 
inform themselves the true value thereof. 

Collaway and Vincattee Chittee pays into the R*. Hon ble Company's Cash the 
sum of One Thousand Seven Hundred Eighty Five Pagodas boing one year's rent of 
Egmore &c". Three new Towns ending the p m0 . July last Cawn Goyhe's Duty 

Tho : Pitt. 

W: Mahtin. 

Rob t . Raworth. 

Tho: Frederick. 

Gulston Addison. 

Rioh d . Hunt. 

Riseing Sun Smack Arriv'd from ffort S . David. 24 

A Dane sloop Arriv'd from Trincombarr. -° 

68 Records of I ort St. George 


At a Consultation 
A Thomas Pitt Esq*. Govern*. & President. 

25th_ "William Martin. Robert Baworth. 

[Thttrs- Thomas Frederick. Gulston Addison, 

day] Eiohard Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

The Persons that were appointed 23 d Instant to view the Elephants fitt to be 
bought for the Present to the King made their report this day that they had pursuant 
to our order seen all the Elephants in the place and had pitch' d upon six fitt for our 
purpose, so sending for the owners thereof we agreed with them as follows after this 

Ordered that the Warehousekeeper forthwith ships the Present for Metchle- 
patam on the Eiseing Sun Smack and that the Eemainder be 8ent on the John and 
Elizabeth for Bengali. 

Agreed that Thirty Eashpoots or Moors Peons be entertain'd to go up with the 
Present, and that the Vizagapatam Mulla goes also up. 

A Letter from Zoodee Cawn Lord High Steward to the Governour as also one for 
the Mulla both now read and are as Enterd in the Country Letter Booke. 


: Pitt. 



Eob t 

. Ra worth. 


: Frederick. 

Gulston Addison. 


D - Hunt. 


One Elephant bought 

of Auga 



One D°. of Vinkattee Chittee 


Two D°. of D°. 


One of Ditto ... 


One of Sunca Eama 

Pag s - 



At a Consultation 


p E Thomas Pitt Esq*. Govern*. & President. 

26 IH . William Martin. Eobert Raworth. 

Thomas feredekick. Gulston Addison. 
Richard Hunt. Henry Davenpobt. 

We wanting a carefull Person to look after the Elephants and Paupa Dubash 
haveing been in Such an Employ, Tis agreed he be Entertain'd for that service, and 
to give a dayly Account to the Governour of the expence thereof. 

M 1 . Morgan Surgeon's Mate requesting to lay down the Company's service 
Agreed the same be granted him and that Jn°. Westerby be entertain'd in his room. 

Ponnagettee Narso &c" Tobacco and Beetle ffarmers pays into Cash the sum 
Five Hundred Eighty Three Pagodas 12 fa on that Account. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 



Gruapa &o ;l Arrack ff armors pays into Cash the sum of Three Hundred and 
Sixteen Pagodas 24 fanams. 

Tho : Pitt. 
W . Martin. 
Bob t . Rawoeth. 
Tho ; Frederick. 


Rioh d . Hunt. 

Ship S'. Joanna saild for Eengall. 

Ship Princess Sophia Hede#i< 
in Persia. 

belonging to the Danes arriv'd from Gombroon 

Ship John and Elizabeth Cap'. Read Comand r . saild for Beng 11 . 

Danes Ship sail'd for Malacca. 

Ship Hidresolloma saild for Suratt. 

Riseing Sun Smack saild out of this Road for Metchlep 11 '. 


At a Consultation 

8eptm e . 

Thomas Pitt Esa R . Govern". & President. 
William Martin. Robert Raworth. 

Thomas efrederick. Gulston Addison. 
Richard Hunt. Heney Davenport. 

Agreed that Seven Thousand Pagodas be pay'd out of Cash for Six Elephants 
bought the 25 th past. 

The following Tetters rec d . and sent now read. 

From the Dep ty . Govern 1 '. & Council of ffort S*. David dat d . 21 th August from 
M 1 '. Roberts Dep ty . Gov 1 ', of ffort S'. David 25 th August as also our answer thereto of 
this day's date. 

Agreed that ffifteen Hundred Pagodas be advanc'd M r . Gulston Addison Pay- 
master to defray Charges Garrison. 

Agreed that Four Thousand Pagodas be advancd M 1 . Rob'. Raworth &c a towards 
paying for the Present to King Shaalum. 

Agreed that the following Pearl be bought to be added to the King's Present 
Viz 4 . 

day p mo , 


1 Large half round Pearl 

[> r ]M7 

pa. 400 

1 Drop 



Large round pearl 

22| at 6 

pa. 135 

Tho : Frederick. 

Thq: Pitt 

Gulston Addison. 

"W: Martin 

Rich" 1 . Hunt. 

Rob'. Raworth. 

Sloop Darling Cap'. Wilfred Hart Comand r - sail'd for Bencoolen. 
Madapollam Yatch saild for ffort 8'. David. 


2 d . 

70 Records of Fort St. Georc/e 


4 Ship EaiDSwaini saild for Bengali. 

5 Ship Nos Sen ,a . Be Rosario saild for Ditto. 
- — Ship Mooselam saild for Pegu. 

At a Consultation 

w Thomas Pitt Esa R . Govern* . &PriEsiDENT. 

day; William MARansr. Robert Raworth. 

Thomas ffrederick. Gulston Aduison. 
Kickaed Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

Letter from Mess rs . Bridges and ffaunee at ffort 8'. David dated 29 th August read, 
the purport of which is to lei.t us Know that they positively persist in their reiusall to 
comply with our Orders about being accountable to M r . Berlu for the perquisit of the 
Employs in which they officiated dureing his absence, when we sent for him away 
upon Extraordinary business of the Companys. 

M r . Arran Jones dos this day deliver in a Petition to lay down the Company's 
service which is granted him and his Petition is as Enterd after this Consultation 

The Governour haveing discovered a very great abuse in the Kxpence of Straw 
for a little more than a year past of above Two Hundred Pagodas, which we impute 
to the Villainy of the Inhabitants of our Towns rented by Collaway and Vincattee 
Chittee, who ought to have brought the Aco\ thereof to the Govern 1 ', as usuall who 
often demanded it, so for the remission of which we hereby order the Accomptant to 
charge in the General) Books the whole Amount being 283. 25 : 40 and that for the 
future that as they bring in any they acquaint the Governour thereof, that he may 
order the Groom to weigh it, as usuall. 

This day was sunion'd in Consultation the following Persons to consider farther 
about sending the Present to the king whose advices was as follows Viz 4 . 

Auga Peera's opinion is to send the King's Present by way of Golcondah. 

Serapa ; s Opinion is to send it by way of Bengali & Patna. 

Narrain's opinion is to send it by way of Golcondah. 

Collaway Chittee of the same opinion. 

Paupa Braminy's opinion is if the King is gone to Delhi to send it by way of 
Bengali and Patina if at ; rampore by way of Golconda. 

Mullah's Opinion by way of Golcondah 

Thomas Pitt I' sq r . President reads his ace 1, cash for the month of August 
Ballance 16437.25 fa. 

Thorn". Pitt Esq 1 ', as Mintmaster reads his Mint ace', for the month of August 
last and pays into Cash pa 97 : fa. 31 : c. 40 for Custom on Gold cotn'd and 
farther pays into the Warehousekeeper Ten Thousand seven Huudred and Eightv 
Two rupees for Custom on Silver Coin'd. 

M r . Eichard Hunt Land Customer reads his Land Customer's Ace', for August 

last Viz 

Choultry Custom 
Rubie bronkers 
Town broakers 
Registriug Slaves 
Grass Cutter* 

Paa 8 





• 8 














uid pays into Cash Five Hundred Pagodas on that Aec*. 

Agreed that M 1 '. Joseph Smart bo Assistant to the Paymaster. 

Diary and Consultation Book 1709 71 


Agreed that Thome Sequere Dick Derick, and ffrank Peter and Dominicus 
Derieus are Kntertain'd Souldiers ia this Garrison. 

Tho : Put. 
W. Martin. 
Eob t . Kawobih. 
Tho : Feederick. 
Gulston Addison. 
K]CH D Httni. 
To the Hon ele Thomas Pitt Esq*. 

President & Govern* of ffoet S t George 
&C 1 Council. 
Hon ble S R . &c. A 
I haveing an opportunity of going abroad, which in all probability considering 
I have the charge of a ffamily may be for my advantage 1 therefore humbly request 
that your hon 1 ' &c H . will be pleased to graut me the usuall favour, and permitt me to 
lay down the Hon ble Company's service, and on all occasions J shall endeavour to 
approve myself. 

Hon bl9 S r . &c. 
Port St. Geokge, Y r . Hon" Most Obedient Humble ffort S' 

Sep. 7ih 1709. Servant George 

Arrak Jones. Sef - 7 ' h 
Ship Joha Latehemy saild tor Pegu, 7™ 
Ship Chindadre saild to ditto, 

At a Consultation 
Thomas Pitt Esa R . Govern*, and President. p 

William Maetin. Robert Raworth. 9th 

Thomas ffuederiok. Gulston Addison. 
Riohaui) Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

The Governour Acquainted the Board that he was advised that the King was 
gone from Oriogabad towards Delhi whither he thought 'twas impossible for the 
Present to follow hi:n about which he sumon'd this Council and orderd the following 
Persons to Appear to consider thereof whoso opinions are as follows. 

Auga Peera is of opinion that we proceed imediately with the Present. 

Serapa's Opinion that we proceed. 

Choura Mullah's Opinion the same. 

Narrain of going, That the Present must goe or our Affairs would be worse than 
the Dutch. 

Sunca Rama that the Present g«»e. • 

Colleway Chittee is for sending the Present. 

Vincattee Chittee is for sending. 

Paupa Cheif Dubash to send the Present. 

Mulla is of the same opinion. 

It's the Opinion of the Board the Present be imediately sent. 

Rich d . Hcni'. Rob'. Raworth Tho ; Pitt. 

Tho : Frederick. VV : Martin. 

Gclston Addison 

72 Records of Fort St. George 


10™ Ship Bomrapau saild for Pegu. 

— Ship Mossiah saild for Ditto. 

12 Ship Dona Latchemy saild for Ditto. 

— Ship Princess Sophia Hedewig the Dane's Ship saild for Beug. 1 

13 Ship B* Petre & S' Paul saild for Pullicatt. 

At a Consultation 

Wbdnbs- Thomas PiTr Esa R . Govern* avd Presid 1 . 

day 14: TH 

William Martin. Robeht Raworth. 
Thomas ffrederick. Gulston Addison. 
Richard Hunt. Henry Davenport. 

M r Bridges at ffort g' David haveing in a Letter dated, which was now request- 
ing Liberty to go home on a Danes Ship, which we think inconsistant to the Com- 
pany's orders so refused the same. 

We this day mett in Consultation to consider what to do with the Present to the 
King, for that the great distance he is from us will not only make it very chargeable 
but excessive hazardous, for that the roads are infested by the Morattos and other 
Enemys to the King, so 'tis resolved to sitt still and proceed no farther, till we have 
an answer to our Letter we sent to Court about 3 months agoe. 

Generall Letter from Gabriel Roberts Esq. r dep ty . Govern r . of ffort S l . David 
dated 6 th Ins. 1 now read. 

Order'd that the Steward buys Syrash Wine, Rose water and Fruit for the 
Generall Table as the Goveruour shall direct him. 

M 1 . Gulston Addison Paymaster reads his Paymaster's Account for the Month 
of August Viz.' 

Charges Garrison 
Dyet and allowances 
Charges Generall 
Fortifications and repairs 
Charges Cattle 
Charges Extraordinary 
Riseing Sun smack 
Acco* Presents 

Pag, 1260-S4 

201- 2 
9- 9 

Pag s 2710.23 — 

as also his Account for the Black Town Wall and works for ditto time. 

Agreed that ffifteen Hundred Pagodas be advanc'd him to defray Charges 
Garrison and One Hundred Pagodas to the Black Town Wall, 

• Tno : Pitt, 

W : Martin. 
Rob t . Raworxh. 
Tho. Frederick, 
Gulston Addison. 
Rich d . Hunt. 
Rob t . Raworth. 

tjth About four a Clock this Evening spy'd a Large ship to the Northward which 

prov'd to bethe Heathcote Cap 1 Jo Tolson Comand r . 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 73 


At a Consultation 


Thomas Pitt Es&. r Govern 1 " & Prfsidknt. 
William Martin. Egbert Ra worth. 

Thomas Ffrederick. Gui.sion Addison. 
Richard Hunt. Hknry Davenport. 


18 th 

Yesterday Evening Appear'd a Ship to the Northward of this Port and about 
Nino at night came ashore Cap' Tolson who acquainted the Governour that he was 
Comander of th« Ship Heathcote come directly from England and that he had 
brought the Company's Packet which he produc'd directed as follows. 

To the HoN. ble Gulston Addison EsG. r President Mess." Fraser, Mountague, 
Martin, Raworth, ffrederick, Hunt, Bulklky & Jennings at ffort S 4 . Ggorge. 
And withall told him there was great Alterations here aid that he was dismiss'd 
the Service therefore press'd that the Council might ba imediately called, The Gover- 
nour told him that 'twas impossible to be done not only from the lateness of the 
night, but that severall of them were at the Mount, so desired the Captain to strictly 
observe in what Condition he delivered the Packet and be hero to morrow Morning 
by 8 a Clock against when the Council should be sumond, that so he might see it in 
the like condition he deliver'd it, aod this Morning accordingly all the Late Council 
inett, when the Governour refused to surrender the government by vertue of the 
Superscription on the Packet, but demanded a supercedeut to his Comission, by 
vertue of which he had been Governour of this place upwards of Eleven Years, so 
after some hesitation the Packet was opend wherein there was a Comission that 
superceded his, he also demanded the reading of the Generall Letter which was 
refused him, but in the Packet there being a Letter from the Managers to him 
wherein 'twas fully expressd his dismission from their service, and the Constituteing 
Gulston Addison Esq/ in his room, so he immediately read the Cash and tender'd the 
Ballauce thereof being One Thousnnd Nine Hundred and Thirty Five Pagodas, 
Twenty fanains and 3 cash ; but the JNew Governour desired the payment for that time 
be defei r'd for that he was very much indispos'd, so the Governour just as he left the 
Cbair challeng'd the whole Board or any upon the place to charge him with an 
unjust action dureing the whole time of his Government, or that he had ever refus'd 
a kindness to any one that askd it and that it lay in his power or that ever he acted 
arbitrary in any one matter notwithstanding some Villains of this place have had 
the impudence to represent him otherwise so rose out of the Chair, and placd y a 

Governer in it. 

Rich d ■ Hunt. 

Rob t : 

; Raworth. 

Tho : Pitt. 



W : Martin. 

74 Records of Fort Si. George 


The Consultation and Diary Book of G-ulston Addison Esq r . Grovernour 
and President &c a . Council Their proceedings and Transactions 
in the Affairs of the R*. Hon We . United Trade of the Eng sh . 
Company Tradeing to the East Indies in the Presidency of 
the Coast of Choromondeli &c a . Begun the 19 th September Anno 
Domini 1709. 


At a Consultation 


Monday Gulston Addison Esa R . Grov E . and Presidkn 7 . 

19™ William Ffraseb. Edm d . jMountaguk 

William Martin Eob t . Raworth. 

Thomas Ffkeperick. Rich d . Hint. 

Edward Bulkley. William Jennings. 

The com- President Addison acquaints the Councill that the iate President Pitt had 

rppointin^ yesterday resign'd the Chair and deliver'd up the Keys of the Garrison to him and 

Guiston t na t ] le vvould the same day have summon'd this Councill had he not Labour'd 

Esqr. Gover- under most severe pains which almost rendered his Limbs in a manner useless to 

him from which time to this he declares that the R l . Hon 616 Companys pacquett by 

the Heathcote has been in his Custody and that no man whatever has had the 

perusall of one Single paper. And now Orders the See y . to read his Commission 

from the R\ Hon ble Court of Mannagers for the United Trade appointing him their 

President and Governour of Port S\ George &c\ w ch . was accordingly done. Att the 

same time the R l . Hon ble Mannagers Generall Letter was lickwise read. 

Pes'M* 6 reads -^ e ^ ate President Pitt's A ceo". Cash is now read and the Ballance appearing 

his Acco't. and to bee Pagodas one thousand nine hundred thirtyfive,. Pannams twenty and cash 
r« yS i936 B 20f» three for which be requiring a receipt from imder the hands of the now President 
3e». and Councill itt was accordingly given him and the paid Ballance was paid in to 

President Addison, the eoppy is as Entr'd after this Consultation. 
Trearareordu Ordered that Mess rs Martin and Raworth with the two Essay Masters doe 

to be examd. examine all the Silver and Gold which came on the Heathcote and make their Report 

thereof to this board And that all the Silver be immediately coin'd into Rupees. 
Parag°. of ye The late President requesting coppys of all such paragraphs of the Generall 

° e H 1 ' theote r Letter as any ways relate to him itt was putt to the vote whether itt should be 
requeTteo^V allow'd or not, and itt proveing the sentiments of all, that itt was, itt would be no 
Ser^riaUn" wavs detrimental to oar Hon ble Masters it is therefore Ordered that the Sec rT . draw 
to him. out such Paragraphs and deliver the same to him 

Rob . Raworth. Gulston Addison. 

Tho : Frederick. Will : Eraser. 

Rich d . Hunt. Edm d . Mountague. 

Edw d . Bulkley. W : Martin. 
\V M . Jennings. 

List of the Packett to Port St. George by the Heathcote. 

1 . Companys Commission under their Common Seal for appointing the President 
& Council of Port S f . George dated y e . 21 e January 1708. 

2. Compa 5 ' Generall Letter to the Fort dated 4 th fTeb rj: 1708. 

3. Coppy Comp y Generall Letter to D°. dated 20th April! 1708 sent<T[|> Dispatch. 

4. Invoice of Ship Heathcote Amounting to £83303 : 13 : 10. 

5. Bill Loading of Ditto. 

6. Coppy of the Hea* boots Charterparty. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 75 


7. List of Goods to be provided att the Fort. 

8. Coast Warehousekeepers Acco\ of Goods wanting by the Dutchess sign'd by 
M r . James Newton. 

9. Manifest of Bullion and Goods Lycenced to be Shipp'd on the Heathcote. 

10. Copys of the Entrys of the Separate Stock Ships Viz*, the Concord and 
Eiseing sun. 

11. Copy of a Protest rec d . from Bencoolen 10 th Nov 1 '. 1708 by the Carlton 

12. List of a Merch'. severall writers free Merch ts and others for y e ffort. 

13. List of Souldiers for the Fort on the Heathcote. 

14. Old Companys Letter dated 28 th January 1708 directed to all and every 
the persons whatsoever that have been employ 'd in the Service of the Govern 1 ' and 
Company of Merch 18 of London trading to the East Indies at Fort S*. George and 
elsewhere on the Coast of Choromaudell ete a . 

15. New Companys Letter dated the 20 th January 1708 directed to all Presi- 
dents Merch ts ffactors and other persons whomsoever Employ'd in the Service of the 
English Company trading to the East Indies at Fort S*. George or elsewhere on the 
Coast cf Choromandell on A ceo* of their separate affairs. 

16. Comp 8 General Letter to the Fort, dated 28 th Jan r> 1708. 

17. Packett from the Secrett Committee dated y e 3 d ffeb ry 1708 directed for the 
Govern 1 ' of Fort S*. George for the time being this with N°. 16 were enclosed seald 
up in a cover directed Viz*, for the Hon bIe Gulston Addison Esq r . and the rest of the 
Councill for all the Affairs of the English Nation at Fort S*. George &c a , 

18. Packett directed for the Hon ble Thomas Pitt Esq r . at Fort 8*. George. 

Wee the President and Councill of Fort S*. George for affairs of the B*. Hon ble 
United English East India Company doe hereby acknowledge to have Eec cl of the 
Hon ble Thomas Pitt Esq 1 ', late Govern 1 ' and President of Fort S f . George the sume of 
pagod s . one thousand nine hundred thirty five Fannams twenty and Cash three which 
as appears to be the Ballance of the K f Hon ble United Companys Cash to the 18 th 
September 1709 for which Wee give him this our Eeceipt Fort S f . George 19 th 
Septem r 1709. 

Gulston Addison. 
William Fbasee. 
Edm d . Mountague. 
William Maetin. 


Thomas Fredkeice. 
Hichaed Hunt. 
Edw d . Bulkley. 
William Jennings. 

Maddapollam Yatch arrived w th Bales from Fort S\ David. -i g TH 

Eeceived advises from Negapatam that the Frederick and Hallifax were o() TH 
arrived there and According to the Orders they there mett with, directed to the 
Commanders of all English Shipping had unladen their Treasure to secure itt from 
the French they haveing three Ships from Europe arrived at Ponticherry, Upon 
which new Orders were immediately dispatched .idviseing that the three French 
Ships were sailed from Ponticherry with their prize and that there was no danger of 
their comeing a Long shear. 

Arrived here the Tankervdl Capt". Charles Newnam Commd r . bound for Bombay. 21. 

Arrived the New George Capt a . James Osbourne Commd r . bound for 

76 Records of Tort St. George 


Att a Consultation 
Thursday Gulston Addison Esq". Gov k . and Peesid t . 

22 nd - William Eraser. Edm b . Mountaguk. 

William Martin. Eob t . Raworth. 
Thomas Frederick. Rich 15 . Hunt. 
Edward Bulklev. William Jennings. 

Aoeo^read' 1 ' 8 ^- r * Thoinas Fredei ick Sea Customer reads his Acco lt for the month of August 

pd into cash last and pays into Cash pagodas one thousand on that Acco". 
Custome on Goods Imported 
and Exported 

P a 4114: 12: 20 

Custome on Grain ... ... ... ^3 : 21 : 12 

Anchorage ... ... .. 69 : — — 

420b : 83: 32 

Aeootread. M r . Robert Raworth reads his Aeco* for the month of August last as Ware- 

thlEteathoote ihe Season of the year being soe far advanced renders itt very hazardous for a 

forthwith Ships gaining her passage to Bengali besides the bad weather that may reasonabley 
home." be supposed she must encounter with has putt us upon thinking how wee,can other- 

wise dispose of the Heatheote that these dangers may be avoided on which wee 
ordered immediately that an acco". of what Goods wee had in the Goedowns be laid 
before us by the Warehousekeeper and itt appearing their was sufficent to load her, 
and believing soe early a dispatch (when she cannot tail of joyning the dutch ffleet 
att the Cape) will meet with the approbation of our honr ble Mast rs . itt is therefore 
agreed she be Loaden with all convenient speed and be dispateh'd home, And that 
the Warehousekeeper does forth with putt on board her the Charter party allowance 
of Salt Petre and Heddwood 
the'counoii This day Wee proceeded to Settling the Councils Employs (on which they are 

settled. to Enter the 1 st of October next) and finde when M r , Fraser goes for Fort S*. David 

that of course they will stand thus. 

M r . Edm d Mountague Bookeeper. 
M r . William Martin Warehousekeeper. 
M r . Robert Rav\ orth Sea Customer. 
M r . Thomas Frederick Paymaster. 
M r . Richard Hunt Land Customer. 
Al 1 '. Edward Bulkley Storekeeper. 
M 1 '. William Jennings Collector of the Quitt Rents. 

M r . Robert Raworth now Warehouse keeper aecquainting us that there was ten 

10 Chests of Chests of Silver wanting to make good the tleatheots Invoice and Bill Loading 

Silver want- Capt n Toulson was sent for and the above said Chest, demanded of him on which he 

Heatheote for produced an order trom the Committee appointed to provide and send on board the 

wch. reed. United Companys Shipping their Bullion ordering the delivery of said t; n Chests to 

Gold from Capt" Newnam Commander of the Tankervilland to receive from him a Chest of Gold 

the Tanker- marked G both which wee hnde is duely comply'd with and the Chest of Gold in our 

possession but reing att a Loss for an Account thereof, lit is agreed that M r . Raworth 

and the Sec' 5 ', doe goe on board the i aukervill with an order (to Capt a Newnam) from 

the President and Couneill to permitt them to open the Bombay packett and take from 

the Invoice a pei ticuiar Acco tf . of the Contents of said Chests of Gold and carefully seal 

itt up again the aforesaid Order to the Capt a is as Entrd after this Consultation. 

Diary and Consultation Book. 1709 77 


This day Wee took into consideration the Necessity of speedily concluding on Notice ordrd 
an Investment for that after the Heathcote is dispatch'd wee shall not have remaining y° ^fron* '° 
in our goedowns above one hundred and fifty Bales and that all wee can expect from y' y e c ° m - 
Fort 3* David and Vizagapatam with the six hundred bales from Bengali in return of make In" 
the like number sent them will not make above twelve hundred bales and that Wee In vestmt. 
are sure the Kent and Sommers will be sent us from Bengali to be dispatch'd hence 
in January Itt is therefore Ordered that notes bee affix'd att the Sea Gates & Choultry 
Grates declaring our Intentions of makeing an Investment and desireing the black 
Merchants of this place to appear in the Consultation Boome on Wednesday the 28 th 

Mess". Martin & Baworth reports that the Silver rec' 1 . by the Heathcote they saver ^ Hea- 
have carefully Examined and that itt comes out right with the Invoice. rightwUi*"* 


M r . Henry Davenport Late Secretary haveing this day petition'd to lay down Mr Daven- 
the B* Hon"' 
as Entr'd after this Consultation. 

Ordered that William Warre doe sacceed him as Secretary and that all books Wm warre 
and papers relating to the Secretarys Employ be delivered him. Seo,'^ 

Ordered that John Lege doe goe with our recomendation to the May r and John Legg 
Aldermen of this Corporation in Order to be elected Begister of their Court in the Register. 
place of William Warre. 

Ordered the Alex a Bennett be assistant to the Warehousekeeper 
John Legg. 

Hercules Courtney and Alexander ffulerton were this day sent for and produced Lieutenants 
the B* Hon ble Cempanys Commission for Lieutenants in their service. ffu°ierton 

sent for 

Ordered that they be entr'd into pay from the day of their Arrivall and have ordered into 
the same allowance as Lieutenant Gale pay 

Tho : Frederick. Gulston Addison. 

Bich d . Hunt. Will : Eraser. 

Edw d Bulklev. Edm d Mountague. 

W M . Jennings. W : Martin. 

Rob t . Baworth. 

To the Hon elk Gul3ton Addison Esa R . 

governour and presidenr for affairs of the b. t hon ele united english 
East India Company &o a . Council of Fort S t . Geokge. 
Hon ele S R . &c\ 

Last Consultation day I desired your leave to Lay down the B 4 Hon ble Companys 
service in which I have served near fifteen years and that in the most fatigueings 
Employs here three years sub secretary and nine as Secretary, wherein I hope I have 
discharged myself e to the satisfaction of the Governour and Oouncill of this place for 
that I ever made itt my ?tudy, and business to discharge myselfe with Honour 
Integrity and dilligence as the only means I thought to recommend me to the B.' 
Hon : ble Companys Favour and preferment and is what they soe streneiously write in 
all their Generall Letters to this place as one of their Chiefest maxims of their 
Government to have a speciall regard to seniority in their service when such person 
has approved hiinselfe Dilligent and capable thereof, and deserving of their counte- 
nance but they haveing been pleased to alter that Method now by placeing Juniours 
over my head I begg the Favour of your Hon r . &c. a Councill to permitt me to lay 


liecords of Fort St. George 


down the Companys service for w. ch itt shall ever be esteem'd as a favour oonfirr'd 

Hon ble S r &e a 
Foet S T . George, Your most Obed.' humble Serv.' 

20 th September 1709. Hen. Davenport. 

To Capta Charles Newnam 

Command. 11 of y e Tankervill 

S' . 

Haveing no Acco". or Invoice of the Chest of Treasure mark'd C traverst from 
your Ship to the Heathcote have sent off M r . EawGith and Warre to open your 
Packett for Bombay and take a coppy of the Acco." of said Chest out of the Invoice 
which Wee order you to permitt them to doe and this shall bee your Sufficient 
Warrant Fort S 4 . George September 23 d 1709. 


William Fraser. 
EDM d . Mountague. 
William Martin. 
Eoeert Eaworth. 
Thom s . Frederick. 
EicH d . Hunt. 
Edward Bulkley. 
William Jennings. 

This night between 11 & 12 a Clock a Gun was fir'd from on board the 
Tankervill & about 3 in the morning advice came to the Govern 1 ", that there was a 
Mutiny on board said Ship, as soon as itt was light the President sent off two boats 
with Souldiers to bring ou shoar such persons as the Capt a . & his officers had found 
faulty w ch . boats return'd w th . four men Viz.* John Eead Boatswaine Francis Eobinson 
Boatswains mate John Hannah Midshipman William Plyer Sailor. 

The Maddapollam Yateh saild Fort S.» David. 

Ait a Consultation 

Monday Gulston Addison Esq. , Gov. R & President. 

26th William Fraser. Edm. d Mountague. 

William Martin. Eobert Eaworth. 

Thomas Fred i rick, Eiohard Hunt. 

Edward Bulkley. William Jennings. 

S baton's 
petition read 

The fo: 

Upon Capt. a Seatons Petitioning this board that he might be brought to a Tryall 
or enlarged upon bail as Entr'd after this Consultation. 

Tfce Consultations that make appear his crimes and the sentence already pass'd 

oonfirmV on nim were a U Read after which the President putt itt to each Perticular person att 

this Council to declare their oppinions if they thought the sentence already pass'd on 

him in the late Governour Pitt's time was just or no, Who all with the President 

(M r Fraser Excepted) declared itt just and that itt ought to be executed accordingly. 

Admitted to That part of s d Seatons petition that desires he may be enlarged upon Bail was 

hfsHousi to consider'd of & M r . Thomas Frederick for himself e and M r . Eobert Wright offerring 

upoD ban. to Oblidge themselves in a bond of Pagodas four thousand to see him forthcomeing It 

is agreed that the said security be taken and that he be confined to his own House 

& a Guard over him. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 79 


A letter from Capt a . Phrip & Capt a Hudson from Negapatam dat d . y e 21 at rec d Advice of the 


y e 25 th Ids', was now read desireing Our Orders for tlieir further proceeding which & r Haiiifa 
is already comply 'd with as & diary of 20 th Ins', they advise likewise of the arrival! arr "' d at 
of the Concord a separate stock Ship att the same port. egapaam. 

A Letter from Governour Steelant & Council att Negapatam dat d . pm° Oct r . N°. Letter from 
S rec.' 1 y e 25 th September O. 8. is now read & an enclosed protest of M r . Beirens and Council 
Govern 1 ', of Tutocoryne complaining of Affronts and incivilitys shown him by one at , Ne s a " 
William Saunders Master of the Septer desireing Wee will take notice of the same paam ' 
and punish him accordingly, Agreed that the said papers be sent to Bengali where 
Wee beli[e]ve the said Master too bee he being bound thither by his Orders from his 
Owner M r . Robert Adams of Callieutt. 

Ordered that Camall Batavia John Franca Bastian Brabon and Thomas Three Portu - 
Eedcloffs be entertain'd Souldiers in this Garrison. And Patrick Jugolsby of the ta^Vas 6 "" 
Gunroome Crew. Solders & one 

English in 
the Gun- 

Agreed that William Douglass be entertain'd as Surgeons Mate, att Pagod". William 
ffive & month & the Companys Table. £MST 

Gulston Addison. 

Will : Fkaser. 
Bich d . Hunt. Edm c . Mountague. 

Edw d : Bulkley. W : Maetin. 

Bob t . Raworth. 

Tho : Frederick 

To the Hon EL3S : Gulston Addison Esa R . 

Governour &c a . Council of Fort S t . George. 

The humble Petition of Francis Seaton. 

Shfweth : 

Whereas your Petitioner was on the 2 d . of August Last by Order of the late 
Govern 1 ' Thomas Pitt Esq 1 ', committed close Prisoner in the Fort. 

Your Peti er . humbley craves that he may have a speedy Tryall or be enlarged 
upon bail untill such time as your Hon ble . board shall think fitt to Condemn or acquitt 
him, which he is informed is nothing but what is his right as a subject to the Qiteen 
of Great Britain and conformable to a statute made in the 31 st year of King Charles 
the second. 

Fort S t . George, And your Petitioner as in Duty 

20th September 1709. bound shall ever pray &c\ 

Arrived the Elizabeth from Bengali. 

Att a Consultation 


Gulston Addision Esq/., Gov", and President. Wbdnbs- 

William Fraser. Edm d . Mountagcje. day, 28 th . 

William Mariin. Robert Raworth. 

Thomas Frederick. Richard Hunt. 

William Jennings. Edwahd Bulkley. 


Records of Fort St. George 


SeaCuetomr M r . Thomas Frederick Sea Customer pays into Cash Pagodas one thousand. 

pays in pa. 


M r . Rich d Hunt Bookeeper reads the Journall Pareells for the month of July 


Attorneys of M r Ed ward Fleetwood this day appearing in Consultation produceiug an 

Demand he™ authentick Letter of Attorney from M rs Elizabeth Empson as Administratrix to 
Husbands Matthew Empson her late Husbind Dec d . Impowring the Hon bIe President and hiin- 
Oompa cash, selfe to Demand all the Monys & Effects in the R*. Hon ble Companys Cash. 

The same 

Ordered that the same bee deliver' d itt being conformable to the Orders received 
from the K'. Hon ble Company. 

Thomas Pitt Esq r . Late Govern 1, pays in pagodas one hundred sixty two Fan- 
nams twenty one & Cash 1 being for Acco' of the R c . Hon ble Govern 1, & Company of 
Merch' 3 of London tradeing to the East Indies for Ballance of their Cash in his hands 
for which the President & Council sign'd a Receipt coppy of which is as Entr'd after 
this Consultation. 

The late Govern 1 ' Pitt and M r . Robert Kaworth deliver in an Acco". of the 
Effects of the English Company Tradeing to the East Indies who's affairs have been 
negotiated by them the Ballance of which being pagodas one thousand four hundred 
in pa. i4i7 : seventeen Fanams thirty five & Cash f ourty five which they now pay into the United 
yeNew Ae ° 0t ' Companys Cash for which the Presid 1 . and Council gave Receipt, as Entr'd after this 
Compa. Consultation. 

And haye And the said Late Govern 1, & M r . Raworth have given an obligation under their 

obligation for nan( i s to repay one hundred pagodas which they have charged for their trouble if itt 
to repay loo be not allow'd [off J by the said Company. 


The late 
Presidt Pitt 
pays in p a 
162 : 21 : 1 
Aeeot. ye Old 

The Late 
Presidt Pitt 
and Mr. 

Mr. Hunt M r . Hunt pays in Pagodas one hundred ninety three Fannams twelve & Cash 

i2^2 P o a for ' twenty being for stores sold belonging to the Old Company. 

stores, -■iceot. 
Old Compa. 

Pa s° ds - ] soo Orderd that pagodas one thousand ffive hundred be Advanced the Paymaster for 

paymaster, defraying Charges Garrison. 

Arraok Far- Gruapau etc*., Arrack ffarmers pays into Cash the sume of pagodas three 

pa e 3 9 i6 ay 2 8 4 in hundred and Sixteen Fann s twenty four. 

The blaok 
attend about 
the Invest- 

This day appeared severall black Merchants ^suant to an Order of Consultation 
of the 22 d Inst*, by whom was perused all the Companys Musters and a proposall 
made for their bringing in severall sorts of Goods a list whereof is as Entr'd after 
this Consultation, And the President Insisting on an abatement in the prizes on the 
last Contract they desired they might consider of itt for a few days and that they 
would attend the Councill board and give in their answer. 

Gulston Addison. 
Will: Feaser. 
Epm d : Motjntague. 
W . Mabtik. 
Rob t - Raworth. 
Tho : Feepkeick. 
Rich. 1 ' Hunt. 
Edw. d Bulkley. 
w m - jenning8. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 81 


List of Goods proposed to be provided and brought in by the 10 th Deoem' 


Longeloth Ord t ... ... .. ... ... Peioes, 20000 

Ditto Middling ... ... ... ... ,,. 4000 

Ditto Fine ... ... ... ... ... ... (> goOO 

Sallampores Ord/y ... ... ... ... 20000 

Ditto Middling ... ... ., ... ... j; gQ00 

Ditto Fine ... ... ... ... ... ... 4000 

Ginghams of 16 Cored3 ... ... ... ... ... (j 1500 

Ditto 40 ',' 500 

Betteelas 40 ... ... ,.. ... ... 7000 

Ditto 50 ... ... ,.. ... ... tf 3ooo 

Oringall Betteelas ... ... ... ... ... ;) §000 

Moorees ... ... ... ... ... )} g000 

Ditto ffine ,.. ... ... .. ... ... )} \^qq 

Neckcloths ... ... ... ... ,., ... >( 4000 

Wee the Presid/ & Couneill for Affairs of the E'. Hoa ble . United English 
East India Company doe hereby acknowledge to have rec. d of the Hon b,e Thorn. 8 
Pitt Esq/ Late Presid/ of Port S.' George for the B/ Hon ble Govern 1 ' & Company 
of Merch* 8 . of London tradeing to the East Indies the surae of pagodas one hundred 
sixty two Pan 8 21 : & Cash 1 which appears to be the Eallance of said Companys 
Cash in his hands for which wee give him this our receipt Port S.* George 28 th 
Septem/ 1709. 

Thomas Frederick. Gulston Addison. 

Eich d . Hunt. William Eraser. 

Edward Bulkley. William Martin. 

William Jennings. Eobert Eaworth. 

Wee the Presid/ & Couneill for Affairs of the E/ Hon ble . United English 
East India Company doe hereby acknowledge to have received of the Hon ble Thomas 
Pitt Esq/ Late Govern 1 , and M r . Eobert Raworth for Acco tt of the R/ Hon. ble 
English Company tradeing to the East Indies the sume of Pagodas one thousand 
four hundred and seventeen Pannaras thirty five and Cash forty five which appears 
to be the Ballance of said Companvs Cash in their hands for which Wee give them 
this our receipt Fort S/ George 28* h Sep/ 1709. 

Gulston Addison. 

Edm d . Mountague. 
Edw. d Bulklev. William Martin. 

William Jennings. Eobert Raworth. 

Thomas Prkderick. 

Rioh d Hunt. 

Arrived the Morning Star from Bengali ^> which rec d the following General] 30m 

1 ffrom the Couneill for the United Affairs there dated 19 th August Last. 

1 ffrom the Governour and Couneill att York Port dated 16 th May last. 

1 ffrom Mess rs Griffith, Daniell and Garrett from Ditto being three of the 
Couneill that lye under Suspention, And also a packett from them to the E' Hon ble 
Court of Mannagers. 


Reeords of Fort St. George 


Monday 3 d 


At a Consultation 
Gulston Addison Esq,." Gov, k & Pbesid 1 

William Feaser. 
William Martin. 
Thomas Frederick. 
Edw. e Bulkley. 

Edm d . Mountague. 
Robert Ea worth. 
Rich". Hunt. 
William Jennings. 

R ep °orth Mr " M r . & olDert; Raworth and William Warre Report that they have been on board 

haves been the Trankervill and opned the Bombay packett and took from the Invoice a parti- 
TaTbertm oular account of a Chest of Gold traverst on board the Heathoote which is as Entr'd 
wth. ye after this Consulta". 

eeo.ry and 
opned ye 
Packet for 

Comander of Capt. a Joseph Toulson Commander of the Heathoote delivers in his request for 

requMtfeo ffifty tons of Salt petre more then his Charterparty allowance agreed the same be 
Ton Salt granted him and his request is as entr'd after this consultation and that the 
Originall be sent the Company in the packett. 

The men yt 
Mutined on 
board the 
ord rd to be 

Capt. a Newnams petition was this day read relating to a Mutiny that happn'd 
on board his Ship desireing that the four persons that were now in prison a ^hoar 
might be punished as wee shall finde their Crimes deserve. It is Ordered that 
Mess. rs Mountague, Raworth, Hunt and Jennings doe Examine the said Prisoners 
and deliver their report in att next Consultation 

The Gold 
reo.d V the 

Mess. rs Martin and Raworth Report that the two Chests of Gold marked A : 
B : mention'd in the Heatheotes Invoice they have examin'd and finde to come out- 
comes out right and likewise one Chest of Gold mark'd C Traverst from the Tankervill to the 
inT°o ins ° Heathoote to come outright with the Acco. 1 taken from the Bombay Invoice. 

Contract This day being appointed for to receive the proposalls from the Black Merch. ts 

o^Twltt" relating to an Investment who according to appointment mett in the Consultation 
Sunearama roome, with whom some time was spent in arguing upon the reasonableness of lower- 
chitteT 7 hag the prizes upon all sorts of peice goods here since that the Merch ts : att Port 8* : 
Baiia chittee David had ledd the way & abated 5 ^ Cent on their last contract upon which the 
chittee" e Mereh u . entr'd into a debate for some time amoung themselves and at last four of 
them Viz' : Sunca Kama, Colloway Chittee, Balla Chittee & Vincattee Chittee pro- 
posed to undertake the same and offer'd to abate 5 ty Cent on the prizes of the last 
contract, w ch was consented to by us And Ordered that the said Agreement be drawn 
up as usuall and that the papers be interchangabley given confirming the same. 

Companys All or inost of the Black Merch ts . [_of] any consideration being mett in the 

sold them h f or Consultation roome upon occasion of the Investment and some of them appearing 
so ^ cTon" very inclinable to come to an agreement for all the R\ Hon ble . Companys broad 
lnT *- Cloth Landed from the Heathcote which is 159 bales and likewise what more wee 

shall think fitt to Order a Shoar from the Frederick & Hallifax upon which wee putt 
itt up to sale and the Merch* 8 . with whom Wee this day contracted for Callicoes &c a 
Offerring 50 ty Cent Advance upon Invoice which being 5^0' more then the 
last sold for and nobody Offerring above that price, Itt is agreed that the Warehouse- 
keeper does deliver them all that belongs to the R*. Hon ble Company reserving for 
our use as much as Wee may have occasion for, for presents & clothing of the 

Diary and Ocnsultation Book, 1709 83 


Councill att Port S*. David on us for pagod 8 . 5000 payable to the Hon We Thomas David i 

' ■ ■ ■ 6000 pa 

to be paid. 

Ordered that one thousand Pagodas be paid M r . Thomas Prederick Paymaster S*^ 10 " 
for to defray Charges Garrison. paymasf. 

Gulston Addison Esq r . President reads his acco.*. of the RA Hon ble . United ^o^cash 
CompanysCash for Sept r . last Balance being pagod 8 . 4526: 5. 3. for Sep/ 

r read. 

William Johnson Prancis Upton & Samuell Lewis haveing served oat their S; ee h ^° ldi ^ 
contracted time to the R\ Hon ble . Company and praying their discharge & permis- & Leaved 
sion to return for Europe on the Heatheote, which is accordingly Granted y m . e° e b 3 0me 


Ponagetto Narso &c a Tobacco & Beetle ffarmers pays into Cash Pagodas ffive Beetle Far- 
hundred Eighty three Fannams twelve. p^lS&T m 

12: — 

Ordered that the Warehousekeeper doe send of Bales on board the Heatheote Bales ordd 
and that A peon be sent off in every Boat. on board the 


The ffollowins; Generall Letters are now read. General] 

Letters reod. 

1 Prom the Council in Bengali for the United affairs. 

1 Prom the Govern 1 " & Councill of York Port. 

1 Prom Mess fs . Griffith, Dauiell & Garrett three of the Councill under 
suspention att York Port. 

And also rec d . & read one from the Chief & Council att Vizagapatam dat. d y e . 
14 th September Last. 

Rich 11 : Hunt. Gulston Addison. 

Edw d . Bulkley. Will : Fi 

W M . Jennings. Edm d . Mountagttb. 

W .- Mabtin. 
Bob t . Raworth. 
Tho : Fredeeick. 

To the Hon ble Gulston Addison Esq*. 

President & Govern" &c\ Councill for affairs of the e*. Hon ble 
United East India Company. 

Hon ble : S r . 

Finding my Charter party proportion of Salt Petre not sufficient to make the 
Ship Heatheote sail worthy I humbly request you will be pleased to Order fifty 
Tonus more to be laden on board I am, 

Hon bIe S rs . 
Your Obed 4 . & hum ,,le Serv'., 
Jos : Toi son. 
Fobt S'. George, 3 d October J 709. 


Records of Fori St. 



nnrmiiPT? ivno 


Chest Gold mark'd C taken from the Bombay Invoice. 


lb. oz. dw. Gr. 


Grs. lb. 

oz. dw. 




14 : 6 : 9 . 12 better ,„ 


1 15: 

4 : 7 



46: 4: 15 

2 47: 

5: 8 



31: 7: 16 

12 "... 

H 32: 

9: 17 



10: 11: 14 


11 : 

5; 13 



5: 5: 10 


3J 5: 

7: 18 



4: 10: 5 

... 1 

1 5: 

1: 11 



7: 3: ]2 


h 7: 

8: 1 



15: 7: 19 



s * 16: 

5- 11 



49: 5:11 

8J 51: 

i 8 ' 

3: 9 



8: 8: 8 

12 worse .... 

8: 2 



5: 8: 18 

12 better .. 

i 5: 
2* 9: 


9: 2 



Chest of G 

9: 15 

3: 16 
: 1: 1 



old contain*. 

: 4 at 81 


a £.10550: 9: 9 

Madrass Road 24 th September 1709. 

A true Coppy taken by us on board the Tanker vill. 


William Warre. 

Thomas Pitt Esq 1 ', late President haveing requested an Order from the Presi- 
dent to the Commander of the Heathcote for the Receiving his person and Necessarys 
on board which was granted and is as follows. 

To Capt*. Joseph Tolson. 

Commader op the Heathcote. 

You are hereby ordered to receive what necessarys the Hon ble . Thomas Pitt 
Esq 1 ', shall send on board the Ship Heathcote as liekewise his person when he shall 
think convenient to embarque, you are to give him the sole accomadation of the 
Great Cabbin and treat him with y e respect dureing the terme of the Voyage suit- 
able to the Great Post he has served in here which the R*. Hon bl °. Company have 
ordered and will expect from you and treat you accordingly on your arrivall in 
England Fort S*. George 5 th October 1709. 

Gdlston Addison. 
William Fraser. 
William Martin. 
Robert Ra worth. 
Thomas Frederick. 
Rich d . Hunt. 
Edward Bulkley. 
William Jennings. 

Arrived the Eugene Gaily from Benga[ll.] 

Ship Tankervill Capt" Cha s . Newnam Com[and r saild for] Bombay <$> whom 
sent a General! Letter [to the Dy. Gov r .] and Councill there. 
Ship New George Capt". James Osborne salid for Bombay. 
Ship Elizabeth John Coekroft Master salid for Surrat. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 85 


. „ Monday 

Att a Consultation jg Tg 


Gulston Addison Esa E ., Presid t . & Govern*. 
William Fraser. Edm 3 . Mountague. 

William Martin. Eobert Eaworth. 

Thomas Frederick. Kich d . Hunt. 

Edward Buleley. William Jennings. 

M r . Bulkley produces a list of the Souldiers that came on the Heathcote (W oh : Surgeon of 
are thirty five) and the B* Hon bl " : Company haveing Ordered that John Eden Ordd. to he e 
Surgeon of said Ship should be paid 10 s for every mau that came safe here being for i" 1 ■ s 1 ,°f." fur 
his care of them dureing the term of the Voyage Agreed that the paymaster adjust Lme here on 
the Account with the s d . Surgeon and pay him what due persuaDt to the Company s s<1, 9hip 

M r . Thomas Frederick, late Sea Customer pays into the E*. Hon ble : Company s [Sea Custr. 
Cash Pagodas one thousand on that Account. iooo] pas '' 

Agreed that M r . Thomas Frederick bee Cheif Justice of the Choultry And Mess 1 ' 3 . Justices of the 
Eichard Hunt Edward Bulkley William Jennings and Francis Cooke Justice. settled. 

The President adviseing that last night there were two Moors Lasscars seized twopersons 
& brought to him who were endeavouring to Murder a ISToqueda belonging to one endeavorg. to 
of the Surrat Ships he ordered that the Justices of the Choultry doe examine the No^ueda* 
said Lasscars and make their report at Next Consultation. referred to 

the Justices 
of the Choul- 

Capt" : Tolson haveing brought on his Ship severall Chests of Wine &c a ^° ods ^°" 
which were design'd for Bengali, who was sent for, and Ordered to deliver them with cote forye 
an Aeco" : to M r . Robert Raworth Sea Customer. , ba y ° rdered 

to be D? j 
Sea Customer 

Agreed that the Accomptant draw out the A Tec 1 j of Sallary due to the E*. Aooot. Saiiary 
Hon ble . Companys Servants in this place for Six months ending to the 29 th . Septem- Satnont! 
ber last. 

Eobert Ellis William Mitchell Thomas [...] Henry Collis Souldiers & John ^° u n r e Soldier8 
Sherborne [...J of the Gunroome crew of this Garrison have served out their con- Gunner 
tracted time to the E*. Hon ble . Company and praying their discharge and permission Dieohar s ed - 
to re[turne home] on the H[eathcote] which was [granted to them]. 

Mess rs . Mountague Eaworth Hunt & Jennings Report that they have examin'd Report about 
four persons that were brought ashc 
and is as entr'd after this Consultation. 

Ordered that they be seveerly punished the manner of which is left to the President to 
President. punish them 

M r . William Eraser's Commission appointing him Deputy Govern 1 " of Port S* . Mr. Fraaer'i 
David is now read and approved, And it is agreed that the following persons bee of read 
Council there : — 

M r . Eichard ffarmer secon'd. 

M r . John Berlu third. 

M r . Eichard Harrison fourth, 

M r . Phillip Baker ffifth, 

M r . John Bulteil sixth, 

M r . Matthew Weld seventh and last of said Council. 



Records of Fort St. George 


Agreed that ffifteen thousand Pagodas be sent to Port S 4 . David with M r . 
r \>j peons overland. 

fto U e r ome I i eav9 M *- Cotterel now at Fort 8*. David desiering to come here w ch . is accordingly 

hither. permitted him. 

Tho : Fredeeick. Edm D . Mountague. 

Rich d . Hunt. W. Martin. 

[Edw d ]. BuLKLEy. ROB T . Ra WORTH. 

To the Hon ble . Gulston Addison Esq*. 

President & Govren*. &c r . Council 

for the Affairs of the R t . Hon ble . United 
East India Company. 
Hok blb . S ES . &c\ 

Pursuant to your Order Wee mett the third Inst*, at the Town Hall where 
John Eead Boatswaine Francis Eobinson Boatswains Mate Jn°. Hannah, Midshipman 
& William Plyer sailor all belonging to the Tankervill were brought before us, Wee 
read the deposition w°\ were sworn against them and askM them severally what 
they had to say for themselves behaveiug themselves in such a Mutinous manner on 
board their Ship. 

John Eead Boatswaine pleaded he was in drink and therefore was not able to 
give an account of what he did, but assured us he had no ill Intentions and seem'd 
very penitent. 

Francis Eobinson Boatswains mate confess'd y 4 his intention was to run away 
the first oppertunity he could gett, his reason for itt was that M r . Passwater the 
second mate had some days before given him some harsh words but m generall deny 's 
what was deposed upon Oath against him. 

John Hannah Midshipman deny'd all but being ask'd what was the reason of 
his haveing a brace of Pistolls loaden & a drawn sword in [his hand at] that 
Juncture, reply'd [it was] upon no ill design. 

William Plyer clenyes all and says that he was att the time of the disturbance 
a sleep in his Hammock, though at the same time has gott a large cutt with a 
Cuttlace a Cross the face and lost his thumb in the fray : none of them all shew'd 
any concern att what was alledged against them except the Boatswain who as before 
mention'd was very Penitent. 

Wee are 
Fosx st. Hon ble . S rs . &e a . 

i^rZ- T h Your most Obedient Humble Servants. 


Edm d . Mountague. 
Robert Eaworth. 
Richard Hunt. 
William Jennings. 

11. Ar[rived] the Mary Sloope from Bengali 

12. Sailed the Morning Starr for Bengali 

13. Arrived a Surpau from Usuph Cawn Suba of Golconda to the Hon bIe Gover- 
uour w eh . he rec. d [af]ter the usuall Manner att the Garden att [ . . .] afternoon 
attended by the Inhabitants [ . . .] for Surratt. 

Monday This day M r Edm d Mountague Second summon'd the Councill to meett at Jersey 

17. House. 

Diary and Consultation Boo/c, 1709 87 



Mess rs Edm d Mountague. William Martin. 

Robert Raworth. Thom s Frederick. 

Rich d Hunt. Edw. d Bulkley. 

William Jennings. 

Agreed that an Order be sent to the Sec. ry to Lay before us all papers relating ^ t ° t g de £ 
to the Dispatch of the Heathcote w. ch was accordingly done and is as entr'd after Sew° y 
this Consultation. 

The Generall Letter to the Hon ble Mannagers wrot by President Addison now Generaii 
read and approved. *-*££ 

Agreed that the Warehousekeeper continue sending bales on board the Heath- The diBpatoh 
cote of such Goods as are in the Goedowns and that she be Loaden and dispatched °* ihe u ^} h - 

... r cote agreed. 

with the utmost expedition. 

Edm. d Mountague. 
W. Martin. 
Roe t Raworth. 
Tho : Frederick. 
Edw. d Bulkley. 
W. M Jennings. 
To M r . William Warre 

Governour Addison being soe much indisposed he can't possibley give his 
assistance in the dispatch of Ship Heathcote and the Season being soe far advanced 
that should wee wait his recovery she would run an eminent hazard of comeing a 
shoar, Wee being appointed by the Hon : ble English Company Couneill for their 
affairs on this Coast do forthwith require you to attend us att M r Jerseys House and 
lay before us what papers are ready to be sent on the said Ship for England Fort 
S.* George October the I7 ih 1709. 

Edm d . Mountague. 
William Martin. 
Robert Raworth. 
Thom s : Frederick. 
Rich d : Hunt. 
Edward Bulkley. 
William Jennings. 

Gulston Addison Esq; r Late President dyeing this day about 12 a Clock the 17. 
Council niett about 2 in the Consultation roome. 


Edm d Mountague. William Martin. 

Robert Raworth. Thomas Frederick. 

Richd Hunt. Edward Bulkley 

William Jennings. 

The Sec y . was Ordered to Lay before the board the Cash Acco.' and the Ballance Aeeot - Caeh 
thereof was Pagodas 5109 ■ 17 : 3 & on opening the Cash Chest found the same f Md to 
therein. A s ree - 


Records of lort St. George 


The Council] 
Exart ye Late 
papers & 
finde his 

Mr Baker 
writes ye 
Seerett In- 

Raworth & 
take care of 
ye Intermt 
of y« Late 

Mr Johnson 
arrives from 
Port 6t. 

Mr. Praser 
not to he 
sent for from 
Fort S*- 

Mr- Mount- 
ague takes 
the Chair, 
all ye Comn. 
Officers to 
receive the 
Ords. from 


Heath cote 
Men to he 
Captu- TolBOn 
request 30 
Ton Salt 

Agreed that all the Councill goe iD a body and examine the Late Presidents 
papers to see if their be any Will which accordingly was done and on opening a small 
box found a paper seald with his own seal and indorsed the Last Will and Testament 
of Gulston Addison Esq. r . which the Secry was Ordered to open and read and found 
that Mess. rs Edm cI Mountague Robert Kaworth Edward Fleetwood and Bernard 
Benyon were appointed Trustees thereto and also a Coddicill to the said Will both 
which were deliver'd to the aforesaid Trustees. 

And on Examining the late Presidents paper there was found a paper attested 
3(f> Mess 1 ' 5 Mountague Raworth & Lewis Ministers, relating to the Seerett Orders for 
security of the Companys homeward bound Shipping & the President being soe very 
ill that he could not write them himselfe as directed, Impowr'd M. r Brudnall Baker, 
giveing him his Oath to be seerett coppy's whereof are as enter'd after this Consulta- 

Agreed that Mess 1 ' 9 Baworth & Frederick take care of the enterment of the 
Dec/ 1 [President] and that they provide all things [pertaining] to the great Oarrec- 
ter he has bore. 

Last night arrived here from Fort 8.* David Over land M r . John Johnson Cheif 
Supra Cargo of the Concord (a separate stock ShipJ and brought a Packett from the 
Hon ble Managers which was opned and found to be a duplicate o t the late President 
Addisons Commission & their Generall Letters Rec d . *$ the Heathcote. 

M r , Fraser setting out hence on the 11 th Ins*, for the Fort S 4 . David with whom 
sent by peons Pagod s . 15000 in Order to his immediate comeing to an agreement 
with the Mereh ts there for providing severall sorts of Goods to the Amount of pagod 5 . 
50000 towards the early dispatch of the January Shipping and Judgeing itt would 
bee highly detrimentall to the Companys affairs should he be immediately sent for 
from thence. 

Itt is therefore unanimously agreed that M r . Edmond Mountague take the Chair 
& act as provissionall Govern 1 ' & President for the Present. 

And that all the Commission Officers be acquainted with our resolutions and obey 
such Orders as they shall receive from the Provissionall Govern 1 & President in the 
same manner they did the Late President Addison. 

The See 7 acquaints the board that ^suant to the Order of the Late President 
Addison he had drawn out a Contract for the Merch ts to sign conformable to their 
agreement with the late President & Couucill which was not comply'd with Agreed y' 
the said Merch ts be Ordered to attend at next Consultation and give their reasons for 
not signing the said Contract. 

Ordered that the Paymaster doe muster the Heathcote men. 

Capt a . Tolson requests that he may have 30 Tons of Salt Petre more to make 
him sail worthy w ch is granted and is as entr'd after this Consultation. 

Edm d: Mountague. 
W. Martin. 
R T - Eawoeth. 
Tho : Frederick. 
Rich d: Hunt. 
Edw d Bulkley. 
W M Jennings. 

Whereas the R'. Hon ble . United East India Company have for divers good 
causes and good considerations appointed their President Gulston Addison Esq r . to 
give their Seerett directions for the randivouz of their Sbipps for the security of 
their passage home And Whereas the ?aid Gulston Addison Esq 1 ', is soe much 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 


Indisposed that lie can't write himselfe Wee the subscribers think itt will be no 
detriment to the aforesaid Company that on M r . Brudenell Bakers takeing his Oath 
not to divoulge the same that he receive the dictates of the aforesaid Governour and 
write the same accordingly, Fort S'. George October the 14 th 1709. 

Edm d - Mountague. 
Robert Raworth. 
George Lewis, Minist r - 

I Brudnell Baker doe on the Holy Evangelist solemnly declare that I will not 
on any consideration whatever discover what the Hon blB Gulston Addison Esq 1 ', shall 
dictate to mee relating to the dispatch of the Heathcote and other Shipps belonging 
to the Hon bI °. United Company in January or ffebruary next, ffort 8*. George 
October the 14 th 1709. 

Jurat Coram Mee 

Robt Kaworth May e . 

Brudenell Baker. 

To the Hon ble Golston Addison Esg r - 

President & Govern" &c a . Councill 
for affairs of the R T . Hon BLE 
United East India Company 

Hon ble . S ES . &e A 

Finding my Charterparty proportion of Salt petre not sufficient to make the 
Ship Heathcote" sail worthy I humbly request you will be pleased to Order thirty 
Tonus more to be Laden on boar,d. 

Port S t . George, 
17 th October 1709. 

I am 

Hon ble S 1S . 

"Sour Obed'. & hutn ble Serv'. 

Jo Tolson. 

Att a Consultation 


Edm d - Mountague Esq*- Proviss" Presid t - & Govern 11 - Tuesda? 

William Martin. Robert Raworth. 18 - 

Thomas Frederick. Rich - Hunt. 
Edward Bulkley. William Jennings. 

This day arrived the Frederick & Hallifax and considering the season of the g^™ k & 
Tear is soe far advane'd that itt is unanimously agreed for the security of the ordv. to be 
Companys Estate that all the Treasure Broadcloth and Stores be unloaden with all >»>ioaden. 
expedition and that the Warehousekeeper takes care thereof. 

Agreed that one thousand pagodas be advane'd M r . Thomas ffrederick Pay- g^'JJJ 
master to defray Charges Garrison. paymr. 

The Merch ts Wee formerly agreed with for goods were sent for to sign a The Merohu 
Contract as mention'd in our Consultation of the 26 th Ult". they alleged as haveing conS." 
no money Advanced they would be under no obligation but use their uttmost 
Efforts to Comply with their agreement. 

90 Records of Fort St. George 


paddy ordd. The Washers complaining that the Scarcity of Paddy is soe great they can't 

the Washers. p roceec i j n cureing the E' Hon bK ". Companys Cloth agreed that the Warehousekeeper 

left them have a Gars9 of paddy out of the Companys goedown. 
oots men M r . Frederick Paymaster delivers in an Acco\ of the men Muster'd on board 

mustr'd. t ^ e jj ea ti 1C0 te w cn . is Order'd to be sent home in the packett. 

Edm d . Mountague. 
W: Maetin. 
Bob t . Eawoeth. 


Eich d . Hunt. 
Edw d . Bulkley. 
W M . Jehnings. 

18 Arrived the Concord a sperate stock ship. 




Edm d . Mountague Esq e . Peoviss li . Pbesid t . & Govern 1 

William Maetin. Eobeet Eaworth. 

Thomas Feedebick. Eichaed Hunt. 

Edwaed Bulkley. William Jennings. 

Pa. 400 ordd 
y e painters. 

ffr a ederiek & Tll, ' s da > T arrived the Faeketts of Shipps Hallifax & ffrederick from fort S*. 

packetts David Over Land which were opned and found to be the same Eec d . ^the Heatheote. 

arrive over 

from Soit st. Eee d . and read a Generall Letter from the Deputy Govern 1- . & Couneill of Fort 

David. S t § David. 

Agreed that ffour hundred pagodas be Advanc'd the Painters. 

ioo Bales Agreed that one hundred bales of Broad Cloth be continued on board the ffrede- 

fo r °he d oon- th rick & one hundred Bales on board the Hallifax in order to be sent to Bengali & 
tinned on suant to what wrott them formerly, 

board Halli- 
fax & 100 on 
board ye 

Edw d . Bulkley. Edm d . Mountague. 

W M . Jannings. W. Maetin. 


Tho : Feedeeick. 
Eich d . Hunt. 


Att a Consultation 

Edm d . Mountague Esa R . Peoviss il . Peesid t . & Goveen*. 
William Maetin. Eobeet Eawoeth. 

Thomas Frederick. Eich d . Hunt. 
Edwaed Buikley. William Jennings. 

from'fforfst. This day was read a Generall Letter from the Deputy Govern 1 '. & Couneill att 

David 3ooopa j" or t s l . David, adviseing they had drawn a bill of Exchange for three thousand 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 91 


pagodas on the Govern', and Couneill here, payable at ten days sight to Mess rs . fbe^ n on y ua 
Johnson & Coilitson Merch ts . of Ship Concord, w 01 '. is agreed to be paid when due. 

Thomas Headlick, Soldier procuring a person to serve in his roome requests his Soldier die- 
discharge w eh . is Granted him. oharg d ' 

Ordered that Christopher Etterson be entertain'd as a soldier in this Garrison. f°^& Enter * 
The Secrett Ord rs . for the homeward bound Shipping being wrott by Order of Seorett Ordere 
the Late President Addison & riot sign'd by him agreed that M r . Mountague sign ml-.'mouL 
them. ta ? ue - 

Rich d . Hunt. Edm d . Mountague. 

Edw d . Bulkley. W : Martin. 

W*. Jennings. Rob t . Raworth. 

Tho : Frederick. 


This day the Counoill mett and sign'd y°. General] Letters dispatch &c a . & Ship 

This day the Proviss 11 President sent Ensign Dixon with a file of Men to take 
charge of Capt\ Seaton in order to be sent on the Heathcote for England who refused 
to come out of his House without being forced. 

Upon which the Couneill immediately mett att the Provis 11 . Presidents Lodgeings, 
& demanded the said Capt a . Seaton of M r . Thomas Erederick ^suant to his Obligation 
who then deliver'd him up, & the said Obligation is ordered to be eancell'd. 

The Proviss 11 . President Deliver'd to Ensign Dixon an Order sign'd by him and 
Couneill to Capt a v Joseph Tolson Comand r . of the Heathcote, for the receiving of 
Capt a Seaton on board his Ship. And Ordered him to take a Serjant & a file of 
Men & carry him on board which was accordingly done. 

About five a Clock this evening the said Ensign and Guard return'd with their 26 
Prisoner, Capta Tolson refuseing to take him on board his Ship. 

The Heathcote Capt a . Joseph Tolson saild for England. 

Att a Consultation 


Edm d . Mountague Esq r . Proviss : lL Presid 1 : & Govern". Thursday 

William Martlv. Robert Raworth. 27 

Thomas Erederick. Richard Hunt. 

Edward Bulkley. William Jennings. 

The Proviss". President acquaints the Couneill what had happn'd relating to c«pta seaton 
Capt a . Seaton upon which Ensign Dixon was sent for who declares that Capt a . Tolson ^Heathcote! 
would not receive the said Capt a . Seaton on board bis Ship and delivers in a perti- 
cular Acco 4 . of what pass'd between him & said Capt a . Tolson in writing which is as 
Entr'd after this Consultation. 

Capt a . Seaton being again a prisoner in the ffort which place he coinplain'd was Capta Seaton 
very prejuditiall to his health Desires he may be permitted to return to his House goeTo ni 8 ° 
and"offerrs M r . Thomas Frederick and M r . Thomas Lovell to be bound in a bond of bonae - 
ffour thousand pagodas penalty to see him forthcomeing whenever demanded by the 
Govern 1 " & Council or their successors. 

Agreed the said Security be taken, & Capt a . Seaton permitted to goe to his Wcl1 - is 
House and remain there a prisoner as before until further Order. fSuaten" 1 

This day was read the ffollowing Gen 11 : Letters Genii. Letters 

92 Records of hori St. George 


1 ffrom the Deputy Govern r & Council at Fort S*. David dated v e 21° Inst. 

1 ffrom Ditto dated 22 D°. 

1 ffrom M r . Noden at Metchlepataiu dated y e 7 th . In 4 . 
Pa lioo Pfl Capt 11 . Henry Hudson this day p r sents a Bill of Exchange Drawn hy the Deputy 

Hu P deon Bin Govern r & Council att Fort S 4 . David for pagodas one thousand one hundr'd payable 
Ex a . @ Fort f /0 him selfe agreed the same be paid when due. 

Bt. David. ° * 

Ord. ye Robert Tongue Surgeon of the ffrederiok produces an acco 4 . of the R 4 . Hon b!e : 

8urgeon k be Comp s . Soldiers that came on said Ship & requests he may be paid the ten shillings 
pd. for y e f or eac h man as promised him by the Company for his care of them dureing the term 
camion her of the Voyage, agreed that the paymaster adjust that Acco 4 . and pay what due. 
ffiveprsons Ordered that Frederick Mareen Panto D'Rosario Domingo D'Rosario, Thome 

^"soidTe"!' 1 ^ e Andrada Nova & David ffrancisco, be entertained to serve as Soldiers in this 

Garrison or w-herever the President and Council shall think fltt to Order them the 

first being a Dutch Mustees at 60 fan 3 . fra°. the rest Portigueze at fa s . 50 ffim . Each. 
Govern Agreed that a Letter be wrott Governour Fraser to accquaint him of the Death 

ffraser wrott ^ the -j-^g Presid 4 . Addison, And to desire him to return hither with all convenient 

Lieutent. _ This day Lieutenant Yivar appeared and produced the R 4 . Hon ble . Companys 

7nto'l^' tl ' i Commission, agreed y* he be allow'd pay from the time of his arrivall att Port S 4 . 

David and that he have the same allowance as Capt a . Gale has. 
a Garse of Agreed that the Warehousekeepr deliver out a Garse of paddv to the Washers. 

paddy Ordrt. ° 

ye washers Agreed that Nathaniell Burdett be entertain'd as one of the Gunroome Crew in 

this Garrison. 
Saiiary to y e M r . Hunt produces the Aeco 4 . of sallary due to the R 4 . Hon ble Companys servants 

Serrta.'orda here for six months ending the 25 th : Ult°. Amounting to pa 1433 : 7 : 3 which is 
to bepci. amg now read and agreed to be paid. 

to pas 1188 : RlCH D . HtJNT. EdM d . MoTJNTAGtJE. 

Edw d . Bulkley. W: Martin. 
W M . Jennings. R t . Rawobth. 

Tho : Frederick. 
To the Hon ble . Edm d . Mountague Esq r . 
Provission ll . Presid 1 . & Goveen*. 
of Fort S t . George &c a Councill 


English East India Company- 
Hon bl f. S r . &c a 

According to Orders I carry'dyour Prisoner Capt a . Seaton alongside of the Ship 
Heathcote and Laying there some time I found no person appear to hand us a roap 
or anv to assist us, then I went on board and deliver'd your Hon rs . &c\ Councill 
Order" to Capt a . Tolson desireing him to receive the prison r . I inform'd him y 4 . the 
said Prisoner was carried from the Sea Gate and that he refused to corne on board 
unless he were hoisted in, Capt a . Tolson reply'd y 1 . all his passengers came on board 
willingly and would not hoist him iu, nor suffer anybody else to doe itt nor would he 
overhall the least tackle in his Ship, and that he would not suffer any Gentleman 
lying a Long side of his Ship to be forced on board or ill used, Capt a . Tolson asked 
the Prisoner if he would come on board which the said Prisoner refused, then the 
Prisoner demanded of Capt a . Tolson whether he has [any fur]ther Commands for 
him. Capt". Tolson answer'd no I waited for a Note but at last he told me I might 
goe for he would give me none. 

Fort S t . George, 
25 th October 1709. 

Patrick Dixon. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 93 


Att a Consultation 

Presen t 

Edm d : Mountague Esq,*. Prov ll : Preside & Govern*. Monday 

William Martin. [Lacuna'] 31 

Thomas Frederick. Eiohard Htjnt. 

Edw d . Bulkley. William Jennings. 


There being a large sume due to Collaway & Vincattee Chittee on their old iequ°e8t S 8ome 
contract, who this day appearing request that some mony might be Ordered them. JIon 7- 

Agreed that twenty thousand Madrass pagodas be paid them on said Aeco'. Pa 6rdd. them 

Agreed that the Warehousekeeper M r . Hunt & the two Essay Masters doe the Hallifax 
examine the Treasure that came on Ship's Frederick & Hallifax & make there report f * e ^ iek 
thereof, And that the Warehousekeeper doe deliver into the Mint nifty Chests of min'd. so 
Silver to be coin'd into Eupees. SaSaK. 

Coined into 

M r . Thomas Frederick late Sea Custom 1 : reads his Aceo f . Sea Customs for the v A l™ t %£ in 
month of Septem r . Last Viz'. Customs. 

Custome on goods Imported & 

Exported... ... ... ... ... ... P as 2135 : 4.70 

Anchorage Duty ... ... ... .. ... 89: 18; 

Pagod*. ... 2224: 22. 70 

And pay's into Cash on that Acco'. pagodas one thousand: 

Pa 800 pd 

M r . Eich 3 , Hunt Land Custom r . reads his acco*. of Land Customes for the month £ ooot - Land 
of September last Yiz*. 

Choultry Cuetome ... ... ... ... P a 302: 4: 25 

Kubie Brokers ... ... ... ... 36: 25: 11 

Town Brokers ... ... ... ... 69: 28: 64 

Begistring of Slaves ... ... ... ... 7: 20: ... 

Pagod" ... 416; 6: 20 

And pays into cash on that acco* Pagodas Eight hundred. 

Agreed that the Warehousekeeper deliver the Merchants one hundred & ffifty broadcloth 
Bales of Broadcloth, according to their desire- " °^ T c f tbe 

And that the Warehousekeeper Mes9 18 Frederick and Jennings doe examine all * e B ™aoioth 
the Broadcloth that came on Shipps Hallifax and ffrederick and make their Eeport Le°deriok & 

thereof. Hallifax to be 

examin d. 

Agreed that one thousand five hundred pagodas be advanced M r . Thomas £',' paylasu^ 
Frederick paymaster to defray charges Garrison. 


Records of Fort St. George 

Genii LetterB 
reed and 


Gruapau &c a . Arrack ffarmers pay's into y e R l Hon ble Comp s . Cash pagodas 
three hundred & sixteen , fannams 24 on that Acco'. 
Eec d & read the following Generall Letters. 

1 from the United Council in Bengali dat y e 6 tb Ult . 

1 from the Chief & Council at Vizagapatam dat. 8 th Ins'. 

1 from Ditto Dat d . 11 th Ins'. 
Agreed that the ffollowing persons be entertaind to serve in the Gunrooms 

David Murray as Gunners mate. 

Thomas ffloodgate quarter Gunner. 

William Hall & Christopher Mercer of the Gunroom crew. 

Eich d . Hunt. 
Edw d . Bulkley. 
W M . Jennings. 

Edm d . Mountague. 
W. Martin. 

E T . Ra WORTH. 

Tho : Pkederick. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 95 


The Consultation and Diary Booke of William Fraser Esq r . Govern' 
and President &c a Council Their Proceedings and Transactions in 
the Affairs of the Itt. Hon We . United Trade of the English Compa. 
Tradeing to the East Indieg in the Presidency of the Coast of 
Choromandell &c. a Begun the 2 d . of Novem r Anno Domini 1709. 

This Evening about 5 a clock arriv'd here from ffort S». David the Hon ble : ^rJJJi™ 
William Praser Esq 1 . Govern'', and was receivd with all due respect by the Council | 1AY 
and the English Gentlemen, who went as farr as S f . Thomas Little Mount to meet 2». 
him, as did the Cheif of all Nations of the Inhabitants. 

At a Consultation. 

William Eraser Esq/. Gov B & Presid 1 . Thursday 

Edmund Mountague.' William Martin. 3 d - 

Eobert Eaworth : Thomas ffrederick:. 

Eichard Hunt. Edward Bulkley. 

William Jennings. 

The Council being duly summon'd mett in Consultation and haveing taken their Fraser' E sqr . 
places the President riseing up from the Chair and exhorted the Gentlemen of the y e c'haf^ & 
Council to forgett and forgive whatever hitherto had given cause aud occasion to the Exhorts ye 
difference that had formerly happn'd amongst them and that all such piques might unltTin' 
for ever be buried in oblivion and that they might hence forward agree amongst them- ^ 0Y . e * . 
selves in the Unity of Love and firm ffreindship with all reciprocall respect to each 
other in testimony of which they were desired to shake hands all of them which was 
accordingly done with all promises of sincerity to the performance of the premises. 

The Govern r produces now the diary and Consultations att Fort S 1 . David from Dalid Diary 
the 15 th of October to the 29 th of the same inclusive and the Companys counterpart & a ^ ounter ~ 
of the Agreement with the Merchants there for an Investment of pagod 8 . 50000 on o"yo agreemt 
the 19 th past as also a receipt signed by the Council there for the Ballance of the M l e h re ^ e 
Hon ble United Compan .s Cash being p a . 17703: 13 which he deliver'd over to there for 
M r . ffarmer the 29* past, £ 6o >° 00 ' 

Para 9 of the Generall letter from Port 8* David of the 18 th Ult° relating to the orTredto be 
millitary was now read wherein itt is observed Capt a . Courtney has no Commission f r r a TLuten- 
that of his from the Hon ble Company haveing been deposited in the late Hon bk ' ant 
Govern 1 ' Addisons hands itt is agreed that there be a new Commission drawn up and at°Fort e s t . 
sign'd by the Govern 1 ' ana Council here and that the Hon ,,k ' Companys Seal be D ^^ 
affix'd thereto & y* the same be sent him ^ the first oppert unity. 

J two paoketts 

M r . Mountague delivers to the Govern 1 ' two packetts seaPd,Rec d ^ the Hallifax q* Secrett 
and ffrederick, that by the Hallifax N°. 17 : 18, and that by the ffrederick N°18 : .19 y," d H 0nb ° D 
both containing secrett Orders & directions to the severall and respective Captan 8 ^ 0Tr ' °& 
relating to their homeward bound Shipping. Mountague. 

Agreed there be the necessary stores wrott for from ffort S b . David for fitting fo^Tse^Uo 
and repairing the Companys Yatch in the Eiver there be sent them %> the first g°|*S *■ 
oppertunity, Viz* Plank, & Nailes of severall sorts & sizes, and that the storekeeper thecal °h ' 
take care the same be done. 

Agreed that the Steward provide the Quantity of a Leaguer of Batavia-arrack, Prolusions & 
Persia ffruit and rosewater And that two chests of Europe wine and four chests of g^ a 8 ? sinet0 
Syrash be sent to ffort S*. David and that the Steward take care the same be sent be sent to 
y m ^ the first oppertunity, And that the Chest of Medicine w ch . came from England ^.f*- 
for that place be also sent them. 

Records of Fort St. George 


CashtoT ps ^ r - Mountague Reads his acco'. of the R* Hon ble Comp 8 cash to the 2^m°. 

pmo inst Fa Inst.* for Last month the Ballance being pagodas four thousand eight hundred ninety 
d^ 2 : 3i two fannams thirty four with which the real Cash in the Cash Chest agrees and is 
HoniL DD over to the the Hon ble Govern 1 '. 

Ponnagattee Narso &e a Beetle & Tobacco ffarmers pays into Cash pagod. s ffive 
hundred eighty three 12 lns on that acco'. 

Ordd yt 2 ° 

portiguizes _ Ordered that Lewis Parera & Belthazar Gudino Portiguze's be entertained as 

as soldier^ 1 ' 11 Soldiers to serve in this Garrison or else where. 

eonda& Na- Rangojee Naigue Chubbdar (& two Harreoras) who came with a Surrpau to the 

Oaw?8°pe d opie ^ e President Addison from the Suba of Gulconda, requesting that they might be 
request to be dispatched, as also one horseman from Nabob Dow'd Cawn who came with a letter 
Dispateh'd. tQ ^ j a ^. e (3 0vern r requesting his assistance in the buying of Gold, & other goods. 
The Honbie Discoursed of what propper to be sent the Suba of Gulconda and Nabob 

y^usuau siTe Dow'd Cawn agreed that the consideration thereof be left to the Hon ble President 
^sent. an d that he send what he shall think necessary. 

Will: Fbasee. 
Edm. d Mountague. 
W. Maetin. 
Rob t : Rawobth. 
Tho : Fbedebick. 
Rich d : Hunt. 
Edw. d Bulkley, 
W. M Jennings. 

Att a Consultation 


William Peasee Bsa r : Pbembent & Govebn 1 . 
Monday 7 - Edm*>. Mountague. William Mahtin. 

Robeet Raworth. Tho s : Feedeeiok. 

Richabd Hunt. Edwaed Bumcley. 

William Jennings. 

condah f, s Gul " The President does in pursuance to an Order of last Consultation accquaint the 

servants Council that he hath dispateh'd away the Suba of Gulcondahs Servants whom he 



hath Tashareifed as ffollows To Ramgojee Niack four yards of Scarlett, To the 
Chubadar three yards of Aurora, and one hundred Pupeestohim and three Hercoras, 
And hath delivered to them the late President Addisons answer to their Master, 
as also the now President's letter to him giveing the reasons why the late President's 
letter was not sign'd which was his suddain death. 

This day was sign'd a Commission to appoint Hercules Courtney Lieutenant of 

nl rt ^I 8 >H the second company of Soldiers at Port S*. David 



Surgeor, at j ne Petition of David Morton Surgeon at Port S 1 , David was now read, and in 

•vidaiVow'd consideration of the distance between Cuddalore and Port S*. David agreed he be 
paiientsen allow'd pallerjkeen boy's as Mr. Supply was, y e s d Petition is entr'd after this 

pa 1000 Ordd. Ordered that pagodas one thousand be advanced M r . Thorn 8 ffrederick paymaster 
master!" to defray Charges Garrison. 

pa iooo pd in ]yp Thomas | Frederick late Sea Customer pays into Cash pagodas one thousand 

Accot Sea ,, : t " 

Customs. on that acco 1 . 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 97 


William Fraser Esq r Mintmaster produces now the Mint acco*. for the month of Pa ^ ■ is : 3 . 
Septem r & pays into Cash acco\ Coinage on Gold pagod 3 . fourty two ] 6 fa . 3 ca , and coin n age°Goid 
delivers to Mr. William Martin Warehousekeeper Eupees two thousand four hun- Eu p s 246 ? = 
dred sixty-seven 10 ans - Aceo*. Coinage of Silver being the Ball", of that Months wareho^ekpr 

ACCO 6 . Coinage Sil- 

Calloway and Vincattee Chittee now appear in Cousultation and demand Pagod* 

ht s : 

twenty thousand as due to them for goods brought in ;md embaled on their 0rdcIv 

Old Contract and the Warehousekeeper declaring he belives there is about that brottin on ye 
amount due to them, he is therefore Ordered to Adjust that Account with the oId Contraots - 
Company and the Merch* 8 and that in the mean time pagodas ten thousand be 
advanced them on said Aceo.* 

Agreed that the Warehousekeeper deliver to Suncarama Colloway Chittee 200 bales 
Balla Chittee & Yincattee Chittee the Merch* 8 , Contracted with on a new Investment oxdit? be 
two hundred bales of broad cloth. d Dye Mer- 

ohts on yr new 

Agreed that pagodas five hundred be advanced the Washers towards cureingthe pasooordd 
R\ Hon ble Comp s Cloth. y e washed 

Agreed that Jacob D e . Ban°k be entertain'd as Gunners Mate and William Ross Two Europe 
as one of the Gunroome Crew in this Garrison. menEnter- 

tain'd in the 

Ordered that Antonio D e . Bosario & Manuch D^Rosario (portigueze's) be enter- Two Topazes 
tain'd as Soldiers in this Garrison or else where to serve the Hon ble . Company. «^ M So1 

Agreed that Rich d Mitchell a Soldier in this Garrison who hath a fair charrecter Riohd Mit- 
from his Capt a . be appointed Marshall in the roome of Epharim Goss Dec d . SmSSESl*" 

Pounagattee Narso &c a . Beetle & Tobacco Earmer[s] pays into Cash pagodas Pagods. a ■. 
fourty one 24 Fan9 - being part of their debt to the old Company on that account. JJftSuTrSd 

Tobaoof ffar- 

Lewis Mallique Renter of the Wine Licence pays into Cash pagodas ffifty on Pas 50 pd in 
that account. *°° ot y e . 

Wine Lioenoe 

The President recommends to the Council their getting ready their severall Genu books 
books belonging to their Respective Employs and duplicates thereof to be sent * o oa "^ead* 
home by the January Shipping S^suant to the Bon ble : Companys Orders %> the 
Heathcote which they all promise to doe. 

Wir,L: Eraser. 
Edm d . Mountague. 
W : Martin. 
Rob t Ra worth. 
Tho : Frederick. 
Rich d Hunt. 
Edw d - Bclklev. 


East India Compamy on the Coast of Chormondell & Sumatra & to 
the Worship : n the Council (fee 1 . 

The humble Petition of David Morton Sheweth. 

Whereas your Hon" &c a Petitioner haveing Cuddalore and other out places 
under his charge where there are a great many of the Companys Servants both black 

98 Records of Fort St. George 


& white, to whom he is obliged at all times to give ; his attendance, and that some 
times, by reason of the great raines and excessive heats (at which times he is most 
wanted there) he is not able to give that attendance which is necessary haveing no 
other conveyance but a Horse wherefore humbly requests you would be pleased to 
take the Premisses into your consideration & grant him a Pallenkeen as it was 
formerly to his Predecessor M r . Supply for the same reasons and he as in duty 
bound shall ever pray &c a . 
i Dispatch'd peons with a Generall Letter to Fort St. David. 

Ditto with a Generall Letter to the Govern & Council of Negapatam in answer 
to theirs congratulating the Hon : Ue Govern 1 " on his comeing to the Government. 

Ditto to the Cheif & Council of Pollicatt. 

The Hon : ble Govern r : Eeo d a Letter from Nabob Dowd Cawn and presented the 
ffollowing persons that brought itt Viz*. 

Ahomud Shaw ffour yards of Scarlett 
Conaree Pundett three yards of Aurora 

Att a Consultation 


10. William Fraseh Esa E . Pkesid t . & Govern*. 

Edm d . Mountague. William Martin. 


Bichard Hunt. Edw d . Bulkley. 

William Jennings. 

Disposemg of Discoursed of disposeing of the Hallifax and Frederick now at an anchor in the 

fax P & Pride- offing and tho' the extremity of the Weather seems to be over and that the Ship's 
rick diBcours- are jiotyett come into the road, and not knowing what damage the two hundred 
bales of broadcloth continued on board them design'd for Bengali may have sus- 
tain 'd by reason of the blowing weather the further consideration of said Ship is 
referr'd untill another consultation when they may come into the Boad and the said 
Bales brought on sboar received & examin'd. 

Pa od i36o H M. r . Baworth for M v . Davenport late Storekeeper reads his Aceo*. for the month 

pd acet store. f September last, and pays into the Bt Hon: ble Comp^ Cash pagodas one thousand 
80 ld ' three hundred and fifty. 

AbBMaotof Ordered that abstracts of the Hon : ble Companys Letter & the Heathcote relating 

LetteTreiat. to the Subbordinate ffaetorys bee drawn out and sent them. 

ing to the 
ffaotory to be 
drawn out 
& Bent. 

comiBss f Ordered that the Commissions of the severall millitary Officers of this Garrison 

theMiiiitary , e oa ]\ e & i n and new ones drawn out in manner and forme as the Ho n dle Company 

Offioers oalled ...... 11 t u 

in & new ones have directed in their Generall Letter. 

Ordd. to tie 

Oto : vivar Ordered that George Vivar be sent to Cu^dalore and appointed second Lieuten- 

Ordd for ant { ^ ne Company of Foot Soldiers there and that the Secretary doe acquaint him 
of this our Order that he may prepare himselfe accordingly. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 99 


Ordered that John Tripillians be entertain'd to serve in the Gunn roome in this m ™ EntSv 
Garrison. ta inM in ib « 


will . fraser. 
Edm d Mountague. 
W • Martin. 
Rob t . Raworth. 
Tho : Fredekiok. 
Eich d . Hunt. 
Edw d . Bulkley. 
W M . Jennings. 

Arrived a Sloop that was bound for Merga butt looseing her passage putt in 

here, belonging to Pollicherry. 

Att a Consultation 
Presen t 

William Fbaskr Esq*. President & Govern e . Monday 

Edm d . Mountague. William Martin. 

Robert Eaworth. Tho jus Fredekiok. 

Richard Hunt. Edward Bulkley. 

William Jennings. 

The following Generall Letters were read and approved. Genii. Letters 

sent read. 

To the Generall and Council att Bombay. 
To the United Councill in Bengali. 
To the Cheif & Council att Vizagapatam. 
There being some Merch ts . that have offerr'd to buy the Compaays Perpetuanoes, f^^oT^a- 
and itt being demanded of the Warehousekeeper what quantity will be sufficient to ct on ** 
serve for the use of the Garrison who belives about five bales may be enough, InT01ce 
Agreed that all the rest be sold, And itt being now declared to the Mereh ts that they 
y*. bid most shall be the Lawfull buyer the same being putt up att 50 5$> Cent on 
Invoice, they advanced to Sixty five \? Cent which is the uttmost that was bid, the 
same is declared in Favour of Cornapa Chittee he haveing bid most. 
Agreed that the Warehousekeeper deliver them accordingly. 

M r Rich d . Hunt : a Land Customer reads his Acco ts Land Custome for the last und 
month Viz*. 

Choultrj 7 Custome 
Ruby Brokers ... 
Town Brokers .. 
Grass cutters ... 
Registring Slaves 

Agreed & Ordered that the 112 bales of 
Embaled and intended to be Loaden on the Heatchcote if failuer of other Goods be oSh^entTcf' 
sent to the Washers. y° Washers. 

Mess rs . Martin, ffrederick & Jennings report that they have examin'd the Broad oioth 
Damaged Broadcloth that came on shipps Hallifax & Frederick which is as Entr'd LslaaUik* 
after this Consultation, Agreed that the said cloth be sold for the most itt will yeild g X ^ n e . d iok 
rather then returnd on the Command rs hands. 




... Pagd 8 








16 : 





Pagod s . 




igcloth Ord 

ry . Brown Sorted 

& 112 bales 

100 Records of Fort St. George 


yeTrrack 1 ° f Petition of Complaint, of Moortanah, Errapa & Eama Arraek ffarmers, Ordered 

farmers. that the Justices of the Choultry doe examine that Matter and report the same to the 

pa 1000 Ord<i. Ordered that pagodas one thousand be advanced M r Thomas Frederick pay- 

the f a > rma8ter master to- defray Charges Garrison. 

fr°om Pkin< A Letter from Allawadeen Cawn Killdar of Changallee Putt now read complain- 

S'oi ing of some persons Imprison'd here by means of Serapa for some years, that are 

°utT sallee " ' n babitants in some of his Towns, Ordered that the examination thereof be refferr'd 

to the Juetices of the Choultry & that they make their report to the board. 

Eich d . Hunt. Will : Fraser. 


W M . Jennings. W : Maetin. 

Eoe t . Eaworth. 
Tho : Frederick. 

To the Hon ele William Fraskr Esq. 11 

President & Govern 1 " of Fort S*. George 
&o. A Councill 
Eon bl9 S l . &c a 

According to your Orders Wee the Subscribers have examin'd all the Broad- 
cloth that came by Shipps Hallifax and Frederick & finde the most damaged will sell 
for more then Invoice price 

Hon ble S r . &c a 

Your most hum bIe Servants 
Fort S t . George William Martin. 

November 14 th i709. Thomas Frederick. 

William Jennings. 

16 Sailed the Sloop belonging to Ponticherry. 

Att a Consultation 
William Fraser Esg b . Presid t . & Govern r . 
edm d . m ot7n1 ague. wlli.iam martin. 

Thurs- Robert Eaworth. Thomas Frederick. 

day 17. Eich d . Hunt. Edward Bolkley. 

William Jennings. 

M r . Thomas ffrederiek late Sea Customer pays into Cash pagodas one thousand 
on that account. 

Capt a . Thomas Plumb in behalfe of himselfe and the rest of the Owners of Ship 

Eesolution produces a Bill of Ex a . for Spanish Doll", fourteen thousand three 

hundred and ffifty seven 3 sucea's 1| a Sattalle sign'd by the Govern' and Councill 

Owners of the f York Fort dated there the 26 th May 17U7 and drawn by them on the then Presid'. 

Ed y'r & Councill here which Bill was presented in Consultation y e 17 th July 1707 w ch was 

west coast not then accepted by reason of the Hon ble Companys Negative Ord". forbiding the 

payment of any bills drawn on us by the Govern 1, & Councill at York Fort untill now 

by their Generall Letter & the Heathcote they have Ordered the same to be paid with 

the Interest of Six %> C ^> annum if insisted on which is now demanded. 

pa 1000 pd in 



Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 " 101 


Agreed and Ordered that the Accomp'. make up the A ceo', allowing Six ty C* ty s™" 3 ° f 
ann Interest commenceing from the 16 th day of August J 707 (the thirty days being Resolutions 
then expired tor the payment) to this day and that the same bee paid accordingly. tobe ȣ?* 

wth Interest. 

The Company haveing likewise Ordered the payment of M r Chardins Bill for ?-, r , Ch d ard T 
Doll" ffive thousand twenty three & one sattallee with the like interest And the to bepaid 
Question being now putt whether the interest for the same should not cease from the wUh lutere8t - 
time the Hon bIe Company were willing to pay the said sume with it's Interest to his 
Attorneys in England if they could give a Legall discharge, Declared that itt is due 
as the Interest of the other Bills. 

Agreed that M". Mary Coopers Bill for Doll", two thousand eight hundred coope^bTii 
thirty seven 1 succa be paid with the Interest as aforesaid. ordered to be 

paid with 

Agreed that the Minist 1 ' 5 . & Church Wardens Bill for Doll 18 , six hundred sixty Ministers and 
nine & three succas be paid with the Interest as aforesaid. " denTbiii^"" 

ordered to be 
pd. w th. 

The Vizagapatam Mullah's petition now read setting forth that he haveing been £* 24 : 1 
sent for by the late Presid'. Pitt being thought a fitt person to send with the then be pd, ye 
intended present produces an aeco*. of his Expences the BaUance thereof being M u Ti| n patm ' 
pagod s . twenty four & one fannam Ordered that the paymaster pay him the same, baiia of Ms 
And that he be allow'd batty untill an opportunity offerr's for his returning to Vizaga- ™ B % e ^iwd 
patam by Sea. him while 

The Petition of Francis Mender as attorney for the Heirs of Francis D° Saa' ^ *° 
Dec d . now read requesting the monys belonging to the Estate of s fi . De' Saa may beErans De 
paid him, which is now in the R*. Hon ble . Companys Cash, the Consideration of w ch . ^^wrf* t 
is referr'd untill next Consultation. Estate in the 

Comps Cash. 

Ordered that Henry Williams be entertain'd to serve in the Gunnroome 


M r . Edm d , Mountague pays into Cash pagodas ffiftyjwo being for permission of *»■ 52 P. d -. in 

passage to the ffollowing person's on Ship Heathcote for England 

M r . Edward ffenwick ... pagd s ... ... ... 26: 

M r . Thomas Harris's Child ... ... ... .. 26: 

of passage. 


Will : Frasek. 
Edm d . Mountague. 
W : Martin. 
Rob t . Eaworth. 
Tho : Frederick. 
Eioh d . Hunt. 
Edw d . Bulkley. 
W M . Jennirgs. 

Satturday in the evening itt rain'd very much and about 8 at Night began to 
Thunder and Lighten which was very violent (for about an hour) by which the Flagg 
staff was rent and shatter'd from the Top to the Ground some peiees flew near 6u0 
Feet and thousands of small peiees strew'd the Curtains and other places a Large 
Iron hoope was burst from the Mast and flew near 200 Feet and two holes struck 
thro' the truck as tho' itt had been with a Shott. 

102 Records of Fort St. George 


The Company s house att the Garden was likewise damaged at the southermost 
end one leaf of a window being shattered to peiees and one side of the Frame mueb 
rent the door peirced thro in severall places and the upper part of the Frame much 
scorched whereby itt was rendered unservisable the Wall was peirced thro' in two 
places one hole just above the Xerrass being about 5 Inches Diamiter and the other 
which went beneath the beams that bears up the Terrass was about 7 Inches Diamiter 
and the beam next the Wall was likewise peirced thro' in two places and all this with 
little or no wind. 

Att a Consultation 


Monday 21 William Fraser Esq, e . President & Governor 

Edm d . Mountague. William Martin. 

Eobert Eaworth. Tmomas Frederick. 

Eichard Hunt. Edward Bulklev. 

William Jennings. 

SSitefS Generall Letter from the Provissionall Deputy Govern 1 . & Courcill of Fort S'. 

David recj & David rec d . read. 


West Coast The Accomptant produces an Acco'. of the following West Coast Bills with the 

b^pdamo^a. Interest ot 6 #>"Ct. on the same amounting to pagodas 15283 : 10: 2 Viz'. 
16283 : 10 : 2 ' Doll" . Suca» Satt Doll" . Pa fa ca. 

Owners of Ship Resolution ... 14357 : 3 :— at 17 W P» 8445 : 26 : 3 
10 Yr mo s ds 

2:3:1 Interest 1141 : 20 : 5 

9587: 11: 2 

Mr. Ohardin ... ... 5023 :— 1 2954 ■ 28 

2:3:1 Int. 399 : 13 : 5 

3354: 5: 5 

M. Mary Cooper ... ... 2837 :— 1 1668:35 — 

2:3:1 Int. 225 : 21 : 1 

1894:20: 1 

Ministers & Church Wardens. 669:-3 393:35 — 

2:3:1 Int. 53 : 10 — 

447: 9:— 

Pa 15283:10:2 

a present to Weehaveing rec d . a Perwanna from Nabob Dow'd Cawn by which he has Ordered 

DowM^wJ Yellapau to deliver us the five new villages which was formerly given by him about 
not exceed p» two years ago, and since haveing recalled them, does now confirm them too us again, 
660 ' And in regard of his being very much in the Kings Favour and the great men att 

Court, to which place he is Ordered too return it's belived he will be advanced to 
higher Dignity es, where his Freindship may stand us in good stead, for which pur- 
pose it is consider'd to what amount a present may be acceptable too him as usuall 
upon the Change of Government Agreed a Present be sent him in such rarityes as 
are procurable not exceeding six hundred and ffifty pagodas. 
De saa Ea- The petition of Francis Mendez as attorney to the Heirs of Francisco D e Saa's 

ptVeTrdd Estate was this day debated and also the vallidditty of the Power sent from Portugall 
tobepa The said Francis Mendez Offerring to give security to endemnify the Govern r . & 
Mend Sz . Councill & their successors. 

Agreed that the security be taken and the Ballance of Francisco D e Saa Estate 
now in the Companys Cash being pagodas nine hundred seventy six be paid y" s a 
Fran 8 Mendez. 

Diary an J Consultation Book, 1709 



Agreed that the sentinall now on Capt Sea ton be taken off and that he have 
Liberty to walke a broad but not permitted to wear a sword. 

Discoursed on the sale of the Companys Lead of w ch . have a large quantity by 
us and in consideration that the Pegu Shipping may arrive here about three months 
hence on whom come large quantitys of Gance the cheapness of which mettle has for 
some years lower'd the price of the Companys Lead. 

Agreed therefore that the Warehousekeeper doe sell Lead for the most he can 
gett butt not cheaper then pagodas six and halfe ^ candy. 

Capt Seaton 

The Ware- 
houeekeepr to 
sell lead at pa 
6J f oent. 

Will : Fraser. 
Edm d . Mountague. 
W. Martin. 
Rob t . Rawobth, 
Tho. Frederick. 
Rich". Hunt. 
Edw d . Bltlklev. 
W M . Jennings. 

Shipps Frederick & Concord came into the Road haveing roadd out the Monsoon 22 
in the offing. 

Came in the Hallifax who had done the same. 23 

Att a Consultation. 

"William Phaser, Esa R . 
Edm d . Mountague. 
Robert Raworth. 
Richard Hunt. 

Presid*. & Govern 1 ". 
William Martin. 
Thomas Frederick. 
Edward BoLKLEy. 

24 t H 

William Jennings. 
[ r . Noden att Metchlepatam dated y e 6* 

Inst*. ReC d . Letter from 
Mr. Noden. 

Generall Letter from 
& Read. 

A Letter from Nabob Dow'd Cawn rec d . Yesterday was now read in answer T tf , 

. . t-»- i • Letter from 

to M. 1 . Mountagues Letter reciting Govern 1 '. Pitts being gone home and the Death Nabob Dowd 
of Govern'. Addison and that they expected the Arrivall of the Present Govern r . g^Srt 
From ffort S*. David who he belives is now come promising us bis continuall from ye The. 
Freindship, but closes up all with his Expecting an acceptable present should be Comp ' % 
sent him. 

Upon which the Council this day mett in Order to the veiwing and valluing 
such things as may be acceptable to him which to make itt soe it's belived must 
exceed the P a . 650 agreed on last Consultation day, severall Merch ts . being sent for 
and consulted what propper to be sent, they deliver in the following list. 

p 9 . 

Broadcloth Ord r }\ Ret! 

Broadcloth Ord r y. Green 


Scarlett ... 

Scarlett Flowr'd & Figur 

Violett in Grain 


China silks 

Looking glass 

Liquors .. 




Records of lor t St. George 


All which the Warehousekeep r . is Ordered to provide, with an Aeoo n . of the 
same, of how much they may amount too. 

Paymasters M r . Eaworth for the late President Addison reads the Paymasters Acco*. for 

Pep/ 01 the Month of September last and also Acco*. of the Black Town Wall & Works 
for s d . M°. 

Charges Garrison 
Charges Dyett & allowances 
Acoo 4t . Present 
Charges Generall 
ffortifications & Repairs 
Charges cattle ... 
Charges extraordinary .„, 
Maddapollam yatch 
Eiseing Sun Smack 
ffort S\ David 
Aocott. Curr'. Bombay 
Charges in Brass Ordnance 



























acoot. read 
for Sepv. 

Ditto for 

Petition of 
ye Metchle- 
Petns of the 
nev J' Cred- 
ditors of 
Gryffith and 
Char. Bug- 

M r . Eaworth late Warehousekeep 1 . reads his Warehouse Acco'. for the Month 
of September last. 

M r . Martin Warehousekeep r . reads his Warehouse Acco*. for the Month of 
October last. 

Metchlepatam & Maddapollam Merch ts . Peticon read relating to their old 
Debt due to them y e Consideration of w ch . is refferr'd untill another Consultation. 

Petition from the several! Credditors of Henry Gryffyth & Charles Bugden 
(Dec d .) read Bequesting the Monys soe long since deposited in the hands of M r . 
Eaworth may be divided amoungst them ^suant to the oppinion of the Gov 1 '. 
& Councill as Entr'd in Consultation y e 30 th Dec r . 1708, Agreed & Ordered that the 
Dividend be made accordingly. 

Bob 1 . Eawoeth. 
Tho. Frederick. 
Bioh d . Hunt. 
Edw d . Bdlkley. 
W M . Jennings. 

Will : Fraser. 
Edm d . Moontague. 
W. Mariin. 


Dispatch' d a Gen 1 

Letter to the Proviss 11 . Deputy Govern r . &c a . Council at Port 

Att a Consultation 

William Fraser Esa R . 
Edm 1 ". Mountague. 
Bobekt Eaworth. 
Bichard Hunt. 

Presid 1 . & Govern". 
William Martin. 
Thomas Frederick. 
Edw d . Bulkley. 

William Jennings. 

pa 2000 jj> ffrederick late Sea Customer pays into the E*. Hon bIe Comp s Cash pagoc 

customer two thousand on Acco*. Sea Custom's. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 105 


M r . Raworth Sea Custom', reads his Acco'. Sea Custom's for the month of sea Customs 

October last. aooot. read. 

Custom on Goods Imported ... ... .. 471: 7: 26 

Custome on Grain .. ... ... ... 78:21: 26 

Anchorage ... ... ... ... ... 58 : 18 : — 

Pa, ... 608 : 16, 







10 : 


4 • 






M r . ffrederiek Paymaster reads his paymast rs Acco'. for the month of October p aym a re. 

last & also the aeco 4 . of the black Town Wall works for said mouth. A °°° 4 read. 

Charges Garrison ... ... ... ... ... 1304: 26 

Charges Dyett & allowance ... ... ... ... 288: 30 

Aceot. Present ... ... ... .. 12 : 18 

Charges Genenall ... ... ... ... ... 356: 11 

Fortifications & Repairs 
Charges Cattle 
Charges Extraordinary ... 
Acco 4 . Curr 4 . Bombay ... 
Charges in rxiakeiug brass Ordnance 
Fcrt S 4 . David 


Ordered that pagodas Eighteen 1 Pa : 35 Ca be paid the Paymaster being what Pa - 18: t 1: 35 
Disburst on Acco 4 of the Black Town Wall. Biaok town 


William Praser Esq r . Min3tmaster reads the Mint aceo* for the m° of October Pa 110; 
last and pays into Cash for Custom on Coinage of Gold Pa 110 : 25 : and also pay's coinage Gold 
into the Warehousekeeper Rupees 1,287; 2 an : for Custome on Coinage of Silver ^ a P s l < 287 ■ 

Colloway and Vineattee Chittee pays into Cash pagodas twelve hundred for rent £ 1,20b for 
of the ffive new villages for one year Ending the 16 th October last. villages? " eW 

Ponnagattee Narso &c a . Tobacco and Beetle ffarmers pays into Cash Pagodas Pa 683 : 
ffive hundred Eighty three 12 fas : And also pagod s . il ; 24 fas in part of their FaiL™?"* 
former Debt due to the Old Company. 

Gruapaw fee" Arrack Farmers pays into Cash pagod 8 . three hundred sixteen u[^\byj 
24 fas on that Acco 4 . Arraok 


A Letter rec' 1 from Nabob Daw'd Cawn demanding of us the Town Pent for the Pa 1,2000 pa 
Last year ending the 30 th June desireing the 3ame might he paid to Sheak, as rent 1 ' *" 
likewise a Letter from him desireing the same might be paid his servant Saibroy 
agreed the same be paid w th . the aceu.stomary Present. 

The President produces a bill of Exchange from the Proviss 11 . Deputy Gov r . & BmK. 7 
Council at Port S 4 . David for pa : 200 which was paid into the R*. Hou bl °. Comp 8 a4 Fort si. 
Cash there payable to himselfe agreed the same be paid accordingly. 

A Genei all Letter from M r . Noden at Metehlepatam dated y° 10 th Inst. Rec rt . Pa f 75 : 3 * ■• 
& Read adviseing he has drawn a Bill of Exchange on us for pa 675 : 34 : 3 payable Mr! Nodens 
to Kittee Narran being for Factory expences Charges of the Gusbadar 8f Provission BlU Exoh "- 
of Firewood there Agreed the same be paid accordingly. 

Generall Letter from Govern 1 ": Skingle (and his new made Councils) att York ^Gov^T 
Foit dated the the 10 th & 14 th August Last sent ty Ship Essex who arrived at Fort Council at 
S>\ David (y e 24 tu Inst*. J & from thence overland (Now read) with an Enclosed Iork Fort " 
Gen' 1 Letter for the Hon ,,le Mannag". and the Council for the United Trade in 

A Commission for appointing M r . Edm rt . Mountague Deputy Govern' of Fort ^ r u ^ oun " 
S'. David (of y s days date.) Read & Signed. Com ' 

27 B ' gn 


Records of Fort St. George 


Employ of 
the Connoill 

One enter- 
tain'd in ye 
Pa 60 : pd 
aecot Towi 
Pa 200 : 
advanced ye 

Upon M 1 . Mountagues goeing to Fort S\ David the Employs of the Council will 
be as follows w cl1 they are to enter upon the I s ' of next month. 

M r . William Martin second & Book keep r 

M r . Robert Eaworth third & Warehousekeep* 

M 1 '. Thomas Frederick fourth & Sea Custom 1 ' 

M r . Eichard Hunt fifth & paymaster 

M r . Edward Bulkley Sixth & Land Custom 1, 

M r . William Jennings seventh & Store Keep 1 ' 

Ordered that John Baptistee be entertain'd to serve as one of the Gunroome 

Ordered that the Town Conicoplys Duty be paid for six mo s , ending y e ult°. 
October last amounting to pagod% o0. 

Agreed that the Washers be advanced pagod s . 200 to buy Paddy for the 
congeing the B\ Hon ble Comp 8 Cloth. 

"Will : Fraser. 


W. Martin. 
Bob 1 . Kaworth. 
Tho : Frederick. 
Kicri a : Hunt. 
Edw 3 : Btjlkley, 
W m : Jennings, 

Att a Consultation 


[December] William Fraser Esq 1 "., Peesid 4 . & Govern 1 . 

Thursday 1 st . Edmd. Mountague. William Martin. 

Eobert Baworth. Thom s . Frederick. 
Eichaed Hunt. EDw d . Bdlkley. 

William Jennings. 

M r . Hunt Eentali Gen 11 : reads his Acco 4 . Quitt Eents ending Hlto . August 
1709 and pays into Cash pagod 3 . one thousand seven hundred and Nenety, And also 
his Scavengers Aceo 4 . ending Ulto. Sept r . 1708 and pays into Cash on y\ acco*. 
Pagod 8 . one hundred and three 32 fa : 40 ca being y e Ball 6 , thereof. 

Petition of the Mint People at Fort S 4 . David and Cuddalore now read request- 
ing they may be permitted to coin rupees there the consideration of w* is iefferr'd 
to another Consultation. 

Petition of Capt a . Thomas Plumb as attorney for Capt a Tho s Greenhaugh 
now read relating to the Estate of M r . John Haines Dec d . Ordered that the Petition 
be deliver'd M r . Mountague Trustee to the said Estate for to give his answer 

The New Companys Merch 4s of Metchlepatam *md Maddapollam their Petition 
now discoursed on which isasentr'd after this Consultation upon which itt was pro- 
posed whether the Matters of the New Companys debt due to them should be 
mannaged in publick before the board or privately by any one member. It's agreed 
that the President Transact that affair himselfe Privately which he consents too 
provided he ha6 any one or two of the Gentlemen of CounciJl to be as faithfull 
Wittnesses of his transacting a matter of soe great a moment. 

Petition of Berry Bammapau now read relating to his Fathers Estate in the 
hands of Serapa which he has never Accounted for Ordered the same be referr'd to 
the May". Court. 

Pa 1790 reca. 
neot. Quitt 
Rents Pa 
103 : 32 : 40 
Acoot Sca- 

Mint people 
at Port St 
David request 
to coin 
rupees there. 

quests accot. 
of ye 
Estate of 
Mr. Haines. 
request y r . 
debt may be 
paid referr'd 
to y e 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 107 


Capt a . Eich d 
Sign'd by him of bis Charges and Disburstm ,s . whilest he Lay at ]S T egapatam by H»ip 
Order of the Company Am , to Pago s 142 : 1 ; 50 occasion'd by the Presents be made N^apatam. 
the Dutch Govern 1, &c a . there (who were very kind and assistant to him) and the 
refresment for the Souldiers, which sume he could have saved had he proceeded 
directly to this Port. 

Ordered the same be paid out of Cash and Coppy of s' 1 . Acco*. be sent home %> 
the first oppertunity. 

The Europe Shipps haveing been for some days come into the Koad Agreed the Lead ordered 
Ledd be continued on board uutill further order. linuedTn 

board )he 



M r Abell Langelier was sent for and his Covenants with y e bond to perfforme M r Langaiier 
them were tendered him, who refus'd to Sign them alledgin^ his relations had desired ^ B ™ to 
him to come home and that he intends for England by the next shipping. Covenants. 

A Commission was this day read and Sign'd appointting George Vivar second c ?pt a - 
Lieutenant of the Company of soldiers att Cuddalore he being a Super Numerary comrnLn 
Officer here. si s n ' d 

This day was de'iiver'd M r . Mountague his Comission for appointing him Mr Moun- 
Deputy Govern r of Fort S*. David &c a and Establishing the Council there, who is JXI^dd. 
desir'd to sett out for that place with all expedition y e Companys affairs requiring 
him there. 

Our Cheif Merchauts and inhabitants were this day sent for and consulted That part of 
about what Necessary to be done with y e ^> e seut Long since design'd for the King in n0 wTt ent 
the Late Govern 1 Pitts time who are still of their former Oppinions which agreed Metobiepafea 
with ours which was, that, that part of the ^ e sent now att Metchlepatam be forth- to^e^enTfo 
with sent to Gulcondah and Lodged with the Suba there untill the Kings further Guicondah. 
Pleasure be known he haveing sent a Gusbadar to conduct itt safe too him who 
arrived att Metchlepatam y e 11 th August Last, itt being Hcrculian Labour for us to 
send it too Dilbee it being little less then 2000 Miles and would be an immense 
charge to the Company. Agreed that M r . Noden President att Metchlepatam be 
advised of this our Eesolution and tnat he acquaint the Gusbadar thereof. 

Ordered that Cosmo Dias and John Antunis Topazes be entertaind as soldiers Topozaz 

. , . . _. L Soldiers 

to Serve in this brarriSOn. entertain 'd. 

Agreed y* pagod 9 . one thousand be advanced M r . ffrederick Late paymaster to p p al °°^P d 

defray charges Garrison for Last month. y payaa8 

Tko : Frederick. Will: Fraser. 

Kich c1 . Hunt. Edm 1 '. Mountaguk. 

Edw c1 . Bulklev. W. Martin. 

W m . Jen sings. Hob'. Raworth. 

To THE HoN ble W M FFRASER E8d. 

Presid' , .& Govern'' of Fort S'. George 


&o a Council. 

The hum e Petition of the Metchlepatam and Maddapollam Companys Merch l \ 

Humble sheweth 

That y r Petitioners came to the place about five years past, some (if which are 
return'd home and desire y r Pet rfl . would receive the Compauys debts for 'em soe 
vour Pet rs liaveing waited a Longtime hoped your Ho 1 '. &c ft would have shew'd some 
favours to them towards paym'. of the Debts but have rec d . none att all, and since yo r 
Pet' 8 forefathers have been all Companys Merch ts , do' hope at Length you'l take 
notice of them and pay the Princip" and Interest accord 8 to the bond, as also con- 
sider the Loss they sustain'd by Consult[n] Pitts takeing but one fourth part of the 


Records of lort St. George 


Investment he had agreed for Now if your Hon. r &c a will pay your Petitioners, they 
will returne home, otherwise desire Leave to apply themselves to justice where they 
think the[y") can have itt, please to take y e a foregoing into your serious consideration. 

Arrived y e . Titty Gaily Capt" Weoley from 
Ditto Ships Kent & Sommers from Ditto. 

& vo r 

Pef 9 . shall ever 
pray &e a . 


Comd". of ye. 
Kent oome on 
Shoar & bring 
Genii. Lett™, 
from ye. Bay. 

Madraes rupee 
fallen to 6* 
%} <X 

The Kings 
refusing yra. 

Stores on ye 
Kent Somra. 
Ordel. to be 
Old stores in 
ye Goedowns 

Pa. 10,000 pel. 
in aoeot. 
Gold f the 
&ea Merchts. 
sent for abot. 
Chey goods. 

Present sent 
to Doud 

Att a Consultation 


"William Fraser Esq* President & Govern 1, : 
Edm d . Mountague. William Martin. 


Richard Hunt. Edward Bolkley. 

William Jennings. 

Capfr 1 . Harrison & Capt a . Peacock Command", of Ship's Kent & Sommers came on 
shoar this morning by whom rec d . the ffollowing Gen". Letter's from the Council in 
Bengali ono dated y e . 19 th October, & y° 14 th Novem 1 '. for the United affairs, And 
Also one from y e Council for the Seperate Affairs of the old Company dat y e 14 th 
Ult°. w th . their Consultations & Gen 11 , books. 

The Council in Bengali in their Gen 11 . Letter now ree d dat y e 19 th October doe 
advise of the fall of the Batty on Madrass rupees from 9 to 6| ty Q by reason the 
Kings Treasurer would not receive them, nor will the shroffs there for that reason It's 
therefore agreed & ordered that the Warehousekeep 1 '. deliver no more silver into the 
Mint and that no more rupees be coin'd then what they have already in the Mint 
but that itt be an additionall article in our Petition intended to King Shau Allem 
that they may be made Curr*. all over his Dominions. 

Agreed & Ordered that all Stores &c a . Goods on board Ship's Kent & Sommers 
he forthwith unloaden Excepting such as are design'd for Europe w ch . the Ware- 
housekeep 1 & Storekeep r are to take eare of. 

There being about 4000 Md of Riee on board the Kent & Somm rs from Bengali, 
The Warehousekeep 1 ' is therefore Ordered to dispose of the old Stores of Rice & 
Paddy now in the Goedowns for the Benefitt of the poor & to give a check to the 
Extravigant Price of Grain. 

William ffraser Esq r . Mintmaster pays into Cash pagodas ten thousand in part 
of Gold rec<\ ty Ship Heathcote. 

The Mereh ts . were this day sent for & the Comp" Musters of Metchlepatam 
Goods shew'd them & discoursed of what Ordered to be provided by the Company, 
who desired they might have time to consider thereon. 

Agreed that the Present for Nabob Dow'd Cawn as mention'd in our Consulta- 
tion of the 24 th Ulto be reduced to the ffollowing Perticulars; 

Figured or Flowr'd Broadcloth . . . . 2 p s 

Broadcloth Ordinary redd . . . . . . 2 

.broadcloth Ordinary Green . . . , . . 2 

Aurora . . . . • • • - . . 2 

Scarlett fine . . . . . . . . 2 

Violett in Grain . . . . . . . . 2 

Chiua Silks . . . . .. .,10 

Looking Glass's . . . . . . . . 2 

Persia Silks . . . . . . . . 4 

Liquors . . . . . . . . Bottles 400 








Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 109 


Ordered that Gensalvo Perero be entertain'd to serve in the Gunnroome. 

Edw d . Bulklet. Will : Fraser. 

W M . Jennings. Edm d . Mountague, 

W : Martin. 

Eob t . Eawoeth. 

Tho : Frederick. 

E.ioh d . Hunt. 

Arrived the Elihee Mahomed Faqua Noquedah from Bengali. 4 

Ditto the Mary Capt a . Ouldham from Bengali 5 

Ditto a Sloop Richard Collins Master from Bengali 

Capt a Harrison requesting he may be permitted for to Travers one hundred 
Bales of the Companye on board the Hallifax & Frederick for the clearing of his 
Ship and unlading the Stores for this place Agreed that the Warehousekeeper doe 
Order the same. 

A it a Consultation 


William Fraser Esq*. President & Govern 1 , Tuesday 

Edm d . Mountague. William Martin. 

Robert Baworth. Thomas Frederick. 

Rich d . Hunt. Edwad Bulklet. 

William Jennings. 

Capt a . Edward Harrison Comd r . of the Kent delivers in a paper (which is as S^Cent^a 
enterd after this Consultation) requesting a speedy Dispatch and demanding his paper de- 
Loading in 30 days. SSJA 


The President reads his Acco' : of Cash for last month the Ball 6 , whereof is Baiia. cash. 
pagod 9 . 2890 : 22 : 1. JSftgli. 

Capt a . Harrison delivers a Letter from the United Council in Bengali wherein Lett?, from 
they request a gathering may be made in this Place towards the building the Church ^es^a 

there. gathering 

here for ye. 

Bead and approved a Letter to Nabob Dowd Cawn and also one to Nellacontee ^abob Read 
Naigue a Merch 1 residing at his Camp desireing him to deliver the Present for us to & approved. 
the Nabob which was this day dispatched with 29 Cooleys. 

There being an Ensign Wanting in this Garrison and David Simms a Serjant ^avid Simms 
being a sober man and haveing a good charrecter agreed & ordered that he be Ensign 11 
appointed fourth Ensign. 

Ordered that the Warehousekeep r . & Storekeep 1 '. doe lay before the board an ^emaiSng 
Acco*. of what remains in the Goedowns & a list of what wanted from Europe in in ye. 
Order to be sent home %» next Shipping. KftlEw 

from Europe 
to be laid 
before ye. 

The Warehousekeep r produces an Acco. 4 of what Goods are in the Goedowns o 00 d8 
and Washers hands Agreed and Ordered he forthwith send of Goods in Order to the 0r ^ r e e n d on ° y b e 9 
loading of the Kent with the uttinost expedition. K ° nt . 

Capt. Henry Hudson delivers in an Acco.* of his expences, and charges of the p a i63: i-. 
Companys Soldiers whilest he lay at Negapatam am to pagod. 8 153 : 4 : 50 being to h^^*'"' 
the same Purpose as y 4 of Capt. a Phrips. charges &o« 

at Nega- 


Records of Fort St. G, 



Pa 1000 for 
Lett r from 
ye Dutch. 

3 ^>Bona 
raia't out of 
ye Arrack &oa 

Genii Lettrs : 
to Metoble- 
patam & 
read & 


Pa : 400 : 
advanoed ye 

Agreed that the same be paid out of Cash & the Acco.' sent home to the 

Agreed that pagodas one thousand be advanced M r Hunt Paymaster to defray 
Charges Garrison. 

Gen: 11 Letter from the Govern 1 " &c Council at Negapat™. and Chief and Council 
at Pollicatt now read assureing us of their Mutial Freindship and correspondence. 

Agreed that Comma Moortena Surapa & Eamana be rais't out of the Cowle 
of y e Distillers of Arrack &c a the first being dead the 2 d refuseing to act, and the 3 d . 
being soe troblesome that the rest of the ffarmers will not continue their cowle with 

A Generall Letter to M r Noden relating to the dispatch of y e . Present at 
Metchlepatam & to advice us the now prizes of Comp 8 . sorts of Chey Goods there 
now read & approved & also one to the Cheif and Council at Vizagapatam (y e Kent 
& Sommers not touching being apprehensive the French Ships were on the Coast) to 
Order them to send up what Bales they have ready on the Companys Smack or any 
other good Vessell bound for this Port. 

Francis Feron'd haveing served the Company above twenty years requests his 
discharge which is Granted. 

Ordered that Pagodas four hundred be advanced the Paint rs and that the 
Warehousekeeper do adjust y* Acco.* 

Rich Hunt. Will : Frasee. 

Edw. d Bulkley. W : Martin. 

W M Jennings. Tho : Frederick. 

To the Hon : BM the President &c. a 
Council oe Fort St. George. 
Hon ble . &c A 

Haveing at my first comeing a Sboar made a verball demand of my Ladeing for 
Europe y s time for Ship Kents stay in India by Charterparty being long since 
expired I take y e liberty to repeat the same in writing, beseeching you to take into 
consideracon that I have been already upwards of three years on this Voyage and 
that I have almost certain assurance by a speedy dispatch from hence to reach and 
joyn the Dutch ffleet at the Cape of Good Hope, soe as to arrive by Gods blessing a 
summer ship in England I need not insist y e . advantage this will be to all concernd 
nor the Dangers a winter ship will be exposed to after haveing been soe long out but 
leave itt to your prudent Judgment, & am now to demand my Ladeing in thirty days 
at farthest as limited in Charterpary and in case of failure I find my selfe oblidg'd 
to protest and make the best of my way for England If I may have the happiness 
to be sooner dispatoh'd, the certainty of joyning the Dutch will be the greater I 
begg your pardon for this trouble and am with all respect 

Fort S t . Geo: 033 
Deo. 11 y E 5™ 1709. 


&c a Your most hum ble 

E. Harrison 

6. Dispatch'd peons with Generall Letters to Metchlepatam 
7 Sloop Dutchess arrived from Vizagapatam. 

Diary and Consultation. Book, 1709 111 


Ait a Consultation 


William Eraser Esa. tt President & Govern 11 : 
Edmond Mountague. William Martin. 


Richard Hunt. Edward Bulklev. 

William Jennings. 

The chief peon accquainting us that there is not peons enough to doe the ord" 8 to be 
Companys business, and that itt has allways been customary to keep two hundred (in taken in 
which the packers and severall others are included) of which number there wants 
fourteen agreed that they be taken in. 

Instructions to Edm d Mountague Esq. r Deputy Govern 1 . &c a . Council att Fort £ ^Dep^ty 
S. ( David approved and Sign'd. Got & 

approved & 

Generall Letter from Surratt dated y e 29 !h Sept/ Last Rec. d via Ponticherry ££* from 
now read. 

Capt. a George Weoley requesting a pass, that he now has being from the late A r ^ d ■, 
President Pitt, and alledgeing he has paid the Companys Tonnage in Bengali w ch weoley. 
they Oblidged him to there, Agreed a Pass be given him and that he be excused 
paying y e Tonnage. 

M. r Bernard Benyon delivers in a Petition by way of Appeal from a Judgment * eii £° n of 
in the May. rs Court between himself as attorney for Thorn. 8 Pitt Esq. 1 ' in behalf e of Benyon 
John Mendez de Coasta, And the Heirs of Daniel Chardin Dec. d . Vers 


Ordered that the same be heard on Monday next. 
Persuant to an Order of Consultation of y e 1° Ins. 4 M. r Mountague 
to Capt. a Plumbs Petition delivers in an acco.* of the Estate of M. r John Haynes 
deceased the Ballance whereof is Viz.* 

In y fl hands of M. r Henry Davenport at Inte 8t P. a . . 2343 : 7 : - 

In y e hands of M. r Mountague . . . . . . 1102 : 35 : 2 

Pa. .. 3446: o:2 
Thomas Floodgate one of the Gunroome Crew was this day discharged att his One of ye 

, J ° Gunroome 

own request. orew dig . 

Will : Fraser. charged. 

W: Martin. 
Edw. d Bulkley. Rob t Raworth. 
W u : Jennings. Thoo : Fredrick. 

9. The Govern' attended by M r . ffrederick M r . Hunt & the Sec ry . this morning 
went down on the Parade, where he ordered the Soldiers to be drawn out, and then 
Ordered the Sec ry . to read Samuel Gales Commission, sign'd by the Govern 1 ', and 
Council appointing him Second Lieutenant of the Second Company of Souldiers in 
this Garrison, which accordingly was done and the Govern 1- deliver'd the same to the 
said Gale who return'd itt back again, alledgeing that he received a Commission from 
the Company which Geovern r Pitt took from him, and that he would act by no other 
upon which the Govern r . immediately tooke from him his halfe pike and 
Discharged him. 

David Simms's Commission was also read appointing him Second Ensign in the 
First Company. 

Edmond Mountague Esq r . Deputy Geov 1 '. of Fort St. David y s day sett out 
.for y' place. 

11. Gen 11 . Letter sent to the Chief & Council att Pollicatt. 


Records of Fort St. George 

AaT a Consultation 


"William Fraser Esq,*. 
William Martin. 
Thomas Frederick. 
Edward Boxk«jEY. 

President & Goverk r . 


Eiohard Hunt. 
William Jenmngs. 

Guzbadar att 

Duty settled 
by Casta. 

Appeal of 
Mr Benyon, 
heard & 

Mr Brigen- 
den Lays 
down the 
Samll Gale 


Capt. Harrison 
request 200 
baggs salt- 

Letter from M r . Noden at Metehlepatam dated the 30 th . Novem r now read 
adviseing of the alterations in the Government there, but after soe confused a man- 
ner that there is nothing to be understood by itt And also a letter from the Gusbadar 
there dated the 28 tn UTt.°, the Purport whereof is that he is weary of staying there 
and intends to sett out for this place to discourse the Govern 1, . about the Present 
intended for the King now Lying there. 

Metehlepatam and Maddapollam Merch ts Petition now read relating to what 
due to them from the New Company being to the same Purport as there other 
Petitions, enter'd in our former Consultations agreed y* a Coppy be sent home. 

There haveing been a dispute about the allowance of the 100 pagod s . & ann for 
the Town Coniooplys duty between Mangapa y e now Cheif Conicoply and Taggapau, 
"Which was referr'd to the heads of the Cast to examine the same who now deliver 
in their Report the Purport of which is that itt should be equally divided between 
them and that Mangappa be Cheif in the Mannagement of their business. 

Ordered that the said Report be register'd on the Choultry. 

Persuant to an Order of Last Consultation, this day appear'd M r . Benyon and 
produced us a Letter of attorney from John Mendez de Coasta to y e Late Geov r Pitt, 
and his Letter of Attorney to s d . Benyon empowring him to demand the produce of 
two Chests of Corrall formerly sent out to M r Chardin and Company, And there 
also appear'd M r , Henry Davenport & Boon in behalfe of the Executrix of said 
M r . Chardin Dec d . both partys were fully heard & all Papers produced relating 
to the said affairs the consideration of which is refferr'd to next Consultation. 

Richard Brigenden Petitions to lay down the Comp 3 . Service which is Granted, 
and is as Entr'd after this Consultation. 

Samuel Gale delivers in a Petition or rather a Remonsterance which is as Entr'd 
after this Consultation Upon which it's observed, that Govern r . Pitt took up his 
Comiss" soon after his arrivall here as & Consultation of 11 th Jan rr . last and 
offerr'd him one sign'd singley by himself which he refused to accept of, but has 
acted as 2 d Leuitenant of the 2 d Company of Souldiers, ever since his arrival here, in 
which post the now Govern" found him, (secondly) the council doe declare that the 
said Gale made his application to the Late Govern 1, Addison to be continued in the 
said Post, (thirdly) as to his being made a Leiutenant of a Company by himselfe 
is not consistant with the Rules and sentiments of the Late Govern 1 ' 3 Pitt & 
Addison, because there would not be Men enough to mouDt y e Main Guard and 
out gaurds by any one Company, or were itt soe itt would give the Souldiers to 
frequent free gaurd day's, on which they are subject to drunkeness & Debaucherry, 
(fourthly) their haveing immediate Comissions from the Hon ble Company fills them 
soe much with the Wind of Hon r : that they belive they are on an equall footing 
w ch . the Govern', and Council and that it is not in their power to remove or displace 

The Govern r . acquaints the Council of the insolent behaviour of the aforesaid 
Gale and that he had discharged him (as & diary of the 9 th . Inst.) which is now unani- 
mously conflrme'd. 

Capt a . Edward Harrison Commandar of the Kent requests that he may have 200 
baggs of salt petre more to make his ship sailworthy which is granted, and is as 
enter'd after this Consultation Ordered that y e same request be sent home in y B Packett. 

Mr. Hiller Petitions to be restored to the Companys Service the consideration 
of which is referr'd to another Consultation. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 113 


Agreed that Nicholas Williamson be entertain'd as a Souldier to serve in this 

Ordered that Shipps Kent & Sommers be surveigh'd and that the following Sar^gh of 
persons doe the same M r William Jennings, Capt. a Eich d . Phrip, Capt a . Thomas Shl ? lt 9 & 
Plumb, Capt. John Ouldham and Gunner Attkinson. Sommers 

- 1 Ordd. 

The ^following Topaz Souldiers were this day discharged att their own request, ffive Topaz 
Viz'. Diego Gomas, Francisco De Mount. Thomas Benny, Augustein De Cruize and barged. 
Deigo De Lima. 

Enw D Bulkley. Will : Fraser. 

W M . Jennings. W. Martin. 

Bob t Kaworth". 
Tho : Fredlriik. 
Rick d . Hunt. 


Council of Fort S t . George. 

Hon b1e : &c\ 

Finding in my passage hither from Bengali that the quantity of Saltpetre 
Laden upon me by the Council of that place is not sufficient to secure my shipps 
bottom I desire you'l please to putt on board two hundred baggs more with all 
possible speed and am. 

Decm e 9 th 1709. 

Hon Me &c a . 
Tour most hum ble serv 1 . 
E. Harrison. 
To the Hon ele : Willlam Fraser EsoA 

Presid t . & Geovekn". of Fort S t . George 

&c\ Council. 
I with all Submission offer these lines to your Hon 1 ' 8 , consideration, I know no 
reason I have to receive any other Commission then what I brought out with me 
from the Hon ble . Company my Masters & I am ready to doe my duty as formerly and 
ffollow to the utlmost of my power all Commands that your Hun r and Council are 
pleased to command, but since my Commission from England constitutes mee abso- 
lute] v a Leiutenant of a Company of Foot Souldiers in this Garrison of Fort St. 
George I cannot in no measure understand the reason there is of my takeing a 
Commission as Second Leiutenant of the Second Company which is makemg me the 
Junior Lieutenant of this place. This is all 1 have to offer, and either desire y*. yo r . 
Honours & Council will lett me Doe my duty as above said or be pleased to return 
me my Europe Commission & send me to England where I am certain of being 
provided for 1 am. 

Your Obedient Servant. 

To Sam ll . Gale. 

To Hon blk . William Fraser Esq*. 

President & Govern 2 of 

Fort S t . George &o a . Council. 
Hon ble . S ES . 
This Country not agreeing with my constitution I humbly request of your 
Hon". &c a leave to lay down the Company's service haveing an oppertunity to 
Embarque for England on the Sommers, I desire your Hon rs may not think itt's out 
of any disrespect to the Hon ble Companys service but suffering soe much by the last 
hott season intimidates me of undergoeing another. 

Hon ble . S rs . 
Your most Oblidged hum ble 
Richard Brickenden. 

114 Records of Port St. George 


Thursday, Att a Consultation 

15 '• Present 

William Frasgr Esq,*. Presid 1 . & Govern . 
William Martim, Robert Raworth. 
Thomas Fredepick. Rich d . Hunt. 
Edward Bulkley. William Jennings. 

Batty of The Para«ra: of Bengali generall letter dated y e 19 th Oct o r . last reo". W Ship 

Madcap Kent relating to the Batty on Kupees now discoursed off. And have come to receed 

Bengali fallen from our order of consultation on the 3 d Ins*, for the ffollowing reasons (First) It is 

to6$f-ct. t k e q Uan tities of Madrass rupees sent hence that makes the Batty fall (2 rtly ) itt being 

supposed to be a trick of the shroffs in Bengali because the Mint att Rajamall is 

deprived of such a bulk of the Company's Treasuary as used to becoin'd there formerly 

which employ 'd soe many hands, (3 dIy ) the Bupees here are of same weight and purity 

dwt. gr. 

EeaBonBwhy. f Matt (Viz* 14 : 12) as ever they were since wee have had the priviledge of coin- 
ing them, w oh the Essay Masters and Mint Bramines offer to make good (4 hly ) should 
Wee once give way to suspect our own Mints, which are of an Established Reputation 
both in respect to Bupees and pagod s . all the Countrys about us, besides itt would 
touch our Meroh ts . who bring in quantities of both Gold & silver to be coined with a 
Jellosey as if our Mints were degenerated, by which means the Company would be 
deprived of Revenue of between 10 & 12,000 pagod 3 . a year one yesr with another 
ariseing from the custome on coinage, The integrity of which Wee are resolved to 
support, and therefore itt is agreed and Ordered that a 1,000 of the Com p 8 . new 
coin'd rupees be taken and weigh'd & melted down into a cake, in the presence of 
ym tTbl ° Mess rs . Raworth & ffrederick, the two Essay Mast rs ., and the Mint Bramines, and that 
taken & 2 Essay's of y e . same be taken of about an Ounce each One to be s^nt home to the 
England & R.'. Hon ble . Comp a . and the other down to Bengali w cl \ the Sec ry . is Ord d . to acquaint 
Bengali. t he Essay Masters off. 

Appeal of The consideration of the Petition of Appeal of M r . Bernard Benyon as mention'd 

Mr. Benyon. ^ i as t Consultation being now reassumed, the Geovern r . & Council are come to this 

judgmt. of resolve, that they unanimously confirm the Judgment of the May". Court, and the 

c^t*™' Sec 17 - is Ord d . to acquaint them of the same, and deliver back to both parties their 

Confirm'd. respective papers. 

Letter from General! Letter from M r . Farmer &c a . Council at Fort S*. David, dat. y e . 10 th 

David. ' lis*, now read adviseing that they have in their godowns 472 bales of white Goods 
the quantity of 14 bales brown and such a number of peices of all sorts in the washers 
. hands as will make up in the whole 770 bales. 

Petition of John Domingos now read relating to a dispute between him and 
M r . John Davenport in matter of Acco ts . of a former Voyage in which they were both 
Cape Merch ts . togather Agreed the same be refferr'd to the May rs . Court. 

Leiut. Gale Samuell Hale this day delivers in a very submissive & humble Petition (which is 

r'^ecito 1011 as ^ n ^r'd after this Consultation) wherein he beggs pardon for his fault and that he 
hispoBt. may be restored to his post w. th which Wee are satisfied with this proviso that the 

said petition bee read att the head of both Companys (before he be reinstated) where 

he gave the Offence. 

Mr ffleet- jyj> Edward Fleetwood was this day sent for and accquainted with what the 

wood sent tor M . * x 

chffB M fl'-r Hon : ble Company has wrott relating to M r . Cliff, Cheif Supra Cargo of the Oley 
ffriggatt to Canton who desired that he might have coppy of that Parag relating to 
him & he would give answer thereto next consultation. 

Edw d . Bulkley. Tho : Fredertok. Will : Fraser. 

W*. Jennings. Rioh d . Hunt. W: Mar i in. 

R. Raworth. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 115 


To the Hon : BLE William Eraser Esq*. 

Pkesid 1 . & Geovern b . of Fort S t . George 

&c\ Council. 
The Hum bus Petition df Lbhttbnani Sam ll . Gale. 

Humbly Skeweth 

That your Pet r . being sencable of the Error he has committed with all due and 
humble submission addresses your Hon 1 '. &c a . Council and hopes you'l please to take 
his case into your consideration he being utterly ignorant of the great power your 
Hon r . &c a . Council have in this place & always haveing beeu informed that whatever 
Comission the Hon We : Company granted were prefferable to those given by your 
Hon r . & Council, caused your Pet r . to act as he has done both in speaking to your 
Hon r . and also in his letter to your Hon r . and Council, lickewise the Presidents 
he has had from others who have kept their Europe Commissions and have 
gott Companys which came out in the same ffleet with your Petition 1 , 
made him presume to thiuk he might reasonably desire the same but now being 
convinced of his fault, most humbly Implore's your Hon rs and Councills pardon and 
hopes you'l please to consider your Pet rs loss of time in comeing out, also his 
family which he in a little time expects, now humbly Implores your Forgiveness, 
and is with all thankfullness willing to receive your Hon rs Comission always being 
willing and ready to serve your Hon 1 ' and Council faithfully and discharge his Duty 
to the uttmost of his power and most earnestly desires he may be received into your 
Hon r 8fcP Councils Favour, and your Petition 1 ', as in Duty bound shall ever pray 
&e a . 

Persuant to y e Ord rs of Consultation, this day was read by the Sec ry , Samuell 16. 
Gales Petition at the head of both Companys and the Govern 1, deliver'd the said 
Gale his Commission. 

Sent a Gen 11 Letter to Vizagapatam by peons overland. 

Sailed the Tittee Gaily George Weoley Master for the Coast of Monapatapa. 17. 

Att a Consultation. 
William Fraser Esq. . President & Govern": Monday 

William Martin. Robert Raworih, 19 

Thomas Frederick, Richard Hunt. 
Edward Bulkley, William Jennings, 

M r . Bulkley late Storekeeper reads his Storekeep" Accot, for October & Aeoat. wai 
November last, 

M r Edward ffleetwood this day according to his promise delivers in his answer wood anwer 
to what demanded of him in relation to M r . Cliff Supra Cargo on the Oley Friggatt, ,? em ^ ed 
which is as Entr'd after this Consultation. about 

Mr. Cliff. 
Three preons 

John Tripilliam William Hall and Christopher Messer all of y e . Gunroome crew ' d ^"J h 8 ed 
requesting there discharge w ch : is granted they Ublidgeing themselves not to serve Gunroome. 
Armenians Moores or Gentues. That part of 

Ordered that Mess Raworth and tfrederick with the Military Officers, and y e Town 
Gunner doe view that part of Town along the River side and make their Report of R?* jr0r d. 
what they observe to be defective in order to have the same repair'd. to veiw'd. 

Samuel Manning delivers in a Petition requesting leave to goe for Eugland which 
is granted he never haveing been detain 'd. 

Eaw d . Bulkley. Will: Fraseb. 

W*. Jennings. W : Martin. 

R . Raw jrth. 
Tho: Frederick. 
Rich". Hunt. 


Records of Fort St. George 


23 a 

requires hia 
Loading in 

To THE Hon bie William Fraser EsoA 

Govern e & Council. 
Hon ble S E . &c\ 

I haveing rec d by Ord r of your Hon r &c a . Copy of a Paragraph in the Gen 11 Let- 
ter to Fort S\ George & of the Heathoote relating to M. Cliffs affair in Canton where- 
in is mention 'd the Loss of three chests of Treasure pretended to be stolen by the 
Ladroones, & M r . Cliffs sending to Madrass upon the Hannover Friggatt a consider- 
able quantity of Gold, which is very much suspected to be a part produce of s d three 
chests of Treasure^ of all which you haveing been pleased to command me to give 
you in writing the best information I can, I doe declare and ana ready to assert the 
sam« upon oath when required that M r . Cliff did not (to the best of my knowledge) 
send upon y e . Hannover Friggatt more than one parcell of Gold q ts five shoes 
weighing here fifty nine ounces and four penny weight consign'd to my selfe and 
M r . Robert Wright with Orders to remitt the produce to England, which was accor- 
dingly done ty Ship Dutchess, and seven other parcells of Gold, weighing three 
hundred and ffifty four Tale weight and two candareenes, consign'd to Mess rs . 
Tho s Wright and Gulstou Addison which was delivered to s d . M r . Addison in 
y e absence of M r . Wright who was gone for England, As to the Loss of y e 
3 Chests treasure I can give you no other then a heresay acco*. of itt, twas 
generally reported and as generally believed by all I ever heard speak of itt in 
Canton, that the said three Chests were taken out of a small Vessell goeing 
from Macoa to Canton by a parcell of Ladrones that sett upon the said Vessell, the 
Isopps people that were in the said Vessell afSrm'd itt, & I never heard itt ques- 
tion'd by any of the Merch tB . but on the contrary always spoke of as a certain truth, 
for my own part I never doubted the truth of itt, and the story they had Cur'. 
amongst the Merch ts . when I was last year at Canton in the Kent, (w ch was) that 
some of the Mandarins had recover'd a good part of s d . Treasure from y e Ladrones 
since the Oley Friggatt left China is I think a sufficient confirmation of itt I am 
w th . all respect. 

Hon ble S r &c a . 

Your most hum ble Serv*. 

Fobt S T . George, 15 th Luc* 1709. 


Enw d . Fleetwood. 

Preside & Govern*. 
Egbert Eaworth. 
Pichard Hunt. 
William Jennings. 

William Fraser Esq R . 
William Margin. 
Thomas Frederick. 
Edwapd Butklhy. 

Jekemaih Harrison. 
Capt a . Peacock delivers in a paper demanding his Loading in thirty days which 
is as entr'd after this Consultation, 

M r . Frederick late Paymaster reads his 

Charges Garrison 

Charges Dyett & Stores bought 

Charges Generall 

Fortifications & Repairs 

Charges Extraordinary 

Charges Cattle 

.Brass Ordnance 

paymasters j 

^cco". for 




.. 1,: J 58: 


, . 1,207 : 


668 . 




.. 1,201: 




1! : 



... 4,713: 


Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 117 


On the Ballance of said Acco". there is due to M r . ffrederick pagod 8 . 556 : 19 : 
which is Ordered to be paid him. 

Gen 11 . Letter from the Deputy Govern 1 . & Council att Fort 8*. David Rec d . y e . Letter from 
22 Ins 4 , now read, adviseing their haveing drawn two Bills of Exchange on us, Viz.* c ^ n 3 ° 1 V at and 
One payable to Suncarama for pagod. 8 3000, the other- to M. r John Bridges for Fort s t . 
pagod. 8 . 500, for the like amount rec d iuto the It.' Hon blB . Oompanys Cash there Davidread - 
which Bills are accepted and agreed that they be paid when presented and become 

They being in great Want att Fort S. fc David for Cloth to Cloath their i» tales 
Millitary, Ordered that ten bales of broad cloth Ord. r and one bale of blew "uanU 
perpetuanoes be sent them for said use and one bale of fine broadcloth for Present ordd - tobe 

r „ f sent to Fort 

«C*. St David. 

Generall Letter to the Deputy Govern 1 ' &c a Council att Fort S.' David in Lett™ to Dy. 
answer to theirs, now read approved & signM. at°Porf st 

David eign'd 

The Paper Capt. a Harrison wrott in answer to ours of y° 22 d Inst.' (both which Discoursed on 
are as enter'd after this Consultation) now read, and discoursed about what must y^KeS"^ 
be done with the Kent in case wee shall not gett in goods enough to Load her here 
in due time occasiond by the unseasonable weather at this time of year and the 
rains more or Less still continueing ; whether for continueing her here or to dispatch 
her for Fort S.' David, where Wee belive there are more Bales than she can take 
in, but itt was alledged that a very few days, would bring in Cloth enough from the 
washers, and that itt would be more for the .Reputation of this place to dispatch the 
said Ship from hence full Laden, o r Resolution of this Matter is referr'd till next 

William Warre for Jane Oary Widdow produces a Bill of Exchange drawn by West Coast 
the Govern/ and Council of York Fort payable to her Dec d Husband for Doll™ 954 : tep.^jane 
which belongs to severall ^sons in this place and no part of the Estate of M r . John p ar )f s a ^ to 
Delapie Dec. d from whom the Bill express's value Received; Ordered the same bee 
paid as the former Bills were. 

M r . Martin late Warehousekeep. 1 reads his Warehouse Acco.' for November Warehouse 

t , Acco.t read. 


M r . Hunt paymasf Reports that he has Mustered, the Kent and Sommers's Ships Kent& 
Company, and that there are 72 Men on board y e Kent & 82 on the Sommers. Muster™. 

Agreed and Ordered that Ship Frederick be dispatch'd for the West Coast, And The 
that the Warehousekeeper doe forthwith unload from her all the Companys Lead & JJSj^ 
steel St(_oi'e j aud putt ou board 100 Tonus of Salt petree and 40 Tons Reddwood for ye West 
And 150 or 200 bales of Goods . . .for the R*. Hon b,e : Comp 9 . acco'. ooa8t 

Capt a . Phrip being sent for was accquainted with this our resolution, &■■ ordered 
to gett his Ship ready to Sail with all expedition. 

Persuant to the R l . Hon bIe : Comp ys Orders in their Generall Letter 5$* the West ooaBt to 
Heathcote for supervizeing & Examining their affairs on the C<>ast of Sumatra be BnperTlze ' 
which are now made subbordinate and p[ut/J under the Controle of this place and 
itt being absolutly necessary to fix on persons fitt and well quallified to send thither 
of which there are but few in this place that can be spared from their employs here 
eoe quallified to undertake soe great a Charge and trust, as to examine matters, and 
reforme the manners extravigances of those settlements which hath continued soe 
long for some years past. 

Itt is unanimously agreed that M r . Jeremiah Harrison being a person soe well Mr. Harrison 
quallified as above said, and that for the more respect to the Charrecter he goes with a PP omt d - 
suitable to the great trust wee repose in him and the power Wee inten'd him by a 

118 Records of Fort St. George 


large and ample Commission. Wee therefore think itt very necessary (there being 

now two vacances) to appoint him of Council, who, has a right to itt by Merritt as 

well as seniority ^'suant to the BA Hon bl! . Company's Orders, who being sent for 

was aeequainted \v th the same ivhich he thankfully accepted of and tooke his place 

accordingly next to M r . Jennings. 

Mr Ettriokis M r . Anthony Ettrick was sent for to whom Wee declared our Intentions of 

goe. 1 g sending persons to the West Coast who readily offer d his service to goe as second of 

Haiiifax Council to M r , Harrison. 

i. [for]. Agreed and Ordered that the Hallifax be dispatched with all convenient Expe- 

dition for Bengali and that the Warehousekeeper doe traverss the Companyas Lead 
from the ffredeiick on board the Hallifax. 

Capt a . Hudson was sent for and aeequainted of this Ord r . 


Enw d . Bolkley. 

Will ; Fraser. 

W M ; Jennings. 

W : Martin. 

J. Harrison. 

Bob'. Kawokth 

Tho ; .Frederick. 

To Capt a . Edward Harbison 

CoA)MD r . of Ship Kent. 

Whereas you did on the 5 th Ins*, deliver in a paper to the Presid' and Council 
then sitting wherein you desire of us the Lading of your Ship in the space of thirty 
days and after the expiration of which you declare you'l sail hence for England 
Laden or unladen, and that wee may not be taken att unawares, Wee doe therefore 
require and demand of you in writing under your hand a computation of what bales 
you may want to give your Ship a full Lading, that Wee may Ojder Matters accord- 
ingly soe as to keep as near as possible to the time you have prefix'tfor your goeing 
away. Wee are. 

Your humble Servants, 

Fort S'. George, Will m : Eraser. 

22 d Peokmbeb 1709. Will* ; Martin. 

Bob'. Baworth. 
Tho 8 . Frederick. 
BiCH d . Hunt. 
EdW 1 . Bulkley. 
w m . jbnning8. 

To the Hon blb : the Geov. 

& Council of Fort S t . George. 

Hon ble . &c a . 

In answer to a paper deliver' d me this day [by j M r . Sec 17 . I can only say that 
haveing in the twenty days since my arrivall rec d . no more than 150 Bales tie 
impossible for me to make any exact computation what wee shall be a [ble] to take 
in. However I hope we shall carry our Tonnage [at] Least and will be sure to 
take in all you send till we are that is to say all that comes on or before the 
4 th day of Jan Ty . next being 

Decm b . 22 d . 1709. Your Hon r . and Council's 

most hum ble : Serv'. 
E. Harrison. 
To the Hon bib : William Fraser Esq*. 

Preside & Geovern t . &c & . Council of 

Fort St. George. 
Hon b!e . &c a . 

Being ordered bv Charterparty to make a Verball demand for the Somers 
Lading thirty days before my whole time is exp[ired] I therefore take the liberty 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 119 


to acquaint y r Hon r . &e a . Council of itt, besides] you would take itt into con- 
sideration, that if itt can be possible [to] give us the remainder of Loading, so soon as 
to have any hop[e] in goeing home with the Dutch, it would be I think a very 
great advantage to our Hon blc . Masters and a mighty safty to Ship a[nd ] Cargo, 
by goeing home in summer time but if that can't [be] done then 1 favourably 
begg that Your Hon r . &c a . Council wo[uld] dispatch us soe soone as not to endure 
the extremity of wea[ther] as we may reasonably expect by being delay'd till the 
Last [day] of our time, and soe be oblidged to goe home in the Winter [from] this 
place quite to England, to the great hazord of ship and [Corgoe] these I hope your 
Hon r . &c a . Council will take into consideration and excuse him who is with all 

Your Honours most hum ble Serv'., 
Eustace Peacock. 
Fort S\ George, 22 d Decem e . 1709. 

24. Dispatch'd Pattamars for Bengali, adviseing of our intentions [of] sending 
the Hallifax to them 

28. Arrived from rSengall y e S'. Thoma. 

Att a Consultation 
Wjlliam Fraser Esa R : Presid 1 . & Govern* [Th]tjbs- 


Thomas Frederick. Richard Hunt, 


Jermiah Harrison. William Warre. 



to be 

M 1 '. Thomas Frederick Sea Customer pays into the B' Hon ble : Comp s Cash on [Pa. 1,600.] 
that Acco*. pagodas ffifteen hundred being in part of a former ballance due. Oust" 80 ™' 

Capt a . Bichard Phrip Commands of the ffrederick and Capt a . Henry Hudson r Cai)ta -. 
Command 1 ', of the Hallifax, doe severally deliver in Writing their requests to be paid Phri P '& 
their Charterparty mony being 1 ,050' Doll r8 . each for the victualling their Ships. °* p *"- 

request their 

Ordered that the Accomp\ doe make up the acco'. acccrding to Charterparty ™"n y -, t 
and that the same be paid when due. paid whe 

William Fraser Esq r . Mintmaster pays into the B'. Hon bl ° : Comp s . Cash pagodas rp 4 Pa 
one thousand nine hundr'd and ninety one 29 ta in full for acco'. Gold Bec d . %> issi : 29fas. 
Ship Heathcote. ^"fn 1H 

r [Aoot Oo] Id 

rec* °fy ye 

The Govern r . produces to the Council two packetts seal'd containing the B\ [sealed] 

Hon We . Companys Secrett Orders to their homeward bound Shipping. produced 

Generall Letter to the Hon ble : Mannagers read and approved to the 23 d , Lettis. read 

Paragra. *£g* 

Ponnagattee Narso &c a Beetle & Tobacco Farmers pay's into the B'. Hon bIe . [Pa. 683]: i?, 

Companys Cash on that Acco'. pagod 8 . ffive hundred eighty three 12 ta . A nd on Beetle 1&" 1 

Acco'. of th?ir debt to the Old Company pagod s . fourtv one 2l tas : Tobacoo 

r J r ° " [farmers] 41 : 

2i [Acet ] ye 
old debt. 

Gruapa &c a . Arrack Farmers pays into the R'. Hon ble . Comp[anys] Cash on Pa 316:2 4 : 
that Acco s . pagodas ihree hundred & sixteen 24 f \ p a ac , c °t y e 

r ° arrack 




Records of Fort St. George 


No Goods to On ^usemg of the Generall Letter by the Heatheote Wee finde by the 87 th Par : 

WeBt'c^ajr °^ 8a ^ better the Hoa ble : Company doe strictly [and] possitively forbid the sending 
but on ye any Goods from this Coast to Sumatra upon any ju-eteuce whatsoever excepting for 
Comjs Ao " 01 " their own accounts, Ordered that Notes be affixed at the Sea Grate in the usuall 
affixed at yl Languges to give notice thereof that none may pretend Iguoranee, And that noe 
Gates to give Goods be sent on board the ffrederick (now design' d thither) but by demission of 

the Warehousekeep r . and Sea Customer to the intent this our Order m[ust] not be 


The Kioe yt Agreed & Ordered that the Eice from Bengali that came by the Sommers & Kent 

came from being musty, be sold something und r the markett price for the beuehtt of the poor, 
so!d Sa t0 haveing wro[tt] overland to Bengali for a supply to be sent us by the Hallifax. 

There being a Upon perusall of the R'. Hon ble . Companys Generall Letter by the Heatheote 

thTcouncii 1 . f° r the Establishing the Council of this place they [doe] Order and appoint the same 
to consist of the President & Eight other persons and in regard M r . Mountague by 
their said Gene[rall] Letter was appointed third of the Council here & by reason of 
th[e] Presidents being called hence from Fort S*. David by which [the] Deputy 
Govern r ship of that place became vacant, to supply which M r . Mountague was 
appointed to succeed & fill up [by J which means there is one still wanting of the 
Council here since l\t r . Harrison was elected of this Council to make up that number 
Wm warre itt is unanimously agreed that M r . William Warre ho haveing passed through severall 
elected employs with aecomend[ation] be chosen w ch he thankfully accepted of & tooke his 

place accordingly] he promiseing to continue as Sec ry . (in w ch place he is well ex- 
perienced) provided he be allow'd an assistant. 

Mr Mason to Ordered that M 1 . Mason do officiate as sub secretary and take Charge of all 

be sub seere- books & papers in the Office, y B Govern 1- to give him y e Oath of secrecy. 

J. Harrison. 
William Warre. 

Rich". Hunt. 
Edw d . Bulklev 
W M . Jennings. 

Rob t . Raworth. 
Tho : Frederick. 

Will : Fraser. 
W. Martin. 

-Fort St. George, December 1709- 

llst of persons in the service of tee r t 
Fort St. George and places ox the Coast 

William Fraser Esq r . Go7 r . & Presid 1 . 

William Martin Aecompt'. marry'd a Casteez. 

Robert Raworth Warehousekeep r 

Thomas Frederick Sea Customer m d . E. W. . . 

Richard Huut Paymaster 

Edward Bulkely Land Customer 

William Jennings Storekeeper 

Jeremiah Harrison Receiver 

William Warre Sec ry . m a E. W. 

Thomas Faucett Steward 

Anthony Ettricke under Searcher m d K. W.. . 

Ferdiuaado Couingesby at the Sea Gate 

r B1E English Ea 

st India Company 


Arrivll in 



May 31 st 1685 

Govern 1, 




2 d . Council. 


3 d Council. 


4 th Council. 


July 16 th 1688. 

5 th Council. 


6 th Council. 


7 th Council. 


8 th Council. 


Juue 16 th 1701. 

9 th Council 




Jim 1 ' 

Merch 1 . 


Sept r . 9 th 170v\ 



Dee 1 '. 14 th 1703. 

D 8 . 


Diary and Consultation Book, 1709 




Arriv. n 



in India. 



John Rudge under Warehousekeep r 

. . Juue 1 6 th 170 1 . 



Joseph Smart under the Paymaster 

*. March 18 th 1702. 



Thomas Cooke under Land Customer 

.. Sept 9 th 1702. 



John Legg Eegister 

. . Jau ry . 13 th 170f 



Josiah Cooke 



Alexander Bennett under y e Warehousekeep r . July 18 th 1707. 



John Mason Sub Sce ry . 

.. Aug. [...1 1707. 



Edward Croke under the See ry . 

.. Jan ry . [...] 170f 



Thomas Gray under y e Accompt". . . 

.. Jan ry [...] !70|. 



Humphry Holcombe under Do 

. . Feb ry . [...J 170f. 



Fleet Ajnesworth 

. . Sept r . [...] 1709. 



John Emmerson under the Sec ry . 

.. Sept'. [ ..] 1719, 



William Harris 

. . Sept 1 . [...] IT'oy. 



John Morgan 

. . 8ept r . [...j 17t.9. 



Thomas Wilford 

.. Sepi r . [...] 1709. 



Simon Holcombe 

.. Sept 1 . [...] 1709. 



Eenjamin Chitty 

.. Oct 1 . 21 st 1709 



John Perry under the Sec ry . 

. . Oet r . 21 st 1709. 



Richard Smith 

, , Oct ry . 21 st 1709 



Augustus Burton under the Seo ry . . . 

.. Oct iy . 21 st 17C9 



George Lewis "I ^ . . . 
Edward Jones j 

Robson Surgeon. 

List of the Rt Hon ble Comp. Sekv T8 . in Fort S t David Anno 1709. 

Edmund Mountague Esq r . Dep.'y Govern 1, 

Richard Farmer m d E. W ,.. 

John Berlu m tl E. W 

Richaid Harrison Sea Customer Cuddalore 

Philip Baker 

John Bulteel 

Matthew Weld ... ... ■ 

John Scarlet 
Henry Cotterell 
Henry Russell 
Daniel Evans 
Joseph Houghton ... 
Nathan iell Turner .. 
David Morton Surgeon 

At Vizagapatam. 

Francis Hastings Cheif 
Robert Cranwell Accompt. 
Richard Hcrden ... 
Joseph Hiller 

Sept. 5:1684 
June 21 st 1701 

June ltTOI 
June 17 th 1701 

June 11 th 1702 
July I2* h 1707 
Jan r 5\ 1 8 th 1709 
Jan r r. 18 th 1709 

2 ci Council 40 

3 Council 40 

4 Council 30 

5 Council 30 

6 Council 30 

7 Council 30 
Jun r . Mer 1 30 
Factor [15] 

d». 15 

Wiiter 5 

June 10 th 1701 

Sen 1 ' Mer' 


2 d D». 


3 d Factor 





Records of Fort St. George 



Mary Addison 

Elizabeth Caryl 

Margery Heathfield 

Anne Fornet 

Sarah How 

Mary Dubois 

Sarah Sinclare 

Penelope Mead 

Cornelia Bugden 

Diana Stables 

Gratia Griffith 

Anne Hunt 

Judith Heaton 

Katherine Maxwell 

Jane Carry 

Anne Wigmore 

Mary Philips 

Anne Ingram 

Anne Brabourn 

Amy Hall 

Mary Cooper 

Ursula Oneal 

Mary Channell 

Mary Chardin 

Elizabeth Holeombe 

Mary Eamsden 

Jeionemah Depoiva 

Each ell Abendana 

Mary Lacy 

Young women tjnmahey'd. 

Elizabeth Browne. 
Elizabeth Payne. 
Elizabeth Haynes 
Mary Atkinson 
Margery Crooke 
Katherine Croke 
Mary Cotten 
Mary Seaton 
Mary Gifford 
Margaret Hemming 
Hannah Seaton 
Grace Batch 
Katherine Cooper 
Esther Brennock 
Sarah Brennock 



Abdull Cauder 

Abdull Fussiil (Phaseil) 

Abdull Labby (Nabob) 

Abendana, M r . 

Abendana, Eachell ... 


Adams, Robert 

Addison, Grulston ... 1, 2, 

Addieon, Mary 

Aga Makim (Auga 

Makeem) ■■• 8 

Abomud S,haw 
AUawadeen Cawn 
Allison, Cap 1 . 
Aminat Cann 
Ann (Anne) 

Antunis, Jobn 
Assid Oawn 
Atkinson, Mary 
Atkinson, Kobert 
Auga Jaffar (Jaffeer).. 
Auga Pera 4, 13, 


Aunteraaz (Rajah) ... 

Auringabad (Oringabad) 
Ayneswortb, Fleet ... 








52, 56 


4, 5, 10, passim. 


10, 15, 54, 55, 68 






41, 56 

18, 20, 41, 43 

12, 13,40 



37, 49, 50, 52 




24, 56, 67, 70, 71 




46, 54, 71 


Babar ... 6 

Baker, Brudenell ... 89 

Baker, Phillip ... 85, 121 

BallaChittee ... 82,97 

Ballasore ... 14, 22, 23 

Banjarr ... r 

Bantam ... 42 

Baptistee, John ... 106 

Barrow, Cap*. ... 33,34 

Batavia, Camall ... 79 

Batch. Grace ... 122 

Battavia ... 37,42,44 

Beirens, M r . ... 79 

Belshaw, William ... 58 
Bencoolen 4, 5, 12 r 13, 34, 37, 38, 69, 75 

Bengali 6, 14, 15, 18, 19, 22, 24, 27, 30-32, 

34, 37-39, 44, 46, 48-50, passim. 


77, 121 




14, 24, 25, 27-29, 50, 53, 

55, 57, 66, 70, 85, 121 

Bennett, Alexander 
Benny, Thomas 
Benyon, Bernard 
Bergery, M r . 
Berlu (Berlne), M r . 

Bernard (Padre) 
Blackboy ... 55 

Bombay 18, 20, 40, 75, 76, 82, 84, 99, 104 
30, 72 


Borge, James 
Boy'd, Hugh 
Brabon, Bastian 
Brabourn, Anne 
Brennock, Esther 
Brennook, Sarah 
Brickenden (Brigen- 

den), Richard 
Bridge. M r . _ ... 

Brigenden,, Richard see Brickenden 
Brock, Cap*. 
Browne, Elizabeth ... 
Bugden, Charles 
Bugden, Cornelia 
Bulkly, Edward 
Bulteel (Bulteil), John 
Burdett, Nathaniel ... 
Burg, M r . 
Burton, Augustus 
Butcher, Cap*. 

112, 113 
61 ,70, 72, 117 





18, 19, 73, 120 

85, 121 





Callioutt (Oallicut) 

Canady, Francis 


Cape, the 


Cary (Carry), Jane 

Caryl, Elizabeth 

Cassia Lingapa I 

(Lingana) J 
Cawn Bahadur \ 

(Bawder) J 
Cawn Bux 
Cawn Cawnaun 3 
Cawn Quohee 

Channell, Mary 
Chardin, M r . 
Chardin, Mary 
Charles II 


20, 39-44, 47, 79 


60, 114, 116 

23, 24, 59 


117, 122 



3, 4, 7, 8, 24, 25, 27, 

45, 46, 57 

8, 15 

1, 8, 24, 26, 27, 45, 46 


40, 47, 65 


4, 101,102, 111, 112 




SiT^, 44, 48, 49>,55,57,60, 61, 116 

China Ghindadree ... 6 ° 

Chinapatam ... *> b_8 > 40 

Ohinelapufct (Changallee- 

Chitty, Benjamin 

Christian, David 
Cliff, Cap*. 
Cloone, D r . 
Coekroft, John ... 

Coja Awannees 
Coja Hamud 
Coja Surhaad 
Co'llaway Ohittee 

Collins, Richard 
Collis, Henry 
Collitson, M r . 
Conaree Pundett 

Coningsby, Ferdinando. 
Consalvice, Manuel ... 
Cooke, Francis 
Cooke, John 
Cooke, .To&iah 
Cooke, Thomas 
Cooper, Katherine ... 
Cooper, M". Mary ... 
Coppin, M r . 

Gotten, Mary 
Cotterel, M r . 
Courteney, Hercules ... 
Cowse, M r . 
Craddock, Cap*. 
Cranwell. M r . 
Croko, Edward 
Croke, Katherine 
Crooke, Margery 
Cuninghame, James .. 

10, 100 

4, ?,6, 71 



'." 50 

43, 50, 114-116 



26, 30 



... 14,15,17,41,43,44, 

67, 70, 71, 82, 93 97, 105 


De Pomar (Pomere), 

Derick, Dick 
Dericus, Dominicus ... 
De Rodregues, Manuel. 
De Rosario, Antonio . . . 
D' Rosario, Domingo... 
D' Rosario, Panto 
De Rosario, Manueh ... 
De Saa, Francis ' ... 

De Silva, John 

De Silva, Manuel 

Desoosa, John 

De Sosa, Francisco ... 

Dias, Cosmo 

Dickson, "William 

Dilly (Dilhee, Delhi)... 

Dilton, M r . 


Dixon (ensign) 

91 Dolben 

75, 79, 88, 90 



12, 120 


12, 85, 121 

10, 61, 121 




101, 102, 122 




86, 121 

77, 95, 96 




33, 121 




4, 44, 96-98, 106, 107 


Domingo, John 
Donna Latchmy 
Doodee Cawn 
Douglass, William ,, 
Dowed (Daw'd) Cawn 
96, 98, 
Dubois, Mary 

East Indies, the 
Ebraham Cawn 
Eden, John ... 
Edward, Richard 
Edwards, Mrs. 



Daniell, M r . 

Davenport, M r . 
De Andrada 

De Banck, Jacob 

De Blick, Peter 
De Coasta, John 


De Cruize, Augustein.. 

De la Haye, M r . 

Delapie, M r . 

De Lima, Deigo 

De Mount, Francisco... 

Denyssen, M r . 

Depoiva, Jeionemah ... 



44, 66, 69 

11-15, passim. 









Ellis, Robert 

Emmeraon, John 
Empson, Mathew 
Empson, Mrs. Elizabeth. 

Errapa ... ... 

Etterick (Ettrick), An- 
Etterson, Christopher. 
Eugene ... ... 

Evans, Daniel 

31, 32, 34, 40, 43, 62 





















39, 43, 48-50 

37, 72 



.. 3,6,11,21,26,49, 

102, 103, 105, 108, 109 



75, 81 







39,48,68,69, 79,84 





2,3,6, 12, 15, 16, 

19-21, 23, IP, 48, 49, 

51, 52, 58, 61, 73, 

84, 87, 91, 95, 101, 

107, 110, 113, 115, 



12, 118, 120 


33, 34, 36, 48 

9, 32, 55, 57, 109 


Farmer (ffarmer), Mr. 10, 11, 16, 85. 114, 


Farry, James ... 64 

Fancett, Thomas ... 120 

Faunce, Mr 61, 70 

Feet Galleen 44 

Fenney, John ... 64 

Fen wick, Edward ... 101 



Feron'd, Franois 
Fleetwood, Edward 
Fleetwood, Mr. 

Floodgate, Thomas 
Pornet, Anne... 
Fort St. David. 

Fort St. George 
Fort William 
Franca, John 

Francis, Mr. ... 

Francisco, David 
Fraser, Mr. ... 
Frederick, Thomas 

Fuckerlee Cawn 
Fulerton, Alexander. 

Gale, Cap* 

Ganjam Galley 
Ganjamvarree .. 

Garrett, Mr 

Gay wood, Thomas ... 

Gifford, Mary 


Gomas, Diego . 


Good Fortune ,. 
Goodshaw, Mr. 
Goss, Epharim 
Gough, Capt... 
Gowman, Richard ... 
Gray, Thomas 
Greenhaugh, Capt. ... 
Greenhill, Mr. 
Griffith, Gratia 
Griffith, William 
Gryffyth, Henry 
Gruapau, Chawooroo .. 

Gruapa, Nardapoonde. 
Gudino, Belthazar .. 
Gulcondah (Golcon- 



33,61, 80,88, 


94, 111 


11, 14, 16, 17, 21, 22, 

30-34, 36, 38, 39, 

43, 49, 50, passim. 

42, 52, 53, 60, 83, 92 







73, 86, 88, 92, 120 

1, 2, 4, 5, 10, passim. 

75,82,89,90,92 93, 

95, 98-lOu, 103, 

107, 109,117,119, 






, 92, 111- 



, 37 



32, 34 ; 










Gwyn, Isaack 


44, 106 






40, 49, 56,62, 69, 80, 

94, 105, 119 




4, 6, 7, 9, 13, 14, 22, 

25, 27, 29, 46, 

54-57,70,86,96, 107 


Haines (Haynes), John. 106, 111 

Hall, Amy 122 

Hall, William ... 94, 115 

Hallijax 75,82,89,90,98,95, 

98-100, 103, 109, 


Hamilton, Cap 1 . 


Hannah, John 
Hannover {Hanover) ... 

Hart, Cap* 

Harris, Thomas 
Harris, William 
Harrison, Edward ... 
Harrison, Jeremiah ... 
Harrison, Riohard ... 
Hassare Salamut 
Hastings, Mr. 
Hausen, Andrew 

Haynes, Elizabeth ... 
Haynes, see. Haines ... 
Headlick, Thomas ... 

Heathfield, Margery.., 
Heaton, Judith 
Hebert, Mons r 
Hemming, Margaret.. 
Hening, Cap*. ... 
Heme ... 
Hidresolloma ... 
Hiller, Joseph 
Holcombe, Elizabeth. 
Holcombe, Mr. 
Hope .. 
Hopkins, Cap*. 
Horden, Richard 
Houghton, Joseph 

How, Sarah 

Hoyle, Mr 

Hudson, Cap*. 

Hunt, Anne 

Hunt, Richard 



Illahee Salamud 
India, ... 

Ingram, Anne 
Isaack, ThomaB 

Isuph (losph) Cawn 
see Usuph Cawn. 


Jacob, Hugor 


Jennings, Mr. 

Jersey, M r . 

Joha Latchemy 

John ... ... ... 

Johnson, Henry 
Johnson, John 
Johnson, William 

4, 44, 66, 69 




44, 48, 49, 109, 112 

117, 120 

85,117, 121 


34, 121 




72-78, 82-85, 87-92, 

98. 100, 116, 117, 







39, 43, 48-50 


39, 112, 121 


42, 121 



14, 33, 38 


21, 121 



79,92,109, 118, 119 



1, 2, 4, 5. 10, passim. 



14, 35 










73, 120 






Jones, Cap*. ... 
Jones, Edward 

Jugolsby, Patrick 
Juxon, M r , ... 


Kilpatrick, SimoD 
Kisna ... 
Jlittee Narran 

Lacy, Mary ... 
Langelier, Abel 
Lawe, Cap*. ... 
Lee, James 

Legg,M r . ... 
Leslj, Cap*. ... 
Lewis, George 
Lewis, M r . 

Lingana, Consum 
J angaria, Curra 
Lovell, Thomas 
Loyall Merchant 
Lyon ... 


15, 70, 71 


44, 46, 48, 49, 51, 52, 

54, 57, 60-62. 77, 







21, 107 




12, 13, 53, 77, 121 


39, 121 

4, 14, 16,24, 25, 28, 

29, 83, 88 


42, 43 





Macow (Macoa) 




Madrass Merchant 
Mahomud Bux 



Malick (Mallique, 

Melick), Lewis. 




Manganalta Rajakee ... 



Mareen, Frederick 

Maremaid (Mairmaid). 


Martin, William 


Mason, M r . 

Mateum Mateus 



Mausadeein ... 
Mautunimida Cawn ... 
Maxwell, Katherine ... 
Maxwell, M r . 
Mead, Penelope 
Meer Mabomud Cau- 


22, 116 



34, 49, 52, 69, 75, 78, 




31, 57, 109 




36, 58, 97 

3, 19,40,41,47 

44, 56 

1, 2, 4, 5, 10, passim 

33, 44, 86, 109 

120, 121 









45, 46 

Meer Mahomud Eaza 

Mendez (Mender), 

Mercer (Messer), Chris- 



10, 54, 55 
101, 102 

Meverell, Cap*. 

Mitchell, Richard 

Mitchell, William ... 


Mollineux (Molyneux), 

Monapatapa ... 
Monteno, Francisco ... 
Moortanah (Moortena), 


32, 39, 45, 54-56, 65-69, 
92,103, 105-107,110, 112 

Moraad (Mulla) 
Moraad Bux ... 
Morgan, M r . ... 
Morning Star (Morning 

Morton, David 
Moss, Cap*. ... 



Mountague, Edmund. 

Mourton, M r . 
Murry, David 
Muzzoodeen (Prince) ... 




51 ; 52 


32, 100, 110 




68, 121 

22, 36,81,86 

96, 97, 121 




20, 30 

10,11, 73,86, 105, 

107, 121 




Nanganot Rasahee 

Narrain, Buddain 
Narso Ponagetta 


Nellacontee Naigne 
New George ... 
Newnam, Charles 
Newton, James 
Nina Pilla - 
Noden, M r . 



Nos Seniara de Bosara 
(Nos Senra de Rosario). 

Oaldham (Ouldham), 



Oneal, Ursula _ ... 
Oringabad see Auringa- 

Osbourne, James 


,24,56,67, 70,71 


, 40, 47, 49, 56, 62, 

68, 83, 96, 97, 

105, 119. 

32, 87, 39, 41,47, 

65, 66, 75, 79, 98, 

107, 109, 110 



75, 76, 78, 82, 84 



, 39, 51, 65, 67, 92, 

105, 107, 110, 112 



44, 109, 113 


75, 84 




Eoach, M r 


Parea Verapa 
Pass water, Mr, 
Pata Mooraad 



Koberson, M r . 
Eoberts, Gabriel 
Eobinson, M r . 
Kobson (surgeon) 

18, 19 

16, 17, 64, 69, 72 

19, 78, 86 


Patasalamut .., 


Eogers, M r 


Patna (Pattna) 
Paupea ..« 
Payne, Elizabeth 
Peacock, Eustace 




14,15,30, 116,119 

Eoss, William 
Rubor ry 
Eudge, John ... 
Eussell, Henry 








3, 6, S3, 34, 36, 37, 







Pegu Rassan ... 


S f . David 




S*. GuHum 


Perera, Lewis 


S*. Joan 


Perero, Gensalvo 


Si. Johanna ... 


Perry, John ... 


St John Baptist 



55, 57,61,69 

S*- Laurance ... 


Peter, fErank 


S*. Louis 

23, 30 

Philips, Mary 


S*. Malloe 


Phrip, Cap*. ... 

79, 107, 109, 113, 

S f . Martin 


117, 119 

S*. Pedro 


Pitt, Thomas 

1,2,4,5,7,8, 10, 

S*. Peter S>. Paul ... 

50, 66, 72 


S*. Thoma 

10, 49, 51, 65 

Plumb, Cap*. 

39, 106,111, 113 

S*. Thoma 


Plyer, William 


8*. Thomas Mount 

51, 63, 73 

Pomere, Peter see De 

(the Mount). 


8*. Thomas Little 





Pondichery (Ponti- 

18, 40, 41, 47, 75, 99, 

Salamot Savauhee 


cherry, Pullicherry, 

100, 111 

Sampadren Sampanew. 



Banders, Cap*. 


Poppa (Paupa) 


S ia . Maria 

26, 37, 43 




Porto Novo 


Saunders, William ... 



14, 33, 35, 37, 38 

Scarlet, John ... 


Princess Sophia Hede' 

69, 72 

Scattergood, M r . 



Seaton, Hannah 


Pullicatt (Pollicatt) ... 

72, 98, 111 

Seaton, Lieu* ... 

63, 64, 78, 91, 92, 

Pygroe (Eajab) 



Seaton, Mary .., 





Sequere, Thome 


13, 44 

Shaw Allum (Sha 

2-4,7-9,14, 15,19, 


Queen Anne ... ... 

Alum, Shau Allem). 

24, 28, 29, 44-46, 
50, 54, 57, 69, 108 

Sheldon, M r 



Sherborne, John 


Sheriny Marry 


Kajamaul (Kajamall). 

6, 114 

Simms, David 

109, 111 



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Eamapa (Eammapau). 

42, 58, 106 

Sindy ... 


Eamana Grumoortee .. 

32, 110 

Skingle (Governor) ... 


Eamaswarme (Eam- 


Smart, Joseph 



Smith, Eichard 


Rammaun Bux 


Somers (Sommers) 

14, 15,22,27,30,77, 

Eamsden, Mary 


108,110, 113, 117, 

Eangujee Naigue 


118, 120 

Raujahee (Hasahee) ... 


Stables, Diana 


Baworth. Eobert 

1, 2, 4, 5, 10, passim. 

Steelant, M r 


Eoad, Cap* 

69, 78, 86 

Stoaoks, James 



34, 37 

Stoacks, Eobert 


Eed doffs, Thomas 







22, 27, 34, 36 

Riseing Sun (Rising 

14, 38, 66-69. 72, 75, 


40, 120 



Sunca Eama 

68,71,82, 97, 117 



Suply (Supply), M T . ... 36, 96, 98 

Surapau (Serapa) ... 4, 24, 32, 56, 67, 70, 

71, 106, 110 

Surat (Surratt) ... 38, 39, 40, 44, 46, 48, 

59,67,69,84, 111 

Sweapsteaks 33, 67 

Syam 32 





Tenassaree (Tenassere). 


Thompson, M r . 
Titty ( Ttttee) 
Tolson (Toulson), 

Tongue, Eobert 
Tonnapa; Musseilee 
Trincorubar ... 



liam), John. 

Turner, Nathaniel 
Tutocoryne ... 



Upton, Francis 
Usuph (Isuph, Iusph), 



75, 76, 78, 82, 84, 86 


30, 31, 34, 36, 37, 66 

53, 55 


56, 108, 115 


J 89, 91, 92 




14, 38, 43 

4,10, 37,46, 50,66, 


99, 115 

21, 121 


54, 57, 

Vivar, Lieu*. 



Waite, Sir. Nicholas ., 
Walton, Thomas 
Warre, William 
Watly, William 

Weir, Eobert 

Weld, Cap* 

Weoley, Cap*.... 
West Coast, the 
Wester by, John 
Wightman, M r . 
Wigmore, Anne 
Wilford, Thomas .. 
Williams, Henry 
Williamson, Nicholas 

Wright, M r 

Wright, Eobert 
Wrighte, Mrs. 


York Fort ... 
Young Blood, Peter 

92, 98, 107 
7, 13, 22, 30-34, 
36, 39, 42, 48-51, 
58, 59, 68, 77, 83, 
94, 99, 101, 110, 
115, 121 

18, 20, 63 

18, 20, 40. 43 

61, 77, 87, 117, 120 



22, 85, 121 

56, 108, 111, 111 

35, 37, 102, 117 







21, 23, 116 

78, 116 


10,37, 81, 83, 100, 
105, 117 

Veal, Cap*. ... 
Veragoe Mudala 
Vinketadree Pilla 
Vinkettee (ViDcattee) 





8, 70, 71, 82, 93, 

97, 105 

Zoode Cawn 

Zulphaker Cawn 

2, 4, 5, 7-9, 11, 15, 

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